Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: 7 days, exceed 6 billion yuan Media understood from bureau of national motion picture recently, the Spring Festival grows a holiday 7 days, countrywide film is box-office 6.035 billion yuan, rank historical the corresponding period the 2nd. The setting that accuses normalization is prevented to fall in epidemic situation, film market presents the picture that gives flourishing, achieved the beautiful performance that makes a person glad. On Feburary 1 at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year one, film market handed over 1.445 billion yuan good achievement, opened a good head for archives of whole Spring Festival. Review file of whole Spring Festival, the film of diversity of 8 division rich, subject matter offerred the multivariate alternative that watch a movie for the audience, bring the strong desire that the cinema walks into during having people red-letter day into play. Many audiences express, spend the New Year this year film is alternative strong, to the person with ” random flower gradually desire glamorous look ” experience. ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” chief inspector makes Huang Jianxin express, the diversity of film of Spring Festival archives, body reveals instantly film to create the current situation that let a hundred flowers blossom, hearten making a person. In 8 film of Spring Festival archives, what be worth to be carried especially is ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” ” miraculous · stupid child ” ” sharp-shooter ” the echelon formation of film of new main trend that waits for 3 film to form. Up to large the beginning of the year 6, 3 markets are occupied than amounting to 57.38% , relevant topic heats up sheet of search a list of names posted up to go up greatly in each according to taking important place. From this, made movie of new main trend one year when shine brilliantly in Spring Festival archives 2022, show the movie audience great self-identity to mainstream viewpoint of value adequately, report gives self-confidence of culture of the Chinese nation to promote increasingly. ” sharp-shooter ” director Zhang Yi is sought express, “The film resembles a poll, box-office data backside can arrive see popular feeling, ” he says, “Film of new main trend is welcome in young audience it is a welcome change, explain we entered a new era truly. The person that this also gives creative work is very big encourage, lash we should have taken the motion picture, had told Chinese story. ” in addition, ” this killer is not quite sober ” ” the four seas ” two films also obtained right result. ” this killer is not quite sober ” it is this year the comedic movie with Spring Festival only shelf, the fine carve of carve of essence of life on the expression that high type changes and artistic expression, let this film have on public praise and booking office not common expression. ” the four seas ” the growing story that related small town youth with the film language of romanticize, film subject takes topic heat oneself, also obtain right box-office result. Meanwhile, the 3 animation motion picture that Spring Festival archives shows ” bear appears and disappear · return earth ” ” be fond of Yang Yang and ash too the basket of the wolf gives future ” ” old hero of small tiger mound ” also behave not common. Among them, ” bear appears and disappear · return earth ” carry rate of higher seat of honor from beginning to end since show, make the animation movie that appeal power provides most inside schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater. Besides the good performance of film supply side, during more than 80 thousand screen with Chinese film existing market also is the Spring Festival, the prosperity of film market was offerred prop up formidably. Especially during the Spring Festival, the first choice that spread all over urban and rural size cinema to become people to walk out of a door to undertake culture is consumed.

20220208040120 6201eb1007359

Origin: Net of end of People’s Daily client, 1905 films edits: Yang Chengyu’s editor-in-charge: The Tang Dynasty Zuo edits: Acting easy careful sends: You still may think Shi Changhan look ■ decided! These two days do not go to work! This month still has 6 days of holidays… ■ be in today, a lot of people appeared symptom, be in the majority with light disease, the small number of people is more serious… ■ cold air go back to work, stage a come back of pluvial snow weather! Air temperature is low to 0 ■ changeover! Kill absolutely! Chinese women football, champion!

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