Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Series of He Sui IP ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” at the beginning of good year 7 surprise in love art sow On Feburary 7, by Yao Xiaofeng hold guide, liu Tao, Chen He, poplar Ni of , Zhang Jia, Cheng Xiao presents as leading role to act the leading role, the city that specially invite of Ni Dagong, Ni Ping, Jiang Chao acts the leading role He Sui is light comedic ” the holiday is warm complacently 2 ” go up Xian Aiji art, VIP member week comes Zhou Wu 20:00 each replace 2 part, first days can see 4 market, blame member is daily 20:00 each turn avoid 1 market.

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During the story told about the Spring Festival, home Cheng 3 girls a strange combination of circumstances is northeastern native place meet again, put in what domestic brigade causes ‘s charge to jubilate farce makes a person be between tears and smiles. ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” the story is a lot of and outer dozen of true portraiture that spells a boy far away from home, what the poineering suffocate suffocate that the leading role in drama experiences, affection encounters shortly of defeat, graduation is confused, be able to cure finally in reunion hour.

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Love is strange art already will ” holiday warm complacently ” make become seriation, IP to change content, the 2nd when be fond of IP gently as He Sui, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” continued the fundamental key with realistic warmth, the earthly fireworks that is unit depict Everyman with the home is enraged and full-bodied year of flavour. Different is, this ” ” turned northeast snow into the country from southern island. The farmhouse small courtyard that ordinary mess of bungalow heatable adobe sleeping platform, kindling comprises makes district breath grumous all the more, knot of bright red lantern, China hangs the Ping Tianxi below set off to celebrate atmosphere in glittering and translucent frostwork, tree. By Cheng Jiasan the story series connection of acting person has new northeast and common person group picture, the point that camera lens place reachs, calm case the countless silhouette that go straight towards Xiang Xingfu to live. Before this, “He Sui archives ” the idea is main in schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of consist in movie, in blank of drama anthology territory long already.

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Love is strange art have an insight into the change that user view shadow is used to, take the lead in Spring Festival archives Cong Dabing is outspread to small screen, fall from the line patulous go up to the line. ” holiday warm complacently ” series not only fill the blank of market of domestic He Sui theatrical work, the compatriots since newer call is right of sitting room culture separate memory, for fluid of new blood of infuse of He Sui archives, make become company user ” New Year common ” .

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