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Original title: ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” : ” complete system ” biography of new woman theme Author / Bei Bo 2022 Spring Festivals, walk out of ” germinant ” after time circulates, entire network is urged successfully again more ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” . With ” germinant ” photograph comparing, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” theme is not new, the associated sex of actor and discharge is weaker also, do not have beautiful type sale to do conduct propaganda to output more, attract evaluation of pure tap water to bring profit by gut public praise only, fall in the dual impact of Olympic Winter Games and Spring Festival holiday especially, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” already sowed to metaphase, heat rank always is not to go up not to fall. However, actor of good story become reconciled won’t be buried by discharge tide place, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” story too too true, too too clear, narrative pain spot beats audience heart continuously, still be in finally initiative how to leap below benefit ” mango monsoon ” , walk into masses eye shot.

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Data shows, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” sow 4 days to broadcast a quantity to break through 100 million, the 8th day broadcasts a quantity to break through 200 million, broadcast a quantity yesterday 35.41 million, end at present accumulative total broadcasts a quantity 274 million, momentum of small gain each other 74 thousand, 3 obtain mango to sow coronal of day of to the limit of one’s capacity. Now day, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” fabaceous valve opens branch 7.8 minutes, somebody feels firm to be worth, but more person feels the mark should be higher, after hour opening branch, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” the mark rises. Net amusement gentleman thinks, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” the subject matter that realized female + suspense not only innovates, more the fetters and handcuffs in disclosing female reality to live and human nature struggle, it is new woman theme a on exploration road ” complete system ” biography. Of the female ” free ” from toward up to now, we ever appealed for many times and advocate woman theme to realize right idea ” free ” . However the woman theme drama with at present medium market, lend reality incident and phenomenon for, or judge a head to talk with the perspective that stand high above the masses sufficient, or crooked considers 3 view, content to change female, opprobrium to change female growing course, bring about woman theme to suffer numerous with woman audience generation psychology is defied, “Angle thinks in what same thinking spends, and the hair esteem from the heart undertakes creating on the foundation ” majority of jumping-off place of this one foundation becomes theoretic. And ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” in, off the rails home is cruel, cheat protect uxoricide, press for payment of debts etc relatively ” sensitive ” gut, let what danger also is in at the beginning of its are broadcasting examine condition to fall.

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” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” those who tell about is an effort the life begs smooth and steady ordinary female Li Xiaonan only, face marital Su Rui betray with a variety of ill will, and the heavy burden of the life and cross, completed the story that a perfect ego saves. Before the experience that tells about Li Xiaonan, head the male float cadaver that collect discovers with Jiang Bian first is only then, show the suspect face related to the case with camera lens, before developing a case again because of backdate. But differ with other woman suspense, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” backdate is not pure incident cut back, be killed through Su Rui however of the case one layer upon layer invert, poke gradually ” I won’t let anybody harm me again ” mental kernel, of Nan of refinance plum dawn ” sheer ” one step by step unlock truth, those who show a woman is tough and castiron, the ego that finish saves atone for.

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Of woman theme ” free ” either be exploited by male authority dominant, also not be to indulge oneself to destroy, what pass practice of experience of a field to finish body and mind however is perfect save atone for, enter thereby rank to triumphal life. A few days ago, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” day of playwrite Cao Xiao is released on fabaceous valve first ” the confess that keeps women is believed ” , mention in article ” it is under paternity shadow, I serve as a male, also was changed to become by content in domestic concern already actually ‘ female ‘ ” , ” in the marital relation in reality, the females of fall victim, did not resemble her mostly such courage and good luck ” .

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His creation is not empty shakes one gun, also not be pure male write a play phonates for the female, however ” the painful person with a too puny experience, replacing weak force group accuse. ” woman theme ought to be in esteem female, “Confess ” undertake creating on the female’s foundation, the respect is modelled in the mainest concept and world outlook, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” already unlock chains, licentious ” free ” . Human nature and actual fight instantly, below the ablution of sundry content, stay in the short woman theme in city love, parent to go in eliminate the edge, onefold and one-sided character and suspension gut also gain favour hard, especially ” the life flows ” of be current current, how to show a female to grow deep, feed back with this ” reality ” , just be Chongzhongzhi is weighed.

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And human nature is the world on most limit the thing with ascertain hard, ancient the Mencius advocates ” sexual be apt to is talked ” , there is father’s younger brother after this China view ” the gender is evil say ” , too slaughter those who treat ” terrestrial disqualification ” depict human nature is concealed medium mix flimsily self-abased, lu Xun abandons medical service from civil, in him literature work human nature filthy and egoistic, capricious wait for analysed incisively and vividly. Up to now, it is each scholar and guest of bookman Chinese ink to also fail panorama of human nature of differentiate separate out, of the relation between person and person and human nature daedal, gifted fitly Thespian diversity creates a vacuum, accordingly ” human nature ” the new core that makes subject matter innovation naturally and agency.

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” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” in to ” human nature ” show, it is a center with Li Xiaonan more, after dying like Su Rui, its mother runs for many times cry before Li Xiaonan be troubled by, before one second cries cry ” after our Su Jiaduan! ” , ” you killed my son ” , after hearing Su Rui to owe a huge sum of money to was not returned, below one second begins to cast aside clear impact with the son, expressing Li Xiaonan and Su Rui is husband and wife, also still should be Li Xiaonan is returned for him, the screwy to Su Rui viewpoint of value on certain level and world outlook make understanding commentate. Be like Yu Gong again is detestable small 3, also be at the same time be cheated by Su Ruikuang, by the poor person of Li Xiaonan make use of an opportunity to do sth, the large family that tear open change is in the home, but because father is heavy male light female, oneself are waited for by exacting all the time, very the family that dreams to have oneself, after this one dream aborts with her after Su Rui is dead, disillusion thoroughly, after be informed Su Rui purpose, she begins to spread out twist to the Li Xiaonan that pushs his to enter fiery pit ” avenge ” .

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In the character side that has suspicion sex at present, of Wang Cheng doubtful show with camera lens perspective at the beginning come out, the opportunity that he appears, and the helps Li Xiaonan move of All matters makes a person impeach, this one misgive ever took Li Xiaonan computer to undertake defeating seeing rise in value secretly in him the biggest change, ever changed around Nan of move plum dawn as two people however, and of 11 collect ” save atone for each other ” feel with the tacit understanding that grow day and day and dissolve, however 12 collect are terminal, its dubiety inverts again. Come on the stage in crucial figure least Liang Heyu, be Li Xiaonan die the husband of elder sister, also be the person with the at present oldest suspicion, he to Li Xiaonan care stays on utterance only, did not put into practice, the small compose a quarrel of the speech before combining Li Xiaonan to be in elder sister grave, Wang Cheng interviews content, and Li Xiaonan computer conceals file and him mediumly to be able to figure to the PUA of wife, liang Heyu is an a beast in human face, specious, by hook and crook person broken bits and murderer. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” what carry the gut that inverts ceaselessly and detail depict flesh just about is complex and changeful, feed back with this show social reality. Cast off ” fetters and handcuffs ” in recent years, consume as female consciousness arousal and female arisen, work of more and more woman theme movie and TV are great batch emerge in large numbers, still be in for the most part however with ” woman theme ” cater to for cover suffer numerous, forget the predicament that faces up to a female. Accordingly, woman theme also is immersed in for a time ” checkmate ” bureau, however no less than ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” in Li Xiaonan’s actor’s lines is same, “Wanting that dead instant, the person has the instinct that seek to live on ” , the huge extra dividend that seeks to live on to get numerous market with woman theme instinctively causes movie and TV to create generation to change.

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Last year ” love is very delicate ” ever spent with 3 sisters of different profession, disposition, experience, with the female group the kind that resemble shows new era female to turn over the male is stared and duty field sexual distinction is discriminated against, expression ” peace ” . This year ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” fall in suspense appearance, pass the minor details between the character, communicate the shade shadow below sunshine of content of characters in a play, before showing female consciousness arousal ” dark ” , can see, woman theme is cast already however love is presentative, deep ploughing inner world, with the form of culture work, help female flounces off fetters and handcuffs of body and mind, show the diversity of woman theme adequately. But, woman theme is experiencing the darkness before dawn, although ” suspense + ” the innovation that becoming each subject matter breaks through blast tuyere, quality is uneven, the drama that 3 view biased somewhat also is absent a few, and ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” also proved woman theme future successfully glow.

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Onefold in light of, shed drama part as the life, this drama is shown with detail for many times and reality of human fight reaction; Regard suspense as drama, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” setting of node of dot of be concerned about is fascinating, and rhythm of gut spread out is fast, invert for many times surprise making a person; Regard the innovation of woman theme as work, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” accomplished sufficient esteem female, want clearly to show a woman a series of living the crisis and social predicament, those who show woman spirit strength is powerful. whole, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” it is with the female creation angle sets out, work of shirt-sleeve suspense, life shedding, realistic theme of high grade new woman.

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