Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Ever went out twice act ” the soul ferries ” have one’s moment, be called mother-in-law of the most beautiful the first month, today 30 years old of girls feel dye-in-the-wood Recreation encircles star to want famous somebody energy of life, need luminosity exposing to the sun, the actor or artist that can give after all has actual strength in some respect, but increase magnitude exposing to the sun while, also want to show a this some actual strength, or time grew nature to be able to be abandoned by the audience, low-key be being accumulated slowly also is right choice. She ever went out twice act ” the soul ferries ” have one’s moment, be called mother-in-law of the most beautiful the first month, 30 years old of girls feel dye-in-the-wood nowadays.

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He Hua serves as 90 hind the actor that gives, although not be name is the biggest, but very low-key inside the circle, say simply even if prove oneself actual strength with work, giving the first work is the play of war of resistance against aggression with very big difficulty ” battleground lion growl ” , the part is not red however because Yan Zhiqing is pure circle pink is not little, still have later ” big jade legend ” ” brave heart 2 ” etc, a of special effort female star.

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The work that though go out,performs is not little, but what let He Hua have one’s moment truly is serial of drama of a net however ” the soul ferries ” , give histrionic field edition 16 years first ” the elegance and talent that the soul ferries uniques among his contemporaries ” , huang Shuixian of reporter of justice of the personate in drama, this is He Hua goes out first perform comedic role, leave very deep impression to the audience, because this performance is excellent,be, just have the 2nd go out again act.

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Cooperate 17 years with Yu Yi, Ni Hong ” the Acheron that the soul ferries piece ” , in mother-in-law of the first month of the personate in drama 37, the modelling that just came on the stage originally is uglier, the word that says groove is on screen, when when putting on ancient costume bride to install, it may be said is Jing colourful full-court, do not feed the feeling of terrestrial fireworks a bit, the audience call his mother-in-law of the most beautiful the first month, still win actress of Xin Rui of year of film of network of grand ceremony of Shanghai international film festival by right of this part.

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Nowadays already He Hua of 30 years old, on the career still not lukewarm not fire, because give the work that perform,the likelihood also is it is costar mostly, it is gold always can give off light nevertheless, costar also has accumulate when erupting, besides oneself condition is very pretty good also, at ordinary times clad dress up unusual style, to the person’s feeling the girl feels dye-in-the-wood.

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