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Original title: “Laugh and red ” Bai Lu, the honey that take away boudoir is cruel rich road, be held in both hands by force of Yu Zheng rack one’s brains in scheming Bai Lu can reave even the model that clean out treasure her limelight, does division of division of this capital group become Guan Xiaotong so that much hold back is bent after all? 2018, be encircled to hold the Guan Xiaotong in control in both hands by Beijing, let Yu Zheng follow fist of a combination to must unaware.

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Origin is this years of the beginning of the year, make the teleplay that match by main actor of red closing dawn, Bai Lu ” phoenix convict feng4huang2 ” sow, have the audience discovery of sharp-eyed however: Bai Lu small 4, having however do not be defeated female advocate costly show share. Instead is Guan Xiaotong this the first female advocate, does the show share of some collect add up have 2 minutes only unexpectedly?

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Besides, yu Zheng is returned personally compose a poem to a given tune of ci, let white Lu Xian call this drama songs in a film or play, to sufficient exposure of this new personality is spent.

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See Guan Xiaotong get again: Besides again and again the show share of shrink, with respect to the quarrelling sound with everlasting remnant. The seed that she gets a scolding, fall at was being buried innocently 2014. This our country well-known screenwriter is in at that time small gain propaganda to the enemy at the front line: Announce oneself took a novel ” phoenix convict feng4huang2 ” copyright, and admire nods Yang Rong to become female advocate.

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The value of Yang Rong colour at that time is online, still be in ” land chastity legend ” in performed the princess with a beautiful colourful hot firm, with ” phoenix beg feng4huang2 ” female advocate very agree.

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By pink of origianl work of happy strong doited, believed Yu Zheng’s word so. When who knows to wait for true Guan Xuan, the Yang Rong of come to an agreement or understanding is done not have etc come, wait instead will close Xiao Tong. such, airborne Guan Xiaotong was buckled to go up the cap of moustache of a cut.

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Those who face origianl work pink is interrogatory, of Yu Zheng saying decline also is to make a round trip the horizontal stroke jumps: He one say Yang Rong does not have schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater,

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Till a word that invests business, just revealed the truth that changes character.

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The meaning is very plain, guan Xiaotong does not have cut moustache not only, can saying even is to save of field. Recumbent Guan Xiaotong this foolish Bai Tian, the heat of this drama reached peak.

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Can be turn for leave truly when sowing, the person is set more invite happy person, became Bai Lu however. One person cent acts the role of Bai Lu two horn, one is Huo Xuan of cheesy female general, one is scheming small concubine. Two parts one before one hind go up one after another line, unless the audience abandons theatrical work, do not avoid otherwise she.

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because of such, this drama also is fond of carry ” Huo Xuan is passed ” renown date. About Xiao Tong pink is in group li of doubt daughter advocate show share is little, as a result backing met Yu Zheng to kick the person directly go out, still say to be scolded to rot drama also is boiler of main actor back anyway. Ask an attention, this backing meets what with Yu Zheng the butt joint passes.

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This also caused new round doubt: Bai Lu has what ability, can you let Yu Zheng so hold her in both hands? 3, if be brushed at in one’ prime, is such white deer, then he has the probability of 99% to won’t sign this model that clean out treasure. 2021, bai Lu uses a smiling expression, completed the work that Yu Zheng also did not complete with 9 drama.

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This years of the beginning of the year, run by what she participates in transcribe male broadcast. The flavour of earth of white deer dress in the program spends coat greatly, plunging into red child Yang Jiao plait, laugh more savagely than bovine Prince of the Devils however. God package? Nonexistent. Dan Lingbai deer only then expect do not is, did not pass how long, she became the permanent honored guest of ghost livestock division. Below the infection of demon sex laugh, predestined relationship of Bai Lu’s heat, fame, passerby, go up to peak. Also be to be in at this moment people just discovers, this sees the girl with the anonymous Jie that be like Jie, it is the actor below Yu Zhengqi so.

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And she can receive Yu Zheng invite card, the report that should fail from a piece speaks of. White dream of white deer original name beautifuls, it is a girl that is born 94 years, have an insatiable desire for as a child had played to move, let her learn her to have a headache, science department is not to break through Cheng Jun more.

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In Bai Lu again after the report that recapture fails, parents touchs the white hair on the head, sent 5 years to make three-year institution of higher learning simply, let her set his mind at to learn door skill.

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The Bai Lu that the heart fastens Korea Ou Ba is darling according to do, but one graduation, she attended the trainee choose of SM. Regrettablly, SM did not want her. With the person of a lot of failure that pursue a dream, bai Lu was driven very quickly to enter company cultivate main force by the life.

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Just be a particular year with electric arisen business those a few years, the Bai Lu with appearance pure Qing Dynasty is handy the name cleans out treasure dress model, still shot a lot of the most popular at that time affection little short film, blending the net of a little famous energy of life is red.

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She right now still is small only try Niu Dao, fly truly litre should arrive 2016. The director that often shoots short film to Bai Lu at that time ” feline tree ” , the autograph made an appointment with Yu Zheng.

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When Yu Zheng is examining his work, a photograph became medium the Bai Lu with clever very energy of life. After an interview, bai Lu turned formally to become an actor all right. One say one, yu Zheng is right she really not thin: New show of a ministry hold in both hands, female advocate each ground sends. How white deer is done not have namely red rise.

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Dan Bailu has a few to nod on the body, it is certain to let Yu Zhengjian believe her can fire. 3, a late night 2018, bai Lu made one electrify word to Yu Zheng. This let Yu Zheng produce a steadfast opinion: He should hold Gong Bailu in both hands. At that time is teleplay ” blaze military school ” film periodic, one of these day late night, yu Zhengzheng nest rests in the room, received a telephone call suddenly.

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After he puts through, the phone transmitted Bai Lu’s sound that. She is so busy by day a day, still be in unexpectedly in the evening play of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, still hit a phone to be consulted to Yu Zheng. Although cooperated very long, but Yu Zheng still cannot help plainting: This person can be in Bai Lu.

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Did not pass how long, he from be informed over there the staff member: When Bai Lu is patting to make show, just touch went up physiology period, the job of high strenth kills her inadvertent dysmenorrhoea. But this girl stop be fond of medicine to cover tightly readily, went up with respect to toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself next battlefield. The Bai Lu at that time is painful arrive to die repeatedly, it is to rely on perseverance completely propping up.

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But when the reporter asks about, she sells miserable meaning without half minutes however.

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Besides can bear hardships, bai Lu still has at 2 o’clock very suffer at admiring: The a bitth it is disposition good, not at all vitreous heart. 2022 the beginning of the year, sohu recreation promulgated year actor red black a list of names posted up, bai Lu is chosen for one of has good opinion most actor with accepted media.

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Reporters express, when White Dew is interviewed, have already straighten to take a heart again, disposition is very good also, special make allowances for them these young workers.

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As to at 2 o’clock, it is the heart that Bai Lu has to be thankful. There is before Bai Lu goes out very the boudoir that be close friends is sweet, be being returned in Bai Lu is small transparent when, it is boudoir honey is cheered for her all the time encourage, she is taken care of in square field surface.

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After the upturn that waits for Bai Lu, let the assistant that boudoir honey became her directly. She opens high pay to boudoir honey, send a gift from time to time, go honey of the boudoir that return a side opens a field umbrella. Know boudoir honey likes Cheng Xiao, when the airport sees Cheng Xiao, say hello to actively with her, make boudoir sweet follow God handclasp next.

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No matter be which boss,I think, won’t be fed up with to know the stuff that be thankful. If I am investor, I hold her in both hands gladly also.

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