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Original title: New sweet bestow favor on drama to will come, antediluvian youth of vigour girl VS, solution is locked up ” nurturance is ” division apprentice is loved Sweet bestow favor on drama ” the green hill in the month is weak picturesque ” actor cruel dotes on the theater was waited for 2022 sow drama piece in sheet, another high in syrup is sweet the attention that bestowed favor on drama to draw many people, it is ” the green hill in the month is weak picturesque ” .

20220208043638 6201f356746cc

This drama is adapted from popular IP novel ” division of cultural relic rehabilitate ” , those who tell about is the romantic love story between vigour girl Qiu Yuan and antediluvian youth Qin Zhiyuan. Qiu Yuan is ” 4 kinds of visions person ” , she what having congenital advantage, the accident Yu Gu that do obeisance to division plays Qin Zhiyuan of repair great mind. Meet unexpectedly when vigour girl antediluvian youth, many stories that be between tears and smiles generated between two people, also be at the same time in the course that builds picture restoring ancient ways, comprehended artisan spirit.

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In osculatory process, master-apprentice relation also produces a change gradually, solution is locked up ” nurturance is ” sweet division apprentice is loved, harvest romantic love. This drama is setting with antique rehabilitate, besides the gut of high in syrup, still gathered together knowledge of many ancient picture antique, also let an audience see the inheritance of Chinese culture marrow at the same time.

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Celebrated director investigates condition of the bend that pass friendship the behind the curtain of this drama makes master piece group, it may be said is one large window, by celebrated director Cha Chuanyi hold guide.

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He what was born 1956, it is Hong Kong celebrated director, supervise the manufacture of, be in early was seleted Hong Kong gold 1994 optimal like award director nominates. Cha Chuanyi’s vision is original, be in early old before, put working focus in inland, among them ” small female flower is not abandoned ” , ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” wait for work, namely by him hold guide finish.

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The work from him can see, check guide most be good at sweet the work that bestows favor on subject matter, and be good at adding humorous make laugh element, captured the appetite of the audience closely. This ” the green hill in the month is weak picturesque ” , also be to check likewise guide most adept subject matter, believe affirmation won’t make everybody disappointed this! Gao Yan is worth main actor battle array to suck eyeball the main actor battle array of this drama, continued to check the style that guide likewise, those who use is tall Yan Zhi’s main actor, will present regale of a vision for the audience. Antique repair ” divine hand ” person of Qin Zhiyuan that act is Zhang Chao.

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He stands fast first heart, devote oneself to marrow of inheritance China culture, his face cold heart is hot at the same time, conceit of aloof and proud, not to be pooh-poohed and person are close. Zhang Chao is an actor that Yan Zhi and actual strength coexist, choose excellent program to go out, facial features is abstruse, heavy is big, in teleplay ” chess fetch ” medium expression, won many audiences love. The act person of the heroine Qiu Yuan of vigour girl is Li Geng hopes.

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Qiu Yuan, connate different report, or infrequent ” 4 kinds of visions person ” , ancient clever essence blames individual character, see action tear open action, became a pair with master of the Qin Dynasty ” jubilate enemy ” . The resource that Li Geng hopes is very pretty good still, go out to cooperate with big wrist actor oneself, go out early or late acted ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , ” surmount ” wait for drama, show actual strength not common, future but period. The act person of Zun Huairen of adjacent home elder brother is Zhou Junwei.

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He and Qiu Yuan are green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, it is the adjacent home elder brother of intellectual warmth, also be the culture businessman of much Caiduojin at the same time, accompany all the time beside Qiu Yuan, it is person of Qiu Yuan that guard. Flow is little unripe Zhou Junwei, depend on conspicuous appearance condition, scrape up many passerby predestined relationships.

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This drama already will kill blueness June last year finally, still preparing level at present, be about to land actor cruel to dote on the theater broadcasts! Craftsmanship is defended hard, fine division is encountered hard, sweet the story of rancorring enemy, be about to pull open heavy curtain. . . . . .

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