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Original title: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” Qiao Xin is low leave to go high, anger of autumn elder sister enters gate of life and death, xu Zhengxi explodes doted on This is article head ” beautiful language is endowed with ” Qiao Xin is low leave to go high, think originally the new theatrical work of tall elder sister, can be a teleplay of commonner ancient costume subject matter, did not think of one is sowed, audience people interest, was brought into play at a draught rise, by the young woman Qiu Yan with feudal oppressive thought, reject to be applied to press by close Mom and kin, become the hapless spirit of be buried with the dead, also reject to become the woman with the euqally helpless demon that help younger brother. Qiao Xin’s Yan Zhi, although not as good as celestial being gas of Yang Mi waves, also do not have outline of Dilireba’s firm and persistent different region aesthetic feeling, but the Yan Zhi of tall elder sister, very careful be able to bear or endure look, be being added is to be deduced attentively really, so gut looks very be able to bear or endure look, look person with pleasure, enunciation stays sweet.

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Tall glad anger enters gate of life and death, the fie fie phase that faces one’s own woman to kiss forces, in eyes of tall elder sister, it is helpless tears in eyes, but at the moment glad cannot cry, also cannot give the impression of weakness, because these were not used, only oneself hold out a back, it is hard in troubled times, give oneself honor alive, ability gets the respect of everybody, ability won’t take her to be tasted when company bury easily. Examine the cause of death of clear husband so, become the first class major issue that is placed before female Zhu Qiuyan, the union of she and Liang Wang, also it may be said is cooperate of the ruler of heaven, the wisdom of two people and brave, union arrives one case, believing also is the doubts and suspicions that can poke unsettled case before long.

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The angle good play that Qiu Yan develops in streets and lanes and gangster, also be very sapid, a suit civilian dresses up autumn elder sister, it is beauty does not reduce cent as before, qiao Xin that clever and beautiful figure, even if below the sackcloth skirt cover that folds in layer cascade, it is good club as before, and Xu Zhengxi’s Liang Wang, also be MAX of male friendly force, both hands is neat go up, control lived autumn the elder sister’s movement and cry, lest be discovered by the enemy. In all corners of the country of war, qiu Yan loses so woman, can hold out a back, take wisdom and weapon, defend is worn oneself honor and dignity, let a person admire unceasingly.

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Xu Zhengxi explodes doted on, the Liang Wang of Xu eldest brother, an eyes, it is the pose that loves you, that chases after lunar eyes like the shooting star, see Qiu Yan of female ace of the case that get visit, felt embarrassed a bit, lop sweet little face. The Yan Zhi of Xu eldest brother, be in so flashy, the feeling resembles gentleman of Dong Hua emperor a bit, that clear Jian Shuitong eye, shine in beautiful spring scenery below, can flow it seems that drip the spring water with a sweet Qing Dynasty is ordinary, it is so catharsis popular feeling.

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