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Original title: He Sui light comedy ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” jubilate to sow Liu Tao new page of He Sui reunion of Chen He open He Sui light comedy ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” jubilate to sow Liu Tao You Aiji of new page of He Sui reunion of Chen He open art, illuminative movie industry makes, yao Xiaofeng hold guide, tan Jun Ping, Zhang Shuwei holds the position of total producer, liu Tao, Chen He, poplar Ni of , Zhang Jia, Cheng Xiao presents as leading role to act the leading role, ni Dagong, Ni Ping, ginger exceeds specially invite to act the leading role, zhang Tianyang, Zhou Liu, the light comedy of series He Sui of the main actor such as full river ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” already loved to surprise at the line going up since Feburary 7 art, Tecent video broadcasts, VIP member comes every week Zhou Wu 20:00 each replace 2 part, blame member comes every week Zhou Wu 20:00 each turn avoid 1 market. ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” told about eve of Spring Festival of the traditional Chinese calendar, 3 girls of Home Cheng Cheng Man (Liu Tao is acted the role of) , Cheng beans (Zhang Jia Ni is acted the role of) , Cheng Miao (Cheng Xiao is acted the role of) assemble in northeast native place, with come round to save a company ” a dangerous situation ” Kong Lingqi of the person that do poineering work (Chen He is acted the role of) , a thousand li goes straight towards love ” large kitchen ” Liao Ran (poplar is acted the role of) , and Cheng Sanmin of Cheng Jiafu’s mother (Ni Dagong is acted the role of) , Ma Chunmei (Ni Ping personate) , qiao of Cheng of Home Cheng eldest brother (Jiang Chao is acted the role of) those who wait for person happening each laughs at a tear to interweave, the story that warm heart cures.

20220208043726 6201f3860f885

The brigade that open of Home Cheng children puts in countryside ‘s charge to find love another ” year flavour ” show happy life 100 condition sow at leaving yesterday ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” follow ” holiday warm complacently ” He Sui drama is consistent warmth, lively advocate fundamental key, do not provide more on gut set think of opportunely, combine the popular topic for discussion of instantly and common people be closely bound up not only, more behave a form through a variety of art, distinguishing feature of will northeast culture, terrain undertakes appearing one by one. In drama, cheng Man by the daughter ” fool repeatedly belt cheat ” , hit by accident bump by accident return native place northeast to spend the New Year, but as gut spread out, look between she and daughter be like harmonious, actual contradiction concerns heavily, also be next the development of gut buries next foreshadowing. As the person do poineering work of young promising, kong Lingqi has the courage to think dare go all out, to remedy company a dangerous situation, he and Cheng tendril from an exchange of blows friendship grows, the two people of disposition polarity will produce what kind of story, the gut trend that also lets audience butt joint come down expects unceasingly.

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” holiday warm complacently 2 ” full, stereo character group resemble set, multidimensional showed instantly common people to spend the New Year completely ebulliently, happily the life 100 condition. Among them, by poplar the Liao Ran of personate, not hesitate abandon the life with smooth and steady high pay, yuan Fudong north goes after love and chef ideal; The Cheng Shufang of personate of Zhang Jia Ni discarded the flourishing life of big city, the choice stays in home town to open civilian constellation, encounter bottleneck because of managing not to be pooh-poohed however, but she still does not forget the heart did not abandon first, continue to going straight towards dreamy advancement; The Cheng Miao of Cheng Xiao personate is the epitome of a lot of instantly youths, they go all out in work bravely for the dream, showed flourishingly, active, sanguine young spiritual outlook; The old husband and wife of Ni Dagong and Ni duckweed personate, criterion more common like great majority parents is same, they had experienced countless twist, face the life with warm, open-minded state of mind from beginning to end however, accord children most of magnanimous include and the warmest love… can say, the figure that adopts these fresh and vivid, rich flesh and blood is modelled, draw the outline of a happy family with a smoke rich internal heat for everybody picture scroll, circle of family round reunion, happy depend on each other spends the setting of good New Year in all, aeriform form affection to connect with the audience, cause suffer numerous resonance while, also let everybody feel this play advocate the creation original intention that achieves a group to want expression.

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Element of ice and snow of northeast of public praise of drama of He Sui of the high-quality goods tamp that make ignites a winter abstruse passion 2021 ” holiday warm complacently ” broadcast, fill the blank of market of domestic He Sui teleplay, ignited an audience the passion to drama of Spring Festival He Sui. After this, illuminative movie industry does not forget first heart, send force continuously, make in order to ingenuity continuously public praise of tamp drama anthology, make brand of He Sui drama. Be worth what carry is, ” holiday warm complacently ” and ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” in two original order that achieve music ” the dance since true love ” , ” happy time ” more favour was ascended 2021 and 2022 the arena of evening party of CCTV Spring Festival, brought the joyance of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day and festive atmosphere for the audience.

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In inventing a process, advocate the depict that achieves group strive to pass pair of different terrain distinguishing feature, the New Year of different and traditional consuetudinary servents the depict of 100 condition, the happiness that shows the common people below different district scene with all one’s strength lives 100 condition. Regard domestic ice and snow as ground of rise to power and position, northeast is having pure advantage of natural ice and snow, assuming the responsibility that carries athlete of many ice and snow to the country every year. Borrowing 2022 of Beijing Olympic Winter Games ” east wind ” , ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” the Xue Jing of gut general dream, ski, skate the perfect union such as motion, no matter be,snow mountain is located in in drama the hot spring of half half way up the mountain civilian constellation, north wind howl, fly all over the sky the climate current situation of snow, or in drama to ski, skate of motion show and focusing, for the audience panoramic showed northeast district scene, also be with this kind of means at the same time winter the good athlete of the break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties on abstruse competition ground people cheer boost the morale of. Be about to understand more gut, lock up please calm ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” update continuously. At present ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” loving to surprise art, Tecent video double platform is fervent broadcast, VIP member comes every week Zhou Wu 20:00 each replace 2 part, blame member comes every week Zhou Wu 20:00 each turn avoid 1 market.

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