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Original title: Malaysia edition ” Charlotte is vexed ” , meticulous to leading role modelling changeless break up pat a god to make Malaysia edition ” Charlotte is vexed ” , meticulous to leading role modelling changeless break up before patting a god to make paragraph time is little make up stem from on the net dull, reviewed what Shenyang vacates to become famous the film ” Charlotte is vexed ” , must say, regard Shen Teng as the first film after transition, the echo that this drama causes at that time really very big, also established Shenyang to vacate the position in comedic industry secondhand, the reason with this classic work depends on, lie between when even if old, see the plot of a play again later as before can amusing with the aftertaste, want to speak highly of Shen Teng suddenly in the author nevertheless when, one of network lower part turned over film to cause my attention

20220208043822 6201f3be1cb36

Yes, you do not have a bad shot, this film is Malaysia breaks up pat ” Charlotte is vexed ” , and be accredit of play staff of course authorised edition, be familiar with the friends that reverse the history that take theatrical work to should know, since ancient times southeast Asia country pats homebred drama to teem with small cost, but this drama still has what can encircle the part that can order very much from placard and detail, plus small make up really the Der of idle aches, did then conveniently dot open this Malaysia edition ” is Ling Baite troubled ” ?

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Right, the someone cries ” Ling Baite is vexed ” , your uncle the Xia Luo that Shen Teng is in this drama, just was to change a name just, but will look from integral gut, this film of Malaysia is completely answer engraved Charlotte to trouble, and still belong to copy did not copy good, arrive from character role acting rhythm accuse, ” Ling Baite is vexed ” a little abrupt, look to let a person feel ineffable some are awkward, integral gut is very reductive nevertheless, come on the stage with respect to Lian Xialuo the small Baihua that attends wedding has with the pose

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Besides leading role, whole motion picture is chosen horn is the most successful should calculate Qiu Ya, even if looks from Yan Zhi, this actress is the version of Wang Zhi of be not a patch on for certain, but anyhow lets person sense did not act drama, laugh to still have the temperament of the flower that nod a class, additional, anybody of this early days chooses Mr. Wang horn is like person meaning very much, expression is curt do not say, what camera lens pulls close shot to look one face is factitious, the version that is inferior to Tian Yu completely looks do laugh and comfortable

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Besides these, yin Zheng’s Yuan Hua also is not that comes on the stage again take oneself ” cut a plum ” the person of BGM, the Yin Zheng of this version takes oneself wretched breath, the feeling that looks at Qiu Ya is a little cankered, meng Tejiao’s contrast is apparent still nevertheless, although be male,play the part of female outfit to a bit was not violated and feel however, even modelling compares Chang Yuan even lifelike is very much

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Besides these, appearance of plum of heroine horse winter has some of it is a long story, many years old 30 already are when Ma Li is performing this play, play the part of a student so more or less some are violated and, but the Ma Li appearance of this version is too clear a few purer, it is a student completely, later period performs the modelling of adult to let a person feel awkward, and acting respect also not up to much, see Xia Luo kissed Qiu Ya, of plum of winter of this edition horse is to dumbstruck unexpectedly

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Make most small making up what did not think of is, this breaks up taking work was to be used entirely unexpectedly with original ” Charlotte is vexed ” same seat number and gut trend, without a bit change, although setting is reductive very meticulous, but if the director breaks up afresh,pat affirmative meeting to add a few his idea and film show form only, picture ” is Ling Baite vexed ” do the author that so whole technological process copies or head see friends are opposite the everybody that does not know to be present how does this thing look?

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