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Original title: Discriminate passes: Why does wash green jade enrol a person to be fed up with? ” discriminate is passed ” once broadcast, hold in both hands a lot of redder actor, also include not to denounce wash green jade of happy event. Everybody looks why to be fed up with wash to green jade in light of.

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◆ gives stranger to set fixed position to enrol a person to be fed up with. Shedding Lian violet ” hind Gong Zhen is passed ” without wash green jade this character exists in origianl work novel, it is teleplay director did a person to set to her. Wash green jade is discriminate father be acquainted with woman of one the Han people between one’s early years of discriminate a long way, discriminate namely actually a long way gave woman of course the Han people to next wash greens jade. Apropos woman of this the Han people is a blame of official female, accordingly wash green jade also is a blame after official, identity nature does not suffer wait for see. The existence of her itself is actually right also, oneself are quite innocent also, but the performance that increases her later period lets an audience do not like indeed.

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The man of ◆ accost boss, self-reliant and great-hearted think accost the emperor draws on the emperor however sarcastic. After discriminate be in sb’s good graces, the emperor breaks jade highs almost everyday. The emperor praised wash green jade to wear green jade lubricious dress to appear relaxed accidentally, wash green jade began to sway, want to climb phoenix. The emperor and discriminate say intimate word in house, shed Zhu Gao to accuse wash greens jade at that time servent inconvenience goes in. Wash green jade runs in house to still taking lotus to arrive designedly to cause the emperor to notice think oneself clever the emperor at the moment shake from side to side, still pretend to say oneself are not intended. The eyes that seeing discriminate distains then knows wash greens jade to think accost the emperor! When having a meal between banquet, original discriminate should give the emperor oar flourishing a beans, wash green jade shows spirit of ten thousand extension to be being grabbed serve for the emperor, did not become think the emperor is done not have at all her a servant girl is put in the eye, humiliate she: “Green skirt charming is spruce, just spend an ornament to be worn again with pink powdery shoe is Philistine rather. ” wash green jade is awkward extremely, crying to run out. That one act looks so that the audience calls a bright then, who lets your have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities think Pan Gaozhi, what identity is also seeing his? At that time you can not be Miss Zhen Jiaer, however blame a after official little servant girl just.

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◆ key point is higher than the day, the order is smaller than paper, king of county of fruit of brother of settle on the emperor, grab a man with boss again. of the discriminate before entering palace ever promise father should give wash green jade to find home of a good person, but eye of wash green jade is long overhead, the emperor accost won’ts do, the king of county of little brother fruit of settle on the emperor. The garden after fruit county Wangzai sees pear spends the any of the three ten day divisions of a month that takes rain to green jade, fruit county king comforts her to say spring designedly is safflower mostly match greenery beauty very. Wash green jade found thick-skinned excuse again it seems that, disregard sense of honor again stick toward body of fruit county king again. Also seeing fruit county king can be a monarch later generation talent, him book had not read a few days to return a have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities. The key is fruit county Wang Ye from the start does not have her scan widely in, those who like have of its boss discriminate only. So that arrive,green jade of the wash after king of county of manna temple fruit and discriminate knot are husband and wife covets fruit county king, just hinder to dare not wanton at status position. During the accompany A advance of fruit county king likes wash to green jade, fruit county king and discriminate match 2 people of purpose, green jade of wash of result other people feels he deserves to marry a monarch only, either palace also must be Wang Fu then, because this is essential,did not put A Jin in the eye.

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Break faith with somebody betrays ◆ boss of close elder sister. Must say, wash green jade is battling he grows part of He Zhen is similarly, oneself to let Cao noble recommend is changed so that the emperor notices thereby to China the wife of a prince, of intended divulge discriminate goes to the boss of close elder sister that betrays his unexpectedly visit the message that prohibits bank of eyebrow of sufficient the wife of a prince aing concubine of an emperor to give Cao Gui the person, bring thereby go catching a person to not have before China the wife of a prince result and return. Discriminate resource is outstanding evolve into her break faith with somebody advocate fall forward defeats China the wife of a prince together. If discriminate, is taken by China the wife of a prince solid, estimation wash greens jade by the saliva saliva star of ten million netizen child drown. Wait for your close elder sister as a child, you unexpectedly the elder sister of enemy collude circumvent for individual interest and elder sister, the person that this kind of break faith with somebody, seller seeks flourish is not to suffer a person to wait for absolutely see.

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In addition, pride of wash green jade is conceited, think oneself dad is a long way of discriminate of imperial court magnifico in the heart, oneself are Miss Zhen Jiaer, still think him appearance is beautiful, how to promise her to was not put in the eye repeatedly, feel An Lingrong one’s previous experience is bad, the person grows so that also do not have much more good-looking, can sing a song to return so suffer the emperor to like, she always feels An Lingrong can be obtained it is OK also to bestow favor on her. Because this always holds oneself in both hands in the position that stand high above the masses, the life compares him little imagine paper is thin, get tragic end finally.

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Be an upright person should know proper limits for speech or action to know advance and retreat, cannot like wash green jade so servant girl identity makes the dream when boss however. Yourself is occasionally mean and worthless destiny, the destiny is met oneself mean and worthless you! Achieve an article formerly, those who like me share pay close attention to me please, below period more will wonderful.

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