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Original title: Doesn’t Shen Teng cherish feather? Is Liu Hao put with the paragraph? Are one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight moisture of Han Dongjun big? Acting of Chenyu fine jade? 1: Doesn’t Shen Teng cherish feather?

20220208043950 6201f4167e241

Spring Festival archives is shown with respect to these a few films, discuss to also compare concentration so, a few had looked ” the four seas ” the person comes back to spit groove with respect to insanity, divide probably for these a few problems: One is to cold-shoulder gut, especially second half paragraph cannot understand, the proposal puts Pure Brightness shelf later; Act the leading role namely additionally acting is open to question, among them Liu Hao is put is heavy disaster area; Contain namely finally vacate the issue with not high volume, because be really,having many people is going straight towards Shen Teng to look. At the outset piece Fang Kejin makes shop sign with Liu Hao Ran and Shen Teng, know Shen Teng can attract booking office namely, having again also is the way relations with people that puts considering Liu Hao and public praise, just can change her infirmly so this 2, go emphasizing Shen Teng. But emphasize the more the more easy from the back the chamfer that be spat, see many netizens had said on the net piece just deceived people, say to see Wan Chunchun one regrets greatly, think to Shen Teng also is maintained do not rise.

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Shen Teng now is a vivid fascia, the work that so his ginseng acts often can take him do sell a site, but some he may gues-star namely just, bring about the audience that developing him to go to be able to feel to be duped so. The time is much, “Contain rise an amount ” this word also came out, as a few contain the gramophone record that rises a quantity to have 10%-15% only to return advocate after pushing Shen Teng, also let a few netizens feel him Shen Teng cherishs his feather not quite. But piece just pushing him also is he does not have law pilot thing, always cannot Pianfangyi comes out to publicize, he explodes oneself the show share that oneself have prevue only is large perhaps ending just can appear, still the netizen lets him take a main actor only piece, other of the sort of fool person uniform do not pat, but these proposals are not actual, at present he does not have at least the law is solved, after all some of favor makes fun of do not have a law to be pushed. So this problem is placed in that also is awkward, the way relations with people that also can say Shen Teng only is quite good, return able to bear so bad news. 2: Is Liu Hao is put Jing Tian is the same as a paragraph?

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Because ” the four seas ” show, the attention that Liu Hao puts is spent came up again. Wang Hailin comes out she is in boast the performance in the film is particularly good, say her very dozen moving, green piece need this kind of Qing Chunchun’s only kind, home market is short of such actress now. Next this word was developed immediately, basically be the statement that a lot of netizens do not approve him. Together with barks the opinion on public affairs before Hai Linzhi has aroused controversy for many times, so also somebody spits groove his word can be believed far from. Have again next ” Liu Hao puts resource ” such hot ferret comes, although those do not have the play not likely that pat,finally is her act, but had opened the sport that take in, zhang Yi is sought, into dragon… really also the resource that the new personality that unlike is a firm begin to crop up can contact, so without giving thought to from the back it is true, these had let some quite now the netizen spits groove.

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Also see the netizen still has she and a Jing Tian to make contrast, take at the outset for Jing Tian, although resource also because very good act sodden piece had caused an allergy, but at least puts those issues in mom home without Liu Hao, gas of one ground connection revealed face Jing Tian after place oneself truer one side, the effect became good. But apparent Liu Hao is put is to plan to continue this course goes down, won’t make the motion that a few ground connection enrage to reverse predestined relationship of public praise passerby. Because already such, still be inferior to continueing to maintain oneself tone sex, go again what did ground connection gas change. 3: Are one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight moisture of Han Dongjun big?

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Dong Jun of Han of cat eye statistic also has acted the leading role booking office is accumulated broken 10 billion, what the masterpiece in the poster that platform makes writes is ” long ferry lake ” still have twice up and down ” 1921 ” . There is a netizen to feel next he moisture content of this one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight achievement is a bit high, because resemble this planting group of play, he also is not hero, and calculate time a word with show share, before 3 do not arrive, if a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera those to be able to calculate,go in, so with respect to the person achievement inequity to other really proper main actor. This booking office also is not Han Dongjun of course there let calculate, it is platform the algorithm there, resembling so is Zhu Yawen obtaining one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight result also is to have actually ” long ferry lake ” contribution, still have Li Chen with manage the achievement of 15 billion. And they also are really ” main actor ” (because other make present as leading role main actor, special piece act) , so calculate a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera to make sense into the main actor. The doubt that he faces now follows at the outset the doubt that a person of extraordinary powers of Du Jiang Europe faces is same, resemble nevertheless additional two same, if did not take this achievement to dazzle everywhere, also won’t cause too big allergy so. Seeing vermicelli made from bean starch at present also is dare not admit, emphasize Han Dongjun acting in a play seriously all the time, be and so on of film new personality.

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Han Dongjun also can be those who compare inferior attune the sort of, go up at ordinary times the put together on play art, hot search topic will be some more, still be not much besides. Because still see some,had looked ” long ferry lake ” the netizen still does not know inside ” smooth river ” actually he acts. Nevertheless his present course also is came down surely, be participated in namely more issue this kind to be made greatly, consider a part a few smaller also just as well, want to pat play public praise to be not differred in the play staff only, so naturally still other director is willing to use, rise circularly the revolve in drama of smaller than often be in network is a lot of stronger. 4: Acting of wood of Chenyu fine jade?

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Chen Yuqi is in ” lens twin city ” the performance in is spat groove resembles a wood beauty, think originally next from the back on of the line ” former times has glazed tile ” can easier Hold stays in this kind of green drama, did not think of is spat groove. Especially conduct propaganda of recent new theatrical work, she is straight ball bed Dong male advocate that paragraph of video, original idea is to want boast two people are sweet the share is full, but many netizens spit groovy daughter advocate not good-looking also inside, the key is acting is no good, well the show share of a paragraph of confess, put out background music not to see actor’s lines, still thinking is to perform what clever other piece. Two play two kinds of styles, neither one can go, also be to let a netizen spit groove she wastes resource. Because of her besides these year of broadcasted drama outside, at hand still has many goods in stock, partner Zheng Kai, Hu Yitian, Wang Hedi, 3 are female advocate play. Can seeing her resource respect calculates is not top class level, also at least is to have what assure certainly, and still be female mostly advocate play, the amount that take sport and the level that make is compared in the circle, also had surpassed play of the very much small network that make.

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Because give priority to horny play to be no good, also bring about a netizen more when feeling Chen Yuqi makes supporting rule at the outset, be compared and character more give prize a few, think she does not carry leading role show, resemble with its so such blindly perform leading role, acted to still be spat groove, still be inferior to carrying a part that fits oneself more to act, do not provide leading role or minor role. For instance foolish our Hold does not stay in Bai Tian to be able to change a course again, 29 years old the part that can treat other type completely also. Otherwise again so spit groove to go down, she wants in the future to attack drama was represented. 5: Does new personality floret acclaim false red to hear? Think fire is small be born and new personality floret fries a topic in effort, regrettablly so far everybody did not explode truly fire rises, this collaboration takes sport, both sides group also very coordinate theatrical work square, it is oneself the sale that do CP is to cooperate to interact, how looking is a pair of meaning that should have CP extra dividend before broadcast. Streak has a thing before very amused, female actor group is outer always be new personality of a pair of oneself the very good, appearance that does not talk about love to also be heard without red, when following little unripe cooperation so, the man there just began to return OK to her impression. After result woman new theatrical work broadcasts, be followed by tear in drama male advocate relative, still have the thing that the work does not coordinate after departure. After these fermenting, man group shook again, do not want to bring floret sale, so open mode of single person sale. Result floret group the feeling there came out, but the family can do not have the meaning down the man also sale single person, however more active flank puts red of message battalion report back after leave of absence to hear, still did a holiday to explode makings say two people have bit of meaning, actually what also wood has, it is pure collaboration only just. Clarify to another of moment vermicelli made from bean starch anyway also do not go back on his word to go up to her head, nevertheless the man is gone to originally the meaning of sale of two-men topic direction, perhaps can alter, nevertheless but pink can be encircled after this also must look, if can encircle pink, estimation still must cooperate to come, anyway everybody is to think fire, can fire can cooperate.

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