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Original title: The plot of a play of part of component of 37~38 collect watchs lens · twin city first which platform is broadcasted, when does teleplay of lens twin city broadcast ” lens · twin city ” will actor or actress at be in since January 16, 2020 the platform such as video of cruel video Tecent broadcasts newlier, pay close attention to please! Gut of lens · twin city introduces: At the beginning of grand is unconscious, have cloud barren earth, green jade falls in, yo spring first shark person. Border of predestined relationship of white Ying of the shark person Su Mo that bears sea emperor status and infanta of empty cloud barren Sang Bai is acquainted under the meeting bosom friend, two people sincere feeling is dark during be born, flow because of dark blue however army inbreak and depart. Immediately of empty Sang Zimin is immersed in colorless city sleep deeply. Hundred years hind, su Mo is bringing the grievance that the spring did not solve first, the longing that breaks hard with dialogue Ying returns. In the meantime, the Na Sheng that the city crosses snow mountain and comes from which is accidental unlock the seal of Zhen Lan of prince of mulberry of the hundred sky year ago. Sea emperor regression, hero builds up, empty Sang Yuquan first empty sea alliance is built.

20220208043954 6201f41a6eeca

All previous classics the danger in hill of the flames of war of peach source county, 9 towering like a mountain peak is fought, the Long Xiao outside tired Long Yuan, close minute minutes close, 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger. These ironside people since celestial being continent the transitional person that witness, also be to resist evil, pursuit and smooth fighter, in cloud barren the compose on this mysterious land is worn wonderful poem and the love song with beautiful chilly. Wait for all ending, conclude with oath of astral soul sea the Su Mo of life annulus and Bai Ying, be faced with take leave of again again. Once if vow copy is in ear: See reaching the sky of that blue sea with you, share with you unbroken billows sound. Sit alone the person that that waits for the seaside, whether can you return once more? … twin city of lens of introduction of the plot of a play of part of component of lens · twin city 37 part the plot of a play: Bai Ying lost memorial white Ying (Chen Yuqi is acted the role of) in insensible in awake, the talk about again and again in the mouth is worn a few memory about sea emperor, su Ma asks her rapidly besides remember sea emperor whether still having other memory, appeared in white Ying hand then a pearl, su Ma sees the tear that is shark person then. Bai Ying lost memory to want to be in Zhen Lan (Zheng Yecheng is acted the role of) He Gongyuan gets a few clew restore memory over there them, but they are done not have oh He Baiying speaks truth, then Bai Ying looks for Su Ma to want to add him to help restore memory. Bai Ying encountered the person like that appearance and Su Ma to enter their sanctum, still went to a bottle of liquid medicine to go in, but Gong Yuan says Su Ma has rescued phlogistic tide during the night however (Xie Chengjia is acted the role of) one pedestrian be absent big run. Lens twin city 38 part the plot of a play: The art that Su Ma wants to repair refine to list copes with ferociousing Zhe Baiying (Chen Yuqi is acted the role of) the affair that recalls to breaking all the time very care about, go looking for Su Ma to enquire him to also did not tell the thing between with Bai Ying, just saying those is a story only just, still gave Bai Ying a few drug that restore memory will restore, nevertheless Bai Ying is put however a few recall part, before appearing, Su Ma has sent her medicaments. Bai Ying avoids in his above light bead knock after 3 Su Ma receive signal, appear before Bai Ying. The tactics that Su Ma decides to want to continue to repair refine to list will cope with the person that ferocious, but shop division fights Su Ma stoutly however offer, the skill that the art of the row compares lens turns over bite stronger, can cause greater harm to Su Ma.

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