Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” is lad written down ” complete regression of heavy pound of 10 season New Year? 2.11 Sohu video is complete net head is sowed New Year beginning, greeting youth, classical treasure beautiful theatrical work ” lad is written down ” complete regression of 10 season heavy pound, will begin to be in on Feburary 11 Sohu video is complete net head is sowed, every week one season is updated continuously, free enjoys 10 season, be about to cause new round of treasure chases after drama upsurge.

20220208043959 6201f41fdf23f

” lad is written down ” as one of comedy of most classical American TV scene, broadcasted first 1994, after that the making speed with a year of one season, arrive all the time the 10th season broadcasted an end 2004, the story is a center with living in 6 lad of new York, describe the course of 10 years of harships that they had taken hand in hand, can of Cheng of 10 single-page calendar weighs legend. In pop chart of fabaceous valve beautiful theatrical work, ” lad is written down ” from all be to 10 season grading 9.7, 9.8 minutes, prep above ” the life explodes greatly ” ” card room ” ” the game of influence ” wait for beautiful theatrical work of one numerous high component, person energy of life and public praise hold concurrently. 2021, long parted 17 years, ” lad is written down ” each main actor once more reunion transcribe is special program, cause nostalgic upsurge once more; Left 2022 year, regard beautiful theatrical work as banner platform, sohu video will be new go up the line is entire 10 season, treasure beautiful theatrical work is returned to once more, cause drama confusing to be answered ardently. Begin from Feburary 11, sohu video is weekly 5 evening updated one season at 8 o’clock, successive 10 weeks of free enjoy 10 season, greeting youth. It is reported, besides ” lad is written down ” complete regression of 10 season heavy pound, sohu video also will with ” treasure is classical + high grade new fund ” combinative direction introduces theatrical work of high grade beauty, build matrix of strategy of beautiful theatrical work. Exclusive ” absolutely life poisonous division ” complete 5 season, ” akin ” complete the four seasons, ” renascence ” wait for anthology of big hot play to be confused for beautiful theatrical work review at any time classical. At the same time Sohu video still has ” divine explore Lincoln ” ” 5 home ” wait for new theatrical work, and be in ” on new ” beautiful theatrical work piece in sheet, ” outskirt wolf ” wait for drama conspicuous, future still will have the line on more and other natural resources to build new matrix strategy, reshipment blast screen.

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