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Original title: Germinant later, ” flickering bright tiny spot ” delinquency circulates first machine, how many opportunity to still have can red? The audience is firm from ” germinant ” the regression in the loop is actual, act the leading role rather by the desolate that bend Hunan and Zhang Jia ” flickering bright tiny spot ” went up at a heat on January 26 line 24 complete works, pulling an audience to enter another again ” spatio-temporal loop ” . The discussion of this drama spends the near future continual on the network, strike while iron is hot ” spatio-temporal loop ” set is the one big edge tool that attracts an audience, cruel is loved and open mode ending brings audience idea again still unexhausted another feeling. Even if ” germinant ” anticipate the enemy of bomb type sale, movies of Spring Festival grade, spring evening and winter abstruse heat is discussed claimed attention again, ” flickering bright tiny spot ” also can strike while iron is hot, the relevant topic that spreads out around this drama from gut, hero again outspread to actor itself, the broken bits of the Zhang Jia outside play’s peaceful smile, acting that bends Chu Xiao, Wu Xize revive feeling take turns mounts hot search, conduct propaganda of visible later period belongs to practical heart.

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The audience buys sheet gladly also. In the team of dreamy male friend, there is male hero nowadays appropriate of Zhang Mosen appropriate holds one seat, longing films the audience cry of the 2nd season upsurges, the culprit in drama Lin Dahai scolds hot search also is not what tickler, in recent years controversy is in the desolate bending Hunan of the body, there still was another breach on the topic incidentally. But what cannot ignore is, the love suspense old practice that develops for the problem with spatio-temporal loop is absent a few, this drama makes a respect still have the place of a lot of inadequacy however in drama, for example messy story rhythm, rare broken gut line, even if is short 24 collect make a person times feeling is laggard. The hot search topic with constant in a steady stream, rise broadcast a quantity to make clear, ” flickering bright tiny spot ” be the higher authorities that enough invites an audience successfully to be. And in sweet bestow favor on, city affection drama is lost again and again explode the instantly of the paragraph, the set that the spatio-temporal loop of the old wine in a new bottle and cruel love bumps into the line of vision that took an audience, can strive for how many red gas after all, be about each by skill. The 01 technique that use suspense take love, still hold out a canal to use really ” flickering bright tiny spot ” those who tell is love story, but in narrative go up to more or less bit of suspense element undertakes mixing building, this is bringing an audience very easily by gut drawing, no matter whether like circular theme, will be circled to take this a place with a draught finally, seek the truth of the story.

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In drama, the Lin Beixing with not suitable life passes through through expunging the short message of old mobile phone return high school times, however time and again because of Zhang Mosen’s death regain originally spatio-temporal, light is to search pass through spatio-temporal method, can bypass an a few market, let an audience taking curiosity to look downward. Expand the job that solve a lock as gut, the source that passes through so by because Zhang Mosen is dark to Lin Beixing’s deep feeling,be love and rise, pass spatio-temporal loop, lin Beixing returns the different level of high school period for many times, discovered Zhang Mosen to regret in the every time affection in going more than 10 years. Pay for love all male advocate, those who be immersed in spatio-temporal loop to change real trend is female advocate, such set, we ever were in ” infer you ” had appreciated.

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That one aged song ” Last Dance ” with dimension of plum of spoony handsome young man subsequently fire must be in a complete mess, investigate its reason, this drama made an audience new experience a variety of new set of contain of love subject matter to match not only, in still be enmeshed in suspense gimmick to tear open the wonderful experience that explains enigma repeatedly, pry achieves each place of the author to be thought of opportunely. ” flickering bright tiny spot ” one-way pass through, although do not have ” infer you ” two-way pass through to burn a brain that kind, but the place that there is likeness on narrative logic. It is in drama those who pass a heroine is accidental pass through, come derivative another with male hero, dig the deep feeling that disinter assumes anguish alone in shadow thereby male, pay silently, your popular feeling is painful unceasingly. Men and women advocate loving for nothing temporarily together and do not get, female advocate need changes tragedy from inside the loop, it is the important composition of the story, and how to use exquisite narrative braid casuse and effect, the raising of things to a higher level of love is experienced in letting an audience as if to be killed in a play, the person that these need to create develops cerebral hole, bring a surprise to the audience. Current, ” flickering bright tiny spot ” send force continuously on hot search topic, the story with visible complex structure, simple sense not the camera lens picture of common, and on 1000 criticisms that every Bo Wen draws are interactive, give this drama the energy of life end more, the technique that uses suspense inference so relates love story, at the audience character is be successful apparently.

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Who can reject a rearward to guard the Zhang Mosen of the person of a love silently? See the person that wants to beat Lin Dahai on hot search how many have only, know to digest the story thoroughly, for Zhang Mosen the distressed, audience that expects the lover becomes spouses eventually has how enthusiastic. Review 2021, public praise drops gathering together is groovy dot completely however is the drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of broken audience acknowledge, sweet bestow favor on drama, be being returned finally is by ordinary ” drive grants small Wu to make ” upland of occupational public praise, suspense subject matter makes new wind gap, apparent the motive of the enthusiasm with the audience, person that create cannot leave. And ” flickering bright tiny spot ” stand in loop and suspense in the center of a place with a draught of two big popular theme, the heat that waits for the Spring Festival only discusses as go back to work move position, climate favourable geographical position, fly by wind. 02 heat, public praise ” poor at a heat ” , ” flickering bright tiny spot ” also have inadequacy very regrettablly, ” flickering bright tiny spot ” far did not achieve ” infer you ” hot height. On fabaceous valve, ” infer you ” the audience that ever invited the higher authorities is hit with enthusiasm 9.2 high component, till did not meet coast now, and the audience is faced ” flickering bright tiny spot ” as if sober a lot of, the quadrature in the compasses in the grading of 7, do not know sequel whether drive more new audience to draw high public praise for its.

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Send first probably can make a person really, explosive type sale lets ” germinant ” with circular subject matter red in the one artillery piece at the beginning of 2022, lose first of machine ” flickering bright tiny spot ” , besides follow the lead of former and OK show on announce hair piece weathy, decide this play is final of the destiny, rely on drama to make the glamour of itself even. The length of 24 collect does not calculate long, see this drama had calculated to the audience from system capacity very friendly, but bad is, even if is so compact, still the netizen points out this drama the hard injury that in each phase narrative Suo grinds Ji. The story undertakes passing through with Lin Beixing’s perspective, guided an audience to discover Zhang Mosen is dark the fact that love, change a story to move toward, still change misunderstanding to be satisfactory, aid 2 people to love each other to give out the candy of love wantonly, used half space only so far. 15 collect receive the main inflection point of the story, lin Beixing and Zhang Mosen love each other and be together, avoid Zhang Mosen successfully to drop tall tower dies, however still because of Lin Dahai’s leasehold butterfly effect, look at Zhang Mosen to be pushed by Laolei helplessly next high-rise, everything returns origin again, begin afresh. Lin Beixing in the story half Cheng seeks a truth that pass through, overturn the attempt in the past with another turn, the section does not consider whole slow actually on achieve, but scrutiny story content, process however heavy and complicated of hard to avoid is trifling.

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For example, what the end of drama anthology presents a Zhang Mosen is dark love a perspective, reviewed its momently dark the time that love, greatly sublimate Zhang Mosen’s deep feeling, however the audience is already advanced in half Cheng witting Zhang Mosen is in of shadow a variety of paying, at the moment refinance is worn end passes again, can let an audience deepen impression, did not obtain the information content that new perspective brings however. Be in probably the habit that end sublimate is the person that create or design, but integral rhythm is not quite fluent it is true, affectionate dark love open mysterious veil already obviously, pile up suddenly once more in last hour again and erupt, aftereffect because of reviewing for many times exhaust. Next door ” germinant ” same because the story is laggard and denounce by the audience, but short the defect that fast bright drama experience concealed a story to grind Ji a little, ” flickering bright tiny spot ” criterion because of not quite short fast and slam the door the effect of the mood is big old dog days. Those who avoid strong plot is crude, can make actually the suffer many mishaps in one’s life that the audience can experience Zhang Mosen deeply more, but also bring about Gaoguang to always be highlighted not quite, reduced an audience to share the impressions experience that explores suspense. Date from before, actually the audience makes all along to the drama of spatio-temporal loop subject matter not unfamiliar, ” flickering bright tiny spot ” expensive feel character in the picture and is the intention more on story design, put in the drama market market of instantly, it is to the drama of outstanding place is made undoubtedly.

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But the story tells about ability to still have defective, the audience sees be used to ” secret truth ” ” germinant ” the story that waits for fast concept strong plot, ” flickering glistening ” had accomplished those who avoid speak or write in a dull or flat way to bring is as dry as a chip, but the others character is modelled not quite plumply, cannot maintain the content beyond love masterstroke, otherwise with ” infer you ” side-by-side, also not be to be impossible. But should chop really except all and redundant limb, clip becomes shorter length, however also may not can be such burn one’s boats — manufacture to also just want to make money after all. Making short fast bright feel not certain is optimal way, whole of pull out long story also is not be without an advantage, since the alternative is such,be only, also want to have the plan that solves hard injury, can opening of Yu Feng of base oneself upon is true really force is uncommon, also want bag to get the crack with each obvious point however, just won’t wave along with wind medicinal powder.

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