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Original title: Brush 8 collect at a heat, this gives homebred suspense theatrical work newly honest too surprizing Article author: Ba Saijun Piao head send common signal: Author of acknowledgment of Piao of Ba Sai film is offerred for fabaceous valve high grade achieve content Piao to review the homebred suspense theatrical work last year formerly, can saying is it is a long story. Comparative 2020 ” secret corner ” ” silent truth ” ” skyscraper ” wait for public praise an excellent work, the drama anthology last year is mostly resonant flatly. Just left 2022 year, welcome theatrical work of suspense of a realistic female. Regard female of a focusing as predicament and the suspense drama that grow, it after all how? Chat today — Jiang Zhaoli bright director: Niu Chao / playwrite of Wang Tao billows: Huang Fen / Cao laugh All Souls’Day acts: Ma Saichun / Bai Ke / Liu Kai / Zhang Yao / Gao Xuyang an anticipatory actin illuminate / Shi Ke / Lang Yueting / Zhao Shuzhen / Yuan Wenkang type: Suspense head is sowed: 2022-01-27(chinese mainland) collect is counted: 24 up to now, fabaceous valve gives a mark 7.9, right result is in be the same as type work. Drama anthology at the beginning, drew the look of the audience with an unsettled case. The setting sun falls on the west, the world is immersed in muddleheaded. One man prep against the setting sun, hum move ditty, angling fish. Be in this moment, he has what thing in faint discovery water, fix eyes on looks is a body unexpectedly, the man desertions quickly the thing in the hand, dialed call the police phone. 20220208044133 6201f47d22aeb Time comes to the front of case hair 4 days, li Xiaonan (Ma Saichun is acted the role of) be filled with joy see a room, but but at impoverished pay not quite head pay. And her husband Su Rui (Liu Kai is acted the role of) dress undertakes business affairs negotiates decently, although the object of the negotiation is him elder sister’s husband, also did not obtain cooperation as before, 100 thousand money that will win people over with respect to use consecutively also are alled go back. Su Rui returns door of the discovery in the home to went up to be spilled paint, writing awesomely above ” be in debt return money ” , their life is enveloped completely in dark in. 20220208044133 6201f47d5b45e Working outstanding achievement of Li Xiaonan is pretty good still often get boss complimentary, in colleague eye she has a decent job not only, still married a good husband. But the man that everybody does not know her however and her colleague Yu Gongcun is in shocking men and women concerns, li Xiaonan should be borne not only betray, replace marital repay a debt even. 20220208044133 6201f47d880d1 This bedside person is just as bloodsucker general, want to attract Li Xiaonan money not only, the lot that still meant Li Xiaonan keeps gold with diddle. Asthma breaks out Li Xiaonan, su Rui is incompact seek drug not slow intended and protracted time. Li Xiaonan wants to borrow a car to go out row, originally impatient Su Rui is flat be in brake piece on play tricks will produce traffic accident. Still what add excess intentionally in milk administer cough drug, wait in order to realize chronic uxoricide. 20220208044133 6201f47db230f These act of the husband, li Xiaonan looks in the eye, just be see through does not say to defeat. And the Su Rui of uxoricide abortive, accidental see TV is reporting Jiang Shui is rapid, drop the message of the bode ill rather than well after the river, su Rui had new idea again…20220208044133 6201f47de2ce0 Curtain of night comes, thunder blast, li Xiaonan and Su Rui are by the side of the river Nan of dusk of hold a memorial ceremony for, who knows Su Rui to hold her in arms suddenly from back unexpectedly, push her in the river. But the following day Li Xiaonan as hair however in nondestructive occurrence home, those who die is her marital Su Rui, the mother and daughter of Nan of inquiry plum dawn that confronts police two what concealing it seems that. In investigating a process, li Xiaonan conceals marital home painstakingly cruel and off the rails fact, does she have facts one wishes to hide whether additionally? What to produce after all in the evening that day? Before Li Xiaonan loads, go, but do you think she is weak by the woman of bully? 20220208044134 6201f47ed57c1 This already was not Ma Saichun goes out for the first time perform suspense work. 2018 ” the cloud that there is a rain to do in wind ” in, her personate traitorous girl small Nuo, because of young when saw with one’s own eyes witnesses quality of domestic force, power to trade wait for the seamy side, was full of despair. 20220208044135 6201f47f1f5bf 31 years old at that time Ma Saichun acts girl small Nuo of 18 years old, she is pulled with acting short the age is poor, green breath and secret touch girl feel. The Ma Saichun personate nowadays is married and middleaged woman, explaining the appearance appearance that after this character goes throughall the vicissitudes of life, still keeps firm and courageous and resolute. 20220208044135 6201f47f58cff Be in for instance small 3 doubt she knows perfectly well the husband off the rails saying to defeat however is additional when having plot, the horse thinks of pure eye first absentminded, back-to-back move is beaten with utterance again small 3. After a conversation ends, return faint serve a care: “Your body is weak, fasten catch a cold, breakfast goes back ” . Paragraph a discretion, relative superiority or inferiority stands sentence. 20220208044136 6201f4809fee7 Still have carry out to her in the husband when the home is cruel, ma Saichun although the face shows fear, but she still spoke the true think of a way that wants a divorce in this moment. Although the word is spoken hind, the meeting that she undergoes is bigger torment. 20220208044136 6201f480d6552 Be in this ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” in, of Ma Saichun personate is the middleaged woman that suffers wind month to destroy. She is small in drama fat posture feature come out of the girl light, let an audience have reliability more to this part. 20220208044137 6201f4813b039 And Su Rui’s personate person Liu Kai also was contributed not common acting, when beating up Nan of wife plum dawn especially, let many audiences see ” do not talk with stranger ” the form that An Jia of medium domestic cruel husband mixes. Netizens express in succession: “Daily one fears marriage little skill ” , ” too true ” etc, what can experience this broken bits male husband from inside these comments is terrible. Mutual achievement often is between the actor, between Ma Saichun and Liu Kai acting of each other violent wind, apparently auspicious hide actually kill machine. Still have male advocate although Bai Ke comes on the stage at present the time is not much, but appear gradually in the life of two people be mixed, also enemy Yi You’s relation also became a hotspot. 20220208044137 6201f48197ac7 Generally speaking, suspense drama mostly with hard nucleus big male advocate or it is double male advocate give priority to a line, the case slants mostly burn sex of head, inference extremely strong. And of complicated and confusing commit the crime skill and excessive inference often more accept male favour, such greatly prediction of a person’s luck in a given year woman audience. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” broke inherent cover a region, go to perspective focusing ” female reality lives predicament ” this one topic, and suspense explore case and exquisite affection across, found the breakthrough window with suspense new class. This from female advocate in the life OK pry arrives: Li Xiaonan of house property intermediary serves as an average woman, her greatest desire has a happiness is small namely. But her matrimony is inferior to alien eye in perfect, how to flounce off predicament, obtain still it is to be placed in the biggest question before her. And whole drama anthology sets out from this mood contradiction, the language of seeing and hearing that uses acme prompts move of be concerned about, those who call real woman group in all affection. 20220208044137 6201f481c1c59 In drama, li Xiaonan because of the elder sister die to have psychological shadow to water, bathe repeatedly cannot direct shower, need the man help. And scared to leading role heart cause of formation, direct and did not use flat style, pass however female advocate memory fragment will advance. Still have the mother saw with one’s own eyes in Li Xiaonan in, the elder sister compares Li Xiaonan everywhere outstanding, come home in Li Xiaonan the dissatisfaction that borrowed the mother when money buys a house to show pair of her marriage fully, and die to be accepted hard up to now to big daughter. Sympathizing with female advocate while, the audience can find resonance from which. 20220208044137 6201f481edd03 Believe most average woman to more or less can encounter the family distains a series of problems such as predicament of catenary, marriage. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” in the story that cooking a head gently, add domestic line and affection line, but the basis that go up character or did not break away from suspense drama. Suitable appraise and cut back crewel are additionally collateral, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” what also exploring suspense drama is brand-new means. It breaks the explore case perspective on traditional sense, one share admeasure of cent of narrative centre of gravity is sought female advocate the process of life predicament. The audience hopes already female kill instead in the implementation in marriage, the ego that finish saves atone for, worry again at female advocate a meeting is borne on homicide case. Narrate two clew with antipodal order to bring an audience more complex with new concept drama is experienced, why will plant forward as to the story way develops, we can seek the solution in drama only. Whole journey burns flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, be worthy of is this year most violent wind of expectant homebred and epic step is big public praise rises the first, this is homebred a dark horse is new an archives of Spring Festival of archives of counterattack Spring Festival be all set, has not my purse covered good piece wait for you one case ” looking ” ? ?

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