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Original title: Wang Mingquan and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad apricot perform heroine, huang Zongze plays the leading role alone, drama of this TVB god is unforgettable Childhood is illuminative TVB god drama, what do you still remember having? To a lot of audiences, drama of illuminative TVB god has childhood a lot of, TVB also depends on these drama anthology, let a lot of audiences walk into the world of movie and TV. And will tell to the author, childhood has theatrical work of illuminative god of a TVB, it is impression is most deep. Wang Mingquan and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad apricot perform heroine, act the male god Huang Zongze of hero, also confused many audiences in those days.

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At this late hour, still also remember barking in those days Ming Quan and Hu Xing the about in the bicker in drama. Male god Huang Zongze is in this drama, have two pairs of face. The surface is recreant and clever Ning Maochun, it is military accomplishment excel in however privately, those who do a favour not to take a full name ” do not leave behind a good reputation ” . ” my cruel grandma “

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When seeking this theatrical work in one’s childhood, the true Hu Xing that be mixed by Wang Mingquan the part of personate quarrels, see laugh at gush. And Huang Zongze dresses up do not leave behind a good reputation, also be a lot of schoolgirls memory is medium at that time ” male god class ” exist. The fine point of this drama, depend on these 3 parts between.

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Next, we chat, the story between this wife and mother, and clip inter the male people that those is in a dilemma. 01 mountain fastness female ” fly on branch ” ” my cruel grandma ” this drama, told about a cruel grandma to marry a son’s wife to the son, the result did not think of him 1000 carry 10 thousand chosen daughter-in-laws, however all sorts of conspiracy oneself, make a many joke thereby. In this drama, audience impression is the deepest, the cruel division division that nothing is more… than barks Ming Quan is acted ” be fond of · of tower dried meat to melt orchid ” .

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Highbred, be sealed to be again ” division division ” , nature is depend on bestow favor on and arrogant. In whole Ning Jia, want those who say to have her only, others dare not defend, be obedient to only her opinion. Also accordingly, think to melt highly oneself orchid, certainly will should choose a good wife to the son. Little imagine, not the daughter-in-law of move into one’s husband’s household upon marriage chooses to escape, stockaded village of mountain fastness of the moment of truth advocate daughter Tian Li, chase after to avoid arms and hide into the bridal sedan chair, a strange combination of circumstances is married Ning Jia. “A strange combination of circumstances is married to man ” play code, be in actually TVB drama is very common.

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Because of a mistake, bring up a pair of good the fate brings lovers together however, go developing toward good story. Or gut inverts ceaselessly, the ending of the story moves toward what remain happiness however. But ” my cruel grandma ” drama of this ancient costume is different, it is explained more, it is female advocate one of Tian Li, the gut after marrying a person develops, and the story that gets along with the mother-in-law.

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Interesting is, marry Ning Maochun’s Tian Li, be fond of mouth of melting Lan Dou of · of tower dried meat with the mother-in-law every day however, let audience belly laugh. The Tian Li of early days, for not by debunk true identity, the identity that carrying a daughter of an eminent family on the head all sorts of showing, but still showed flaw finally. Although the identity is uncovered to defeat, as the mother-in-law’s happy event · of tower dried meat melts orchid do not jubilate, but Tian Li gets Ning Fengde of marital Ning Maochun, farther-in-law and old lady however approbate. Mountain fastness daughter ” fly on branch ” , take oneself inherent quality from beginning to end however, lead a gender and be.

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It is difficult to say wife and mother concerns get along, actually ” my cruel grandma ” this TVB theatrical work is not exceptional also. 02 wife and mother are difficult get along the heroine of a Diao Man, in the control the forces of nature in the family, dare go against her without the person ” devree ” . Can become those who one can restrain her ” the enemy ” appear, can the story happen what to kind ofly invert again? ” my cruel grandma ” it is it is difficult to explained wife and mother get along, undertake ” match powers ” story.

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Very apparent, marry in Tian Li Ning Jiahou, a lot of people force of field of stand in line, tower of angry rancorring happy event dried meat · melts orchid, gas gets this ” grandma ” fly into a rage. But even if is such, this ” daughter-in-law ” also be oneself 1000 carry 10 thousand choose, oneself also can bite off only this be unable to speak out about one’s grievances. Came 100000, problem of wife and mother is become inextricability basic difficult problem. And the male people that places an inter, also be prevented at all without method, even by ” the conflict between wife and mother ” spread, affect.

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But actually, ” my cruel grandma ” in story gut make on, made a way that allows wife and mother to go in same alignment however. That is the person that lets them love most, be harmed. In the later period gut of the story, melting Lan Chuang of dried meat · issues overbearing and unjustifiable happy event tower catastrophe, by deprive ” division division ” the title reduces civilian. In former days in the sly pretty case of scoff at other people, homely fare, can insipid get along.

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Also because endure hardship, be fond of · of tower dried meat to melt orchid the Diao Man that understands oneself eventually, begin study to do a good person, good wife. The moment of truth, as happy tower dried meat · melts orchid son, tian Li’s husband, put in prison of our crime of hero Ning Mao Chunyin. To can let accusation of wash out of son, husband, be fond of melting Lan Heer of · of tower dried meat daughter-in-law field force seeks common people together people help. And the ending of the story, nature also is the directional development from end-all. Two pairs of face of 03 male gods are in this drama, huang Zongze parts personate two parts, one is do a good work ” do not leave behind a good reputation ” , another is ” Mom treasure male ” the Ning Maochun that the person sets. Story early days, “Ning Maochun ” this part is used ” Mom treasure male ” will describe, divide completely nevertheless.

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Although do not have Diao Man’s capricious person to set, also did not defeat the home, extravagant disposition, but the decision that he makes anything, gave the mother is fond of · of tower dried meat to melt orchid. Be fond of · of tower dried meat to melt orchid say one, he dare not say 2. But actually, look be like the Ning Maochun that cannot do coolie, it is however privately have time very much ” pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” do not leave behind a good reputation. Rob the rich and help the poor, those who do a favour not to take a full name ” do not leave behind a good reputation ” , make an audience impressive.

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But in story later period, because this part drops decoy, then put in prison, by coop day prison. The mask on the belt, a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that puts on a suit black clothes is dressed up, huang Zongze’s modelling broadcasts in drama anthology at that time, love by a lot of netizens. And two pairs of face that male god has, also let an audience see the plasticity of Huang Zongze acting. 04 subject matter regard drama of an ancient costume as collect, ” my cruel grandma ” it is apparently advocate hit Wang Mingquan to act the leading role ” be fond of · of tower dried meat to melt orchid ” this part.

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Review performance of complete theatrical work, “Be fond of · of tower dried meat to melt orchid ” this part, also model very stereoly, vivid of it may be said. The Diao Man of early days is capricious, to later abjection ” wash white ” , arrive again end-all ending, this drama also has the style play yard with common drama of TVB ancient costume very much.

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And give priority to horny respect together, hu Xing act ” Tian Li ” , also have a hotspot very much to play with Wang Mingquan, it is a lot of audience eyes are medium ” happy fountainhead ” . “Daughter-in-law rancorring mother-in-law ” play code, believe a lot of audiences are seeking theatrical work at that time, laugh at phonate. Give this role that perform as to Huang Zongze, modelled the contrast that two different people set, and also be very handsome. Regard this drama as completely in one’s childhood in light of comedy, after be brought up, discover however, the sweethearts of these two parts combines Tian Li and Ning Maochun, also be to like very much, be approbated by the audience.

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The others costar, partial types of facial makeup in operas is changed, the part also has show share very much, this are outstanding apparently. Overall will tell, this theatrical work is more outstanding still. Old past is lain between when, ” my cruel grandma ” remain a graven classical.

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