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Original title: Does actual edition home have children? Sun Zhuo goes out pat secretly by elder sister, by younger brother ” connect hammer ” , the netizen says to resemble seeking theatrical work Sun Zhuo since admit successfully with Sun Haiyang after kissing, choose the Sun Zhuo that follows to live beside one’s own parents, nature still was to get the attention of broad netizen, it is Sun Zhuo returns one’s own parents not simply beside whether habitual problem, there is Yue of elder sister grandson on Sun Zhuo more, there is little brother Sun Hui below, this sister younger brother the got along to also become many netizens naturally to pay close attention to key of 3 people.

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On some socialization platform, sun Zhuo’s elder sister basks in the short video that gave a paragraph of family to give a play, the Sun Zhuo in video goes out sufferred Yue of elder sister grandson pat secretly, return hammer of the toy that be used by little brother Sun Hui ” even hammer ” , those who bring so that many netizens say to he chase after Sun Zhuo is daily resembling is to seeking theatrical work, call younger brother of Home Sun sister 3 figure extremely of actual edition ” the home has children ” .

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Yue of elder sister grandson pats Sun Zhuo this secretly, and little brother Sun Zhuo also is in Sun Yue under this trends, unusual review says, “” always be stolen to take this job about me ” ” , it is Sun Zhuo really many second be stolen to pat by the elder sister, but this also proved this sister younger brother from flank of 3 people close. This Sun Zhuo went out to suffer Yue of elder sister grandson again pat secretly, still run to comment on after the elder sister releases small video, yue of elder sister grandson also is to experted to admit just greatly, can seeing what Sun Zhuo and Sun Yue get along is harmonious.

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In the begin of video, sun Zhuo still is being taken by little brother Sun Hui toy hammer goes on the driveway also ” even hammer ” , the Sun Zhuo in video is wearing grayish eider down to take, wholeheartedly pedestrian crosswalk passes in front, the little brother Sun Hui from the back is taking an aerating toy sinker, dozen of before the move elder brother Sun Zhuo that is amused appearance it seems that, sun Zhuo such by little brother Sun Hui ” connect hammer ” , also what enough proves the feeling of two people of brotherly is good.

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This is not actual edition ” the home has children ” , although be in teleplay,recombine a family do laugh at the life daily, but be in Home Sun Haiyang, sun Yue, Sun Zhuo and Sun Hui 3 people also resemble this sister younger brother is ” the home has a daughter ” medium role is same, elder sister of an eldest sister is getting two little brothers, sister younger brother of 3 people ” photograph loving each other is killed ” daily, also be to let many netizen feelings pursueing life really, resemble extremely is to seeking theatrical work.

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Of this reality edition ” the home has children ” also be to let many netizens see really consanguineous on the close affection with ceaseless give up, in the family that Sun Zhuo returned parents of him one’s own nowadays, having Sun Yue of close elder sister and the company that kiss little brother Sun Hui, sister younger brother 3 people often on gregarious platform share daily, the netizen that lets care Sun Zhuo in fighting noisely each other saw the consanguineous connection with ceaseless give up, also be letting many netizens chase after such daily feeling to resemble is like chasing after teleplay.

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See Sun Zhuo is in nowadays return Sun Haiyang beside hind, domestic atmosphere has children like the home that is actual edition, sun Zhuo returns those who sufferred Yue of elder sister grandson to be patted secretly, by little brother Sun Hui ” connect hammer ” , sister younger brother 3 people ” photograph loving each other is killed ” also see daily, the Sun Zhuo nowadays is happy happy, this is joyful, the hope is come home at an early date by the child of abduct, wish the world does not have abduct!

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