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Original title: Theatrical work of field of hard nucleus duty ” full-dress ” open victory or defeat of engage in a battle of field of duty of appearance of Yuan Yong of the beautiful that sow the Song Dynasty to be divided hard

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Drama of duty field suspense ” full-dress ” already inspected at was being defended in east on Feburary 7 broadcast. “Duty field group resemble ” culminating placard and ” fight hand-in-hand ” culminating and premonitory also in succession exposure, suspense is temperamental very suck eyeball. In the gut that broadcasts yesterday, begin with ” of chief editor dead ” place suspense fundamental key, subsequently with ” of chief editor contend for ” again apply colours to a drawing atmosphere of fight of field of a duty, make a person impressive. ” full-dress ” by 500 hold guide, lei Zhilong playwrite, deng establishs the vogue that carry program to always be engineered, Pi of Die of the appearance of Song Jia, Chen He, Yuan that chant, Zhang Chao, Wang Yaoqing, king, Gong Bei, Li Xiaofeng presents as leading role to act the leading role, song Zuer is special main actor, specially invite of Long Zheng of Lin Yongjian, king, Du Zhiguo goes out act, wang Zixuan, Lv Xiaolin, Li Chengru is special piece act. Lou Yishi of chief editor dropping arouses Yuan of beautiful of 1000 billow the Song Dynasty to chant exciting of appearance front engage in a battle

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“Duty field group picture ” edition is culminating placard shoulds not to often manage with zebra crossing the ground is mutual across, alluded a destiny to be measured hard, who also cannot pay attention to one’s own moral uplift without thought of others. Numerous actor gives looking glass with a black clothes, expression gravity, walking is hasty, walking way is endless however and same, body reveals what battalion is severally under the crisis to live condition. Placard gives priority to color to move with black, more apply colours to a drawing gives the suspense aura with this distinctive theatrical work. Why ” full-dress ” must be formal attire? “Full-dress ” what be? It is a kind of manner, a kind of breath. Be in ” fight hand-in-hand ” in prevue, chen Kaiyi (Song Jia is acted the role of) shined with respect to banner brightly at the beginning oneself concept. As fashionable magazine ” full-dress ” subeditor, she follows ” full-dress ” grow, expand, take oneself ” queen ” gas field, be rising chief editor originally strong person selected. But chief editor George drops suddenly building, let ” full-dress ” in-house everybody highs oneself, more be expert at invisible storm is evoked inside course of study. By headquarters assign, from Hong Kong ” airborne ” of chief editor be like Gong Xue (Yuan Yong appearance is acted the role of) the force with which sth breaks out is roaring, she what take capital force seriously and hold to ” content is king ” Chen Kaiyi footing is disparate. ” full-dress ” interior also begins to decompose stand in line, ferial the magazine company with li of well-ordered however business, right now abrupt like a rising wind and scudding clouds, nebula approachs a city. Chen Kaiyi preparation sees Xiao Gong snow with easy looks one side, however by rash trainee Li Na (Song Zuer is acted the role of) strong spilled a suit coffee, alluded the critical circumstances of Chen Kaiyi be attacked front and rear it seems that.

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During magazine power structure shakes, just meet paper intermediary times encounters big setting of Internet times percussive again, media person is in times onrush still the body appearance of ideal of angle of do all one can is dazzling all the more, this also is playwrite because of,the key that Lei Zhilong decides to begin to write or paint creates record all these is moved, he with 15, a large ship of 16 years of media sways in old age swung real experience was created for chief source ” full-dress ” play. Does tall treat cause of death after all why? Does airborne new editor in chief have headquarters again what purpose? Eye covetously of each force outside unfathomable of the popular feeling inside the magazine, magazine, meet with again trade wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation is choppy, chen Kaiyi likes tired animal, only consolidate step by step, have Yong Youmou, ability breaks through a tight encirclement! Real report is battalion severally under crisis of photograph of duty field all living creatures

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In the two concentration that broadcast yesterday, ” full-dress ” after chief editor Qiao Zhifa gives birth to an accident, chen Kaiyi serves as him ” comrade-in-arms ” strong keep back distress, keep the normal movement of the magazine with the identity of acting editor in chief, however also accordingly by jealousy, the accident that thinks tall is treated is Chen Kaiyi in cold blood and bed gossip cause a temporary clamor. In a state of anxiety of magazine interior popular feeling, yan Kai of the good friend before Qiao Zhisheng suspects chief editor accident is concerned with Chen Kaiyi, take the lead in be opposite its rise in revolt, speak bluntly of aspirations of Chen Kaiyi confide ” full-dress ” cannot do not have him. Chen Kaiyi is taking the wine that she gives before Qiao Zhisheng, shared a paragraph of one’s innermost thoughts and feelings with all magazine agency staff, the ideal that treats about tall, about ” full-dress ” future, chen Kaiyi is tender and sturdy speech pacified everybody, she cannot help finally face about weeps, showed the perceptual one side of a career strong person infrequently.

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Teleplay ” full-dress ” with fashionable magazine ” full-dress ” chief editor Qiao Zhizhi is opened to death prelusive, true reflected edifice general tendency the photograph of duty field all living creatures when. Have high-level contend for power and profit already, audit accounts the depict of duty field tactics of and so on forcing the king or emperor to abdicate, also have the clumsiness that resembles be rebuffed of bird of dish of trainee Li Na lovely, she what duty field enters first still does not understand a situation, give off him character of a person of extraordinary powers to be able to be in ” discriminate is passed ” in live to be 30 collect, your person finds both funny and annoying. And Chen Kaiyi it may be said is be besieged on all sides, xiao Gong snow is airborne become editor in chief, two people footing is different and natural give tit for tat. In former days old colleague, lu Binbin of ad department inspector general (Chen He is acted the role of) in culminating and premonitory in face a change sides in a war, profess ” still took a defensive position, can let Chen Kaiyi suffering a crushing defeat ” , and Xiang Tingfeng of total publisher of magazine Asia-Pacific area (Wang Yaoqing is acted the role of) step by step press hard on, not with relation of Xiao Gong snow it seems that shallow. Look circumstances is very adverse to Chen Kaiyi, but she still is answered leisurely, in her expression, everybody is read give her to planning after all what. Teleplay ” full-dress ” manufacture by 5 yuan of culture, movie and TV of river of actor cruel, music, east is defended inspect combination to manufacture, this is arc alliance the 14th work, every night 19:30 defend in east inspect two collect to be sowed repeatedly, actor cruel 22:0The line on 0VIP member synchronism, blame member the next day turns avoid!

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