Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Brand of cereal love approach already was finished register international classification to involve educational recreation and advertisement sale to wait

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The eye that seize a day checks APP to show, at present ” Gu Ailing ” brand application information amounts to 29. Among them, 11 when natural person Zhang Mou applied for in June 2019 ” Gu Ailing ” brand already was finished register, international classification involves air conditioning of sale of educational recreation, advertisement, lamps and lanterns to wait. Many companies and natural person apply for the others ” Gu Ailing ” brand flow shows for ” out of court ” or ” brand is invalid ” . It is reported, gu Ailing is Sino-US mix blood, be known as ” ski talent girl ” . She announced to renounce American citizenship in June 2019, join Chinese citizenship, carry off for Chinese team after many ski gold. Now is to carry off more champion of project of big diving tower of woman of ski of freestyle of Beijing Olympic Winter Games, this is her individual medal of first Olympic Winter Games, also be gold of the project on the first snow on history of Chinese delegacy Olympic Winter Games.

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