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Original title: ” does this life have you ” is gut coxcombical? Tanjing is so tough that Tanjing give off light, nie Yucheng is become match high edition why treasure! # teleplay this life has your # article / Luo Xiaoke the city affection drama that waits for a main actor by Li Xiaoran, Zhong Hanliang, Wang Xiao ” this life has you ” heating up in sowing, this drama thinks of me to put a novel to adapt according to bandit, told about a heart surgical Nie Yu Cheng and once the story that the lover faces a destiny to receive happy life finally hand in hand after Tan Jing experience is labyrinthian. With ” industrial saccharin type ” affection drama is disparate is, this drama around the love that is middleaged person, add held perspective without filter lens, still have dress up simple and unadornedly, let gut appear true all the more take a heart. Especially small Ran Dou of main actor plum already more than 40 years old, however still the United States must give off light, zhong Hanliang of idol play male god also deduced middleaged elite male dark feel with massiness. Tan Jing of leading role of the men and women in drama and Nie eaves Cheng are campus sweethearts 7 years ago, the those when those engraves pure happiness, fasten in the crossing brandish of the destiny however later. Old hind meet again, tan Jingcheng kisses mom for brave and tough sheet, fend Yi Mou loves, and Nie Yucheng made refurbished version however ” why treasure ” !

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For whole, this part holds out Tan Jing ground connection enrages, her appearance is simple and unadorned, everyday work laboriously makes money raise the home, move back and forth between alley lane, often shop argy-bargy, special internal heat having smoke ceases on the body. Most lachrymatory letting a person is, the marriage of Tan Jing and Sun Zhijun is nominal, two people are holiday marriage, will hold a group in the arms to warm oneself for years, each other help be locked in a stalemate up. Outer person looks, sun Zhijun does not rely on chart to eat one’s head off, always cause a trouble ceaseless, but Tan Jing chose to include and show sympathy time and again however, backside reason does not have him, because he is sent,want to keep out wind and rain for her from inner ground only, regard son Sun Ping as sincerely oneself piece.

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Because Sun Ping contracted congenital heart disease, and see a doctor the money with much need will become an operation, talking about quiet life always is busy, remain only it seems that make money these two words, she resembles extremely common we, for broken silver a few flurried, all the different kind in be solution heart only is disconsolate. Will deduce Tan Jing by Li Xiaoran this middleaged woman, it may be said is a quantity what have something made to order personally is general, her frown and smile is being written another tough with easy feeling, the calm accepts everything what the destiny arranges, good bad in pulling a bosom entirely, go digest and be being cured slowly.

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Old hind follow Nie Yucheng meet again again, the other side is a heart however surgeon, maiden did not marry spell a career, appearance looks be like raunchy, actually heart hole bright certainly, the first admitted so at the moment this woman is her once Bai Yueguang! Below the burnish of affairs of human life, tan Jing left fancy-free, animal farm to be mixed at the kitchen from now on love, plunge into the life that takes fuel directly in, so tough however that give off light, and Nie Yucheng still is in those days elegant teenager, spoony persistent, abundant and tough, know comply with heart, guarding that soft corner.

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The Nie Yucheng with family circumstances liberaling decent job, he still is this city is medium produce elite, material and drive are double and rich, be middleaged edition ” why treasure ” , perfect arrive not quite actual, will did not forget Tan Jing of first love lover from beginning to end however for years. The life is not teleplay, it has how actual, have how brutal. The life that read and the life that do not read, it is mix south the day ground north, let you face the life to have option, is not to be forced to fend do coolie. Say, reading is that the easiest way forever, also be to lead to the highest password in the soul, in the hand there is a dream in rich eye, what be inferior to inner world is abundant with heavy full figure, the middleaged sheet that should know strong president won’t fall in love with without a single redeeming feature kisses mom.

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That reads the heroine Tan Jing of the university without the opportunity, missed best opportunity however, also go up too without the kind that carries marriage more high quality life, became the middleaged woman that lowliness fends however, heart 1000 sore 100 aperture, the life also is one ground chicken feather. So, feel confused when you with angst when, read more and make money, former let you maintain regain consciousness and connect fully, latter lets you cherish bottom is enraged and be had deep love for. Everybody is close people, you how the main actor teleplay such as look upon Li Xiaoran, Zhong Hanliang, Wang Xiao, Wang Yang ” does this life have you ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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