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Original title: Recreation comments on: Ren Jialun, Yu Shuxin, Wang Junkai, Sun Yi, Ni Ni, forest update 1, Ren Jialun

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Ren Jialun is contacted with Deng Chao under the counter close, deng exceeds the new film in the hand to had not placed hero, producer recommended Ren Jialun to Deng Chao, ren Jialun had gotten play outline, he has learned a ping-pong before, mix on certain level male advocate experience very joint. Deng Chao wants to look for discharge to participate in this film namely at the beginning, but the work public praise before him is very poor, do not have a few discharge to be willing to receive. Ren Jialun is teleplay resource in the hand, do not have the notebook of the film basically, exceed elder brother this he returns that film pretty is favorite, both sides still is talking, can come down to see the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater that the country exceeds surely, and piece just be willing to offer how many remuneration. Generally speaking this kind of thematic resource, metropolis comparing wants remuneration otherly a lot of lower. Nation of this paragraph of time exceeds New Year pass together with the family member, he is very long did not return old home, come home this bought a lot of gifts to give elder member of family. If he can talk about next films that exceed elder brother smoothly, also can let his bring into contact with to moment more film resource. The feeling of he and wife is very good, woman classics regular meeting goes class of play staff explore takes care of a country to exceed. 2, Yu Shuxin

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Yu Shuxin she surprises with love art talked about a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of a few celestial being, of Gong Jun ” fox bewitching small soubrette ” with Ren Jialun ” cross without care ” be in contact, the Xiaoyan that the company opens still must act from the back, she is held in both hands by company force, do not lack drama. She is mixed now Lin Yizeng art the Cp heat that go up is pure at the beginning belong to accidental, but behind both sides has guide, furtive pretty of two people relation is pretty good. 3, Wang Junkai

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Although big the daily life of a family says Wang Junkai a few years this to develop to be not arranged, but the good little brother that as course of study wife sees the person loves, he in one’s hand other people is expected to cannot reach film resource majority, it is him only all the time since individual feature is bright, and itself countryman is spent extremely tall, there was fixed figure in masses heart, be to be behaved so that the dot gives play really in drama of movie and TV so, moreover condition of Wang Junkai appearance is very pretty good, the temperamental beyond the mark also sunshine of whole person is beautiful, accordingly he also shows the sort of story of need of drama of movie and TV very hard to feel character really, come so, the person sets this kind of unimportant person that he often accepts now to be behaved so that do not have conviction by him, not be he tries hard not quite, suffer be confined to however his oneself condition. The actor is varied originally, the obvious girl that Wang Junkai makes the heart that the person sees this kind unripe jubilate is patted pat piquant making strange subject matter is possible for certain, but he if the role that one be ignorant of always performs suffer bitterly and nurse deep hatred to contradict each other with him condition, then he wants to come forward is not easy sincerely, growing too handsomely occasionally is not meddlesome certainly really. 4, Sun Yi

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Sun Yi took many sport two this years, just written guarantee the centre of gravity after legitimate child is put on the family, and two people are not short of she and Dong Zijian money, so likely scenario is patted now, did not look after children with respect to inner tube is in the home. Teleplay ” I know I love you ” want to switch on the mobile phone immediately, meaning of partner Zhang Wan. 5, Ni Ni

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Ni Ni now is film both ends mixes teleplay, the Ga that sees which edge can make bit of achievement let her again rise. She in last few years develop bumpy, seek one’s previous experience of Ga of young woman film, however because the station became wrong,the team brings about resource bluff type to drop. The film can gnaw capital only, teleplay respect achievement is not quite bright also eye, before wantonly sale appearance and modelling, still be called for a time blanket star. Her current natural resources already get warm again after a cold spell, come and go is the senior personage of all trades and professions beside, resource of fashionable business affairs and resource of movie and TV not anxious, now is absorption strong career. Follow Deng Lun ” nocturnal traveller ” before because time an issue is a bit small attrition, but the subject matter of this drama holds out bright look, very suffer platform to take seriously. The film that cooperates with Zhu Yilong ” her what disappear ” already low-key kill blueness, reckon this month can concern the message that reachs government-owned announce battle array at killing blueness. Too much job was not arranged to oneself during Ni Ni spends the New Year, was in one year almost last year without seam into group, also want to take the advantage of this paragraph of time to put a holiday to oneself. Of goose factory ” jade door gives on the west ” talking about her to do all the time female advocate, before because of problem of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, she is to prepare to give those who pushed this theatrical work, and origianl work author there have come out to spit groove to cross play demon to change, she is not to want to receive very much. But after the project pulled period of time, ni Ni has schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater again, drama square over there also did not abandon her from beginning to end, and acceptance is in play respect can be revised afresh as far as possible origianl work of press close to. Of this drama partner is Bai Yu, they cooperate to still have sth. worth seeing or reading quite, bai Yu market of these two years is very big, acting and actual strength win universal praise. 6, forest update

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Since what follow Sai Cong ” honeymoon period ” after passing, forest updated career is in all the time downhill. Because boosted resource originally without Z rear,be not quite good, still having a bit is him passerby predestined relationship is too poor really. His him flatter oneself goes in follow the general trend ” ground connection is angry ” course, but he is so called ground connection gas is rancorring netizen. New theatrical work broadcasts quality is too poor by group ridicule, people should draw back stealthily appear of head tortoise for fear that by collect fire, with respect to his head iron, most night takes clavier to be opposite with netizen passion gush. The play rubbish that oneself pat still does not let a person say, pure pure without the head. . . Some people are papered namely and do not know oneself, be reduced to poverty arrives now such, he or as always air of arrogance, remuneration follows his present Ga poor is not a tiny bit. Say a truth, he is done not have at all act in a play should return a responsibility. Receive play to read a script far from, want money to give only enough with respect to the autograph. Even ” black wear in one’s hair goes ” this kind of an awful mess, he can say to receive receive. He signs this project is an autograph, but fill pat advance particularly slow, two days hit fishing 3 days to bask in a net, he still gets cost a period of time. Nevertheless goose factory is to do not have treat unfairly really him, the head of 2022 is ancient occasionally the project gives him, still have brand-new the permanent resource of put together art.

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