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Original title: ” germinant ” why to film only ” 15 collect ” ? Want you to had looked only ” I am Yu Huan water ” clear This is article head respecting ” germinant ” this suspense playlet, believe very much young associate pays close attention to somewhat, since since sowing, the instant attracted a big vermicelli made from bean starch, regard home as first gear ” time circulates ” kind work, will objectively tell what had filmed is first-rate.

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Be informed later ” germinant ” this work is out at ” noonday sunshine ” group, it why is the public praise after also understanding to sow eventually met is so good why is the public praise after also understanding to sow eventually met, of noonday after all sunshine ” gold-lettered signboard ” had placed in that. From at the beginning ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” one battle becomes famous, after arriving again ” the person that pretend ” , ” happy eulogy ” , ” great river great river ” etc, it is work of industry high public praise, such ” noonday sunshine manufactures, than belonging to high-quality goods ” a paragraph of a much-told story that had made industry.

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However this ” germinant ” not exceptional also, begin gut to be entered directly from the first collect ” climax ” , men and women Zhu Xiaohe cloud and Li Shi affection with respect to open their ” time circulates ” , understand the core content of whole story step by step, arrive again of each actor backside miserable with touching story, can say noonday sunshine is right of detail accusing is sincerity is good.

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What let a person exclusively indissoluble is this noonday sunshine why will ” germinant ” film ” 15 collect ” so short, according to the development of these a few years of homebred teleplay, using 40 much part, modest drop takes a 30 much part, after all everybody is to close inspect. But nowadays ” germinant ” have 15 market only, compare with other teleplay, look some ” antipathetic ” .

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Why does noonday sunshine want then so do? This is the brillant place of their group. Everybody knows ” germinant ” this ” time circulates ” kind work, it is homebred the drama of movie and TV of first this type, actually the group of behind the curtain of noonday sunshine also does not have absolutely assurance, filming this 3 directors are arranged to undertake making when this work so, it is Sun Mo respectively dragon, Liu Hongyuan, calculate, this also is the head sees noonday sunshine arranges so much director, connect ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” such make greatly also arranged two, can see noonday sunshine to the field that did not involve it is how to take seriously, even 15 collect so demanding, if come a 40 collect, estimation films harder and set.

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Actually ” germinant ” this story set is simpler, story line basically is case of public transportation explosion spread out, undertake for many times circular understanding the news background of every passenger on the bus, find a murderer finally and understanding commits the crime motive, it is line of this one story only only so film very much collect is counted impossibly, and men and women advocate undertake for many times circular, if undertake circular extension again, the audience also is met aesthetic exhaustion, direct so ” germinant ” volume number is in surely 15 collect, do not see market number is little, but the plot of a play of each collect is special Gao Guang, full, look at true insecurity letting a person to stimulate.

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However this is not the work that noonday sun first time films so much collect is counted, before ” I am Yu Huan water ” shorter, have 12 market only, but after broadcasting not only conflagration, and still get authority fully reputably, the young associate that if look,spends this work only should won’t oppugn ” germinant ” why just 15 collect?

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So a good work is not the number that use part to judge its achievement, still want finally to rely on the quality of work itself, as long as it is good work, no matter collect figures length,be the sense that having it.

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