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Original title: Last a period of time wants push forward Hollywood 5 years at reaching the HelloKitty that cooperates 45 years old eventually! Have again all over the world ” old friend ” the Japanese IP that lasts long in the heart is about to march Hollywood. On March 5, 3 beautiful gull of Japanese (Sanrio) government-owned net releases announcement to say, already reached collaboration with company of movie of FlynnPicture of American production company, new line, will make English HelloKitty movie first, introduce to the famous cartoon figure such as the HelloKitty below the banner global screen. This also is HelloKitty is born to come 45 years up to now at the same time, company of 3 beautiful gull awards large film studio copyright first, make the movie that can make global sea exterior numerous be watched jointly. According to net of official of 3 beautiful gull, in this collaboration is knocked formally before deciding, the preparation that the company already undertook is as long as 5 years works, after affirming figure of the cartoon below the banner will land big screen formally, the company searchs the job of painter and creativity talent to spread out immediateness.

20220208060106 6202072263893

3 beautiful gull appear on the market for Japanese Tokyo stock exchange company, after announcement is given out, this company share price dish in go up greatly for a time even more 12% , achieve since March 16 most go up in grail.

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“IP large family ” 3 beautiful gull the person all rights reserved that 3 beautiful gull are HelloKitty of well-known lovely cartoon figure. This company is believed the earliest by Japanese Zuo too man founds 1960, at that time is company of a silk only, traffic the small commodities such as greeting card gift at the same time. HelloKitty figure was born at company of 3 beautiful gull 1974 the hand of a stylist, in a few years subsequently, the amount of figure of the cartoon below banner of 3 beautiful gull is ceaseless and outspread, up to now already MyMelody, Gudetama waits tens of popular cartoon figure, in Japanese mainland hot degree lasts long, and, these figure overseas markets also are welcomed by huge, famous degree is far even oneself of company of more than 3 beautiful gull. Outside dividing self-supporting small commodities, the accredit of figure of the cartoon below open standard also is one of important way that 3 beautiful gull score gain, already was the accredit business of global rank front row at present. According to net of official of 3 beautiful gull, at present the product of HelloKitty brand already exceeded in the whole world annual 50 thousand kinds, sell toward more than 130 country, year net profit embellish exceeds 14 billion yen, among them overseas sale is occupied than achieving 40% . Century end arrives on at the beginning of this century, 3 beautiful gull ever were managed because of Eden of the theme below the banner not investment of market of beautiful, capital suffers a defeat wait for an element to affect, outstanding achievement dejected, but in recent years, comply with market situation change, begin to be in animation, smartphone application, advertisement is embedded wait for a domain it is better and better that the 3 Li Ou battalions of whole position accept a case, embellish of company net profit already was recorded 9 years so that be worth continuously. According to Peng Bo SecuritiesJapan of stockjobber of company quote Japan is stationed in strategy of Tokyo chief market division MasayukiOtani says, the market goes strong possibility to hold upbeat mood to HelloKitty concept. Cooperative business also interest is not little this with films of 3 Li Ou joint development is the United States’ well-known film-making company likewise, among them new line film is subsidiary of brother of American China accept, ever was in made movie of Oscar bear the palm in last few years ” ring king ” reach ” suddenly bit person ” series. FlynnPicture ever also held the position of big pyroelectricity shadow ” violent gigantic animal ” ” doomsday collapses ” production, the income of global booking office of the company already exceeded 3.2 billion dollar. Zuo is believed too man expresses, helloKitty brand all the time the target since is those who become friendship is indicative, hope this film can be promoted worldwide the friendship inside. In recent years, japan is evergreen IP and the message common occurance that American film-making company cooperates. Last year in January, japan holds the post of heaven company to release announcement to say, will pull cooperation of unconscious movie company with company of American illume entertainment, clique respectively, make the movie that with form of subordinate and famous cartoon brother, as super as Maliao Suonike gives priority to horn. And the movie that company of Japanese demon Bao Kemeng and collaboration of American Wanner’s brother make also will be shown in North America later on this year.

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