Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Feather response of unripe knot bowstring jumps empty error: A hole blocked when take off 20220208060528 6202082800752Feather unripe knot bowstring (origin: Beijing daily) in today’s man sheet the person slips in short program match, feather begin of unripe knot bowstring has to jump empty. After contest, when speaking of the first error reason that jump, feather unripe say: “When I take off, blocked a hole, the likelihood is other player such situation was created when making a motion. But the result is, I stepped on that hole, so the first start jumps to did not rise. ” in be asked about to jump empty that momently when idea, feather unripe say: “I and oneself say, good, this luck but really bad. But namely so the thing of an instant, because I must be the movement below,prepared. I love the music of program of my weak point very much really, I love to have dance as this music, and I did not feel where is very poor. And I did not feel where is very poor..

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