Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: By praise Taiwan ” the first daughter-in-law ” , talked about love only all one’s life, 52 years old change greatly nowadays appearance

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Recreation encircles medium star development, the person with like to be affixed certain more very much is set, have the progress with such better ability only it seems that. The circle is retreated in experience like Liu Tao, after reappearing again after knot legitimate child, was affixed ” virtuous wife ” label, because this label makes her successful,break up red while, the help goes bankrupt husband pays off debt successfully. Say this is not fathomless also so why a lot of young star like to affix certain ticket to oneself, and say today by praise Taiwan ” the first daughter-in-law ” she, talked about love only however all one’s life, she 52 years old still did not marry now, the label that is stuck with her differs very far, this person is Zhang Yu .

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Do not know her certainly to very much youth, she of one’s previous experience of regular professional training demonstrates ability not only excellent, young the beautiful appearance when is in the circle everybody knows. Because first time of these 24 years old gives her what perform work of movie and TV, with respect to because of the appearance of an actor of melting servant girl in drama bear the palm and with one action becomes famous in the circle. Be in later ” Jing age son’s wife ” later because for many times personate is tender virtuous kind and gentle daughter-in-law part is very thorough popular feeling, was affixed by the audience at this point Taiwan ” the first daughter-in-law ” title. What give her the label polarity that stick with the audience is, be regarded as she of optimal daughter-in-law person selected, talked about love not to say only all one’s life, had not married to her present, still be lone a person. And she talked about love only all one’s life before male friend is Xie Zuwu, they two people ever went in the partner in drama for many times perform husband and wife, although two people also began a paragraph of feeling that is as long as 3 years, but finally very scale right two people or departure. Her nowadays before male friend writtens guarantee legitimate child gets married already, and she is done not have all the time after this paragraph of amour ends begin new sentiment, pass the age of fifty years old or a person to now. Although be one individual life but her time passes or quite grow has taste, she what take sport basically nowadays no longer, enjoying the life all the time almost, what she shares on the net is she travels everywhere, the condition of idle away in seeking pleasure, look to come out what she 52 years old still maintains this year is very good, no matter temperament or condition follow,differ in those days not much, will look from this, her why is not happy

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