Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: ” germinant ” ending ” sodden end ” ? It is to oppose a network obviously cruel, conception is direct sublimate Inspect drama to big recently pyroelectricity ” germinant ” ending processing, the author is basic and satisfactory. Can saying even is a kind of surprise. Because be opposite ” circulate indefinitely ” this kind of numinous phenomenon, the means that did not use contemptuous audience intelligence quotient eventually goes carelessly explanation. The country is for instance obstetric unreal drama and suspense drama, a few kinds of of the easiest exasperate audience common final result handle: 1, whole story is a dream, affection of heroine Li Shi, or a dream of driver Wang Xingde… 2, the without foundation that whole story is affection of heroine Li Shi is subjective, someone else content is her mental division comes out… 3, a game that whole story is development of hero Xiao Heyun, affection of heroine Li Shi is the first player… 4, the psychotherapy process that whole story is affection of pair of heroine Li Shi, hero Xiao Heyun is her advocate treat psychological doctor… … do not have completely! Lay aside directly do not go explaining, unmanned casualties, fair car be rewarded of make contributions of collective of 8 people group, male advocate female perhaps advocate also did not break recall, whole department theatrical work also cannot see paragraphs of big apparent cutout decreases a trace, the play that films broadcasted normally, what to still have dissatisfactory? !

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Of course, end from the 13rd collect, to the 14th, 15 collect broadcast, last 6 days wait to update, countless netizens open a variety of tentative ideas of cerebral hole greatly, for instance ” open of king bud bud double loop ” , for instance ” there is Li Shi affection at all on the world actually, after king bud bud is dead 5 years, bad luck fetch does not come loose, change the female undergraduate that amends perfect edition as ego ” Li Shi affection ” , will save atone for its despair parents ” , although look,be like pretty good, but everybody knows, broadcast publicly more impossibly as the normal ending of teleplay, still want reality a bit. A few netizens feel current this ending is too groovy, can foreknow, do not have flatly strange, after all who does everybody have to be in more period, can you keep back do not go reading origianl work novel? Original completely drama was appeared! Of course, also have hoot of a few four of National People’s Congress quite ” sodden end ” , understandable, above all, ” germinant ” the teleplay the corresponding period that stars with some a few discharge broadcasts, each platform are all-time reputably impetus of all over the sky, press otherly drama notted even a crow or sparrow can be heard, can let Giegie of course people vermicelli made from bean starch is very malcontent. These days, meal of in every case encircles the platform that vermicelli made from bean starch focuses, all without exception is right ” germinant ” the big water that spit acid, buckle on ” excessive sale ” wait for a cap, also condensed so a lot of ” black pink ” will hit difference madly judge, pull low grading. At the moment, “Black pink ” people do not jump out how possibly incendiary public opinion, bewitch seeing and hearing? Next, in drama the biggest dispute, ” bud of bud of the king 5 years ago encounters Lothario, be eager to getting off, try to grab driver steering wheel ” , it is extremely wrong action for certain, had paid the price of young life so, — so because,she is such mistake, the ghost cultivate video that deserves to be stood by make it caption is returned after dying, along with her parental family by broad clavier a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct people the network is violent, is all over the sky abuse?

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Even her mother is in namely of funeral daughter painful hind, still insult by the publicity of own student, just meet mental out of control, risk danger in desperation? The king bud bud of origianl work is done not have ” try to grab driver steering wheel ” , be ” basic and perfect victim ” , so novel ending is written, also do not have what controversy.

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So writer of origianl work fiction, after be being manufactured to just invite the first write a play that did this theatrical work, why to want oneself to do / perhaps agree to do such significant detail to alter? Was being changed by the play because of king bud bud ” commit serious mistake ” ” behoove is censured ” ” faulty victim ” , it seems that broad clavier a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct people network force and ghost cultivate are evil do, also with respect to one is assured and bold with justice, division goes out famous, so, to final final result, still annoy historicity with fair car, those who be not mother and daughter of king bud bud is subjective, lothario is caught and wind up, more than more or less be fond of network force and ghost cultivate usually evil the clavier a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that make people, direct ” broken prevent ” , in discovering drama when them, sneer at ” clown is myself unexpectedly ” hind, just meet shout abuse: [sodden end] [sodden drama] . Nevertheless so. However, is there so wordy travel really on this world spotless ” perfect victim ” ? Everybody is to have hate and desire obviously 6 desire embryo of carnal this mortal world. Have how many again ” faulty victim ” , it is media of the fine that be not had and network sprayer people, a variety of networks are violent, forced depressed disease, force even ” in order to die from card ” ” in order to die bright annals ” of the degree? For instance firm parting before long life of a years of 17 years old commit suicide… with ” germinant ” after one drama ends final loop, leading role of male and female can also because ” foresee ” bomb incident, have truly scientific and logical explanation impossibly also, and encounter this world the doubt of the media do not have fine of the face, the fling abuses of network sprayer?

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Clear hope everybody can less undesirable mood, in network space, entertaining associate with bosom friend and not be to abreact the original intention that crime enrages, see the careless omission astonishment of others can point out amicably, is not as if one find out treasure is atttacked deridingly commonly, good intentions, also be at the same time with oneself for be apt to. To already accident and parting life, can take our nation ” the person that die is big ” good convention, is not right its are missed before one’s death, not comply not forgive, mock abuse even. Probably this is this drama circulates for the last time, the import that wants expression. — boycott network is violent, same everybody has duty. With person rose, the hand has lingering fragrance. Cherish is magnanimous, day from Gao Yuan.

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