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Original title: Small sweet drama ” love is troublesome but very sweet ” will come, vigour girl falls in love with tall cold writer, sweetness explodes laugh The diversification of subject matter of movie and TV, make a trend already, nevertheless, respecting most the subject matter of the popularity, that modern office field is sweet bestow favor on drama, on affirmative a list of names posted up famous. Emerge in large numbers of the last few years the work of movie and TV of many this subject matter, picture ” dear has deep love for ” , ” rock candy stews Xue Li ” etc, all behead was obtained close well inspect, also produced many screen CP at the same time. Recently, have a high in syrup again small sweet drama be about to strong will raid, it is ” love is troublesome but very sweet ” .

20220208061156 620209ac82238

This drama by celebrated director Li Na hold guide, adapt from popular IP novel ” the male god that often looks for me to bother ” , those who tell about is the romantic love story of vigour girl Nie Rouzhu and limit of Huo Yun of tall cold writer. Be without the two people of be mixed originally, be acquainted because of an accident however, then open a paragraph of trouble is ceaseless but sweetness explodes the amative story that laugh. This drama by Ji Lingchen, crane male present as leading role to act the leading role, one is lofty and brilliant high cold male spirit, one is the vigour girl with clever threatening gas, must say, handsome the combination of male belle is really too raise a key point.

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Surpass sweet the plot of a play, add what tall Yan Zhi acts the leading role hold, let an audience expect to this drama the value is pulled full. Of suddenly Yun Ya of writer of fiction of inference of Gao Leng of the personate in drama is Ji Lingchen.

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Model gives him of the path, have be proud the person’s height and remind, appearance Gao Leng, take depressed temperament oneself, after movie and TV of fight in some places one by one is encircled, because the appearance is distinctive,get attention fully. Nevertheless, around his most topic, it is he and Han Qing as before child amour, even if two people part company already, but had broken thereby around the topic of two people. Although feeling is individual private affairs, but overmuch exposure, the public praise to the actor is adverse, dirt of hope record rise high can be in this new theatrical work bring an audience infinite surprise. The personate in drama is super those who hit worker Nie Rouzhu is a crane male.

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Crane male appearance is melting, innocent and lovely, exuding tenderness and love through eyes of presbyopia of a pair of peach, the tender feelings like just like first love is like water, it is the person that Xin Jinliu measures the outstanding in floret. After going out formally 2018, piece acted ” one kiss decides affection ” , ” little be willing to part with or use ” , ” childe, I am married decide you ” wait for drama, the part is deduced vivid and lovely, make a person impressive. Although two actors are to cooperate first, sheet looks from the appearance, still be pretty is ascended right, especially Ji Lingchen’s the appearance of an actor, come out blueness is acerbity, from height cold, blue temperament.

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The CP that the play staff announces is illuminated, same special also raise a key point, tall Yan Zhi acts the leading role, it is beautiful woman of a perfect match between a man and a girl, talent, created by nature simply. Sheet can see from stage photo, the occasion of high in syrup of this drama is really too much, most propbably can let an audience look the face is redly to throb certainly, gao Tian is outputted, happy and ceaseless.

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This drama surprises by perfect sky, love art the novel manufactures jointly, be about to land love to surprise art broadcast, wait and see what happens!

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