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Original title: Shen Qianjin weighs an injury to be saved by ostentatious place, 10 thousand doors see regain Gu Han is smooth, memorial seal is removed however Shen Qianjin weighs an injury to be saved by ostentatious place, 10 thousand doors see regain Gu Han is smooth, memorial seal is removed however ” ostentatious ” this drama is wonderful in appearing a few minutes of small sweetness, the accord that wins authority reputably. Got closing considerably inspecting. Everybody notices ostentatious the love with severe dirt billows, have the love that the person notices Gu Han is smooth? (more and wonderful click a novel to be read freely) in believing everybody also notices 10 thousand doors south hill client Han became smooth, he appears very the safety that cares about severe dirt billows, humanness honest and frank is brilliant, from him billows of dirt giving severe sees a doctor to be able to discover is a serious situation heavy justice person. He is the person of heart of bean curd of mouth of a knives, still be a bad and adjacent person it seems that. Actually some earlier year he is the person that has injury crossing affection.

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Gu Han is a civilian doctor solely, the Shen Qianjin of the building that watch rain is encountered to be bitten by anguine place when extracting drug, the Gu Han below good luck coincidence became a savior solely, encounter when what freeze all over in Shen Qianjin is frozen ostentatious, this ability gets rescued, in the course of contacts sees two people cross-eye. Want to say a pair be a perfect match between a man and a girl, that why is two people entity the same as stranger now?

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The one big contraindication that is the building that watch rain so is do not become enamoured, otherwise noxiousness is sent is blind lane, gu Han cannot have Shen Qianjin selfishly solely, so this ability remembers hers seal, the lot of two people comes here end. It is quite cruel really so, gu Han is about solely one person bears this is painful, the person that love each other cannot be a very cruel thing together.

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Go up in a door plenary meeting that Liu Sure holds, create two opportunities that the person meets however instead. Know Liu Sure is woman of deceptive of a pathos, want musical instrument only so the blood of 1000 bowstring, that is sure a this door congress it is to in disorder. Did not think of Shen Qianjin also got hurt. Ostentatious belt the first person that she returns 10 thousand doors to see considers Han light namely.

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Do really occasionally not clear, after all what is love? Can let if the person is crazy be like drunk, also can let a person be overwhelmed with sorrow, it may be said is test and verify that word ” ask worldly feeling why content, photograph of straight life and death teaching a person is made ” . Gu Han is in all the time solely and Shen Qianjin corresponds, but do not wish namely the one side on the opinion, this kind of flavor is the five flavors miscellaneous old.

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Ostentatious the pull wires person that is two people, gu Han smooth sweetheart belt arrives now before, be happy after all be still glad? Gu Han still is for Shen Qianjin consider actually solely, oneself just wanted evasive do not have those who catch up with Shen Qianjin to restore memory to want however fast. She will before the thing is written down entirely, feel heart of so old half-baked suddenly eventually complete.

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Shen Qianjin weighs an injury to be saved by ostentatious place, 10 thousand doors see regain Gu Han is smooth, memorial seal is removed however. The light that consider Han and Shen Qianjin still are the match with general a perfect match between a man and a girl really, hope lover becomes spouses eventually. Do you feel two people are met together? Greeting lower part stays in his view. [preamble reviewing] Li Chen billows wishs to replace ostentatious be punished, ostentatious ask: Why be opposite am I so good? His word is too touching face Jiang Wu be in hot pursuit, why ostentatious is those who there is a bit enchanted? The reason is very actually simple

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