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Original title: Discriminate passes: A few cats does the altogether in drama have? Which paragraph highest?

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The picture originates network ” discriminate is passed ” medium person acts very well, the China the wife of a prince of Jiang glad personate, will the sort of China and not colourful, enchanting enchanting amorous feelings is deduced 10 thousand kinds incisively and vividly! Grandson the discriminate of couple personate, more annulus of will big female key light is deduced so that make a person favorable, the shrewdness that Cai Shaofen repairs appropriate empress is deduced reach the designated position, chen Jianbin is the keen of suspicious and fickle deductive the Yong Zheng in drama’s emperor more. ” discriminate is passed ” the success of this teleplay is accidental by no means, no matter be the strength of playwrite, take the major that changes, the fine of actor’s lines, also or it is the gut that free and easy rises and fall, the successful recipe that is big play of legend of person of this lady-in-waiting after the ministry is in. The detail of whole department teleplay has been gathered up so that cannot gather up again by netizens! Can be everybody however oversight of the most important animal friends in teleplay wonderful deduce. I say well with everybody today ” discriminate is passed ” the cat inside a few interesting things of those gout be overflowing with. ” discriminate is passed ” medium cat is advanced to making the plot of a play of department theatrical work, it how have is important to how have?

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The picture originates network the feline it may be said in this teleplay is to give limelight! Because,be more they, the gut of ability will be whole drama is able to drive. The cat of the mother of an emperor when beautiful female general election will discriminate directly the end of is majestic what still have not change color of bear down on one with the weight of Mount Taishan sincerely is female advocate the pine nut that characteristic place foil, appropriate repairs empress, what will install hill to allow more is cruel and evil expression comes out, the ball that Xie Lan as concubine of an emperor according to peace, jiang Xifei’s twins reachs crucial action since be born, the characteristic that will a concubine of an emperor rather more is revealed come out, ” discriminate is passed ” if medium cat has portion, which are only OK does can call high-ranked imperial concubine the cat? The caracal of peak of ⒈ reach the clouds

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The picture originates the cat inside the palace after network photograph is compared, the caracal in peak of reach the clouds, then fierce degree can be in in whole department teleplay in occurrence cat row the first! This cat is discriminated to the bird that they raise in peak of reach the clouds attracts and come, differ girl of green jade of wash of name a person for a particular job, cui Jin night tide, still discriminate is frightened dead! King of except fruit county comes this caracal will be perhaps right they cause discriminate to harm that how oldly! If give peak of this reach the clouds the stray cat that go up portion, do I feel to confer for ” a concubine of an emperor ” should have not been been? Seal date to give ” fierce ” , so this caracal is called ” fierce a concubine of an emperor ” . The cat of the mother of an emperor when ⒉ show female general election

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Does the picture originate does the network remember the Xiaobai cat of that mother of an emperor when beautiful female general election? The female discriminate that the emperor and mother of an emperor discover to Zhen Yuan at that time, long get along with is pure after yuan of empress is similar, mother of an emperor enters palace to prevent discriminate , aunt of breath letting bamboo holds that kitten that come out in the arms to explore the heart sex of discriminate . Although this only small white cat atttacks force without what, right also however crucial action reachs since the propulsion of whole department theatrical work. If this kitten of mother of an emperor has a word of the portion, contrasting ” discriminate is passed ” inside has appeared numerous cat, I feel this cat also is one promises a cat at most. Portion ” agree ” seal date to be ” grandma ” , because I always feel the grandma of that one voice of this only small white meow of mother of an emperor is fierce,suckle fierce! So, this cat is called ” the grandma agrees ” ! The cat that ⒊ Xie Lan depends on

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Does the picture originate should the network say ” is discriminate passed ” cat which battle force is the most powerful? That is not Xie Lan to depend on the ball that as concubine of an emperor rather to not be belonged to. Still remember dawn the wife of a prince going to place of Chun Xidian peace aing concubine of an emperor with aunt of Cui Jin night tide again, depend on first time to hold her ball in the arms when Xie Lan come out to be placed in discriminate that one act before? Discriminate is frightened so that holding out pregnant to rise from the table, and again and again face backed down several paces. The discriminate at that time answers palace, that can be for what avenge, herself exceeds fierce clinking, but face the ball that as concubine of an emperor rather, frighten flower look is blankly however, the ball that as concubine of an emperor rather it is thus clear that has much horror!

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The picture originates network later, this ball is to show martial prowess greatly more, it is actually after entiring Gong Yanyin, dawn the wife of a prince is sitting litter drive out on the road of Hui Yongshou palace, the interjectional call that passes oneself comes a lot of caracal in Forbidden City, and the caracal of group conceives the discriminate of 6 armour to the body launched violent attack! That time direct within an inch of wanted the life of that pair of twins in discriminate and abdomen! If this cat that as concubine of an emperor rather has portion, the cat that is empress level certainly then, because of it can the cat of the Gong Li after order is whole. The portion is empress, seal date to give ” ox ” , bovine empress breaths out Hahaha! The cat that ⒋ empress appropriate repairs

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The picture originates this pine nut of network empress, I always feel a bit foolish of spurt, long take the sort of foolish when gas still remembers An Lingrong training pine nut with rouge of its skipping and hopping foolish appearance? Mimic a rash fellow is same. The assault force of pine nut is very powerful also, be next to the ball that as concubine of an emperor rather, the ball that as concubine of an emperor rather just also is do discriminate slinkly, and this pine nut of empress not only miscarriage of noble of will rich examine, return claw discriminate , it may be said is power very strong also! If give pine nut this cat portion, “The wife of a prince ” very should apt? If give a word that seals date ” bump ” , suit very much, after all pine nut bumps become famous, “Bump into the wife of a prince ” be not it to not belong to Hahaha! You think ” discriminate is passed ” in, with respect to these 4 cats? You are then off base ha! Still have a greatly big big cat! Big fat tangerine!

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The picture originates the emperor of personate of network Mr. Chen Jianbin, because chubby lovely cheek, be discovered to grow very to resemble tangerine cat by netizens, so, should say ” discriminate is passed ” the cat in, how can little we this only big fat tangerine! If hind the cat in palace has portion, is that empress cat only in your memory? Is that high-ranked imperial concubine only cat? Is that to promise a cat only?

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