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Original title: Dash snow of Han of facial Yu letter, acted 23 times female one also is done not have red, today 41 years old of fast audiences are forgotten

20220208061456 62020a6045ca1

Dash snow of Han of facial Yu letter, acted 23 times female one also is done not have red, today 41 years old of fast audiences are forgotten always is to like to yearn for, of the yearning is in the past, forget the memory that does not drop, we are called feelings. Once parting fragrant China, become a poem sadly in dance of astral song month, break up to remember dusty album, the fleeting time of page of that one page, brand how much agonized youth. Those send yellow picture, cram when youth casual, those accompany us to had gone to make green person, did not draw up in utterance the most beautiful love letter in years. Life is a road that bespreads bramble, sweat is the sword of a break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties. On the road that walks to the word of mortals in crisscross footpaths between fields, the life of everybody as if consistent Qu Lezhang, achieve gives joys and sorrows to depicting Yin Qing circle to be short of. Our everyday life still has myriad trouble, more what is more,the rather that place oneself at performing the star actor of art circle, what they also are having us to cannot be experienced is miserable and but. But since the curtain of life has been pulled open, with respect to the show that must use a heart, with its be troubled few of Yu Huaiyu gloomy is joyous, be inferior to magnanimous not bat an eyelid.

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Time contend for, believe the person inside a lot of attention entertainment groups also knows, fame is not very big star, those who want to pass these coming that raise oneself is famous degree, the actor like two fame, personate is same department work, nature is the help that hopes he can obtain more person more, these two years double male advocate, double perhaps female advocate work always can appear such circumstance, after all oneself time tall, also prove to may gain the attention of more person, because this ability can have the person of too much person the thing to heroine so take a fancy to. But everybody also forgot however, want the word of the bright look that is expression only, nowadays the times of this network, no matter you are female advocate small still transparent, can gain everybody’s attention actually, becoming famous occasionally also should lean lot, not be countless heroine, can make him bright red big violet, some people were forgotten by everybody instead, what the Eight Diagrams should tell about to everybody today is a such actor, wen Zhengrong.

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As a child Wen Zhengrong is born inside a more average household, her father is a middle school teacher, because her mother had contradiction to part namely with father, she is brought up by father namely grown, although occasionally the sort of mother love did not get, but the grandma in the home also is to care this granddaughter very much, have delicious metropolis think of for a short while, if know her cousin several, this has bit of prejudicial feeling to be inside namely, aunty of other nevertheless uncle is to be able to understand, also admonish oneself child should is opposite she is better, because,can entering recreation to encircle also is accident.

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From give personate of lukewarm now extraordinary to pass a lot of work, if you are from ” snow of 1000 hill dusk ” in know Wen Zhengrong, she is inside personate the Mu Yongfei of disposition pride, arbitrary peremptoriness, this gas field also lets a person be convinced. Compared with female at that time advocate clever the acting that that cannot describe, must hit Call wildly for Wen Zhengrong, this work that actually this already was her later period. First time of the Eight Diagrams knows Wen Zhengrong is from ” be missing woman ” begin, the teleplay ten years ago. Write down that woman in TV is very beautifully only, charming is soft in taking a few minutes sturdy, sturdy in taking a few minutes of Bao Leng, bao Lengzhong is taking a few minutes of celestial being to enrage, the age of muddled, feel this is as shirt-sleeve as temperament the aptest woman probably. Gut has the Song that nod Jing, dan Wenzheng Rong indeed very absorbing, see the raise one’s hand that pass.

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Still have those who make person impression very deep of course, 8090 hind the teleplay kind that the audience has seen is most, appeared in those days a lot of ” large scale ” drama of movie and TV. Should say the teleplay that compares BT should belong to Wen Zhengrong and marital He Zhengjun to act the leading role ” do not dance with stranger ” , this also is Chinese head ministry is involved change wife game, sex is annoyed, self-abuse, pat secretly wait for a variety of modern societies sensitive issue. The Li Rujun of the part Yu Pingping of personate of actor lukewarm extraordinary and He Zhengjun personate married old, but the life of husband and wife between two people did not have passion and fun gradually. Performed dog blood then one act, yu Pingping and Li Rujun and another pair of husband and wife decide undertake changing wife game, the result produced the story of a series of horrible Jing Song.

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Although grow beautifully,someone says Wen Zhengrong, but the female bit that shoves a face is a bit much, for instance Han Xue and Yu fly grand, had performed play together with Han Xue, han Xue Wenzheng Rong two people group photo, it is to resemble a bit it seems that. What two people cooperate is ” undeserved kindness lifetime ” , speak of this teleplay, very should much still 80 hind the 90 childhood shadows after. What this drama tells about is two grow stories that are moved to wrap the child, estimation calculates going up is ” leopard cat changes prince ” the originator of theatrical work of blood of this kind of dog. Since this play, wen Zhengrong was affixed the label of bad woman.

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Actually Wen Zhengrong acted to have 23 times female, still partner Sun Gonglei acted ” buckish backside ” , 2015, in red classical big play ” fishing island angry tide ” broadcast elder brother’s wife of personate heroine Liu San; Of the same age, sleeve by couplet of country of He Minghan, Lin Jiang teleplay of large and revolutionary war ” 10 company commander a class ” , in the personate in drama ” special operation class ” political instructor Zhang Lan is sweet, the wife of different disposition was played to live by her. Just give so much year, also performed 559 work, not lukewarm still however not fire. Someone says, because Wen Zhengrong is too low-key, besides take sport, still take sport, hear hype without production red, also did not go a few put together art, with respect to clean like silks and satins, not by big dyehouse coloring, so she 41 years old was forgotten quickly also by everybody nowadays.

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Although be in play exceedingly strong, but outside play, wen Zhengrong can say is those who comparative is low-key, the opportunity sees the information about her very hard on the net, and she at ordinary times in the life, also give priority to in order to travel, there are a lot of netizens before this is pardonable also call Wen Zhengrong also comes out to show look good as result of recieving praise, after all from she also also does not have work again after 15 years appeared. Like her such Jimei appearance and acting won’t lack hunter at the person nature of a suit, she in besides reality and in drama fictile figure differs, she is a gentle and nice person, many netizens express, those who perform art circle not to walk along a heart to grow uglily than her than her became much went, and the deduction of others the career is bright red big violet, she is paid no attention to however.

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Wen Zhengrong’s beauty, not be the sort of powerful Jing admires, be like crystal however general, do not have any decorating, delicate, transparent, taking what one man nods to be proud again charming and capricious, the beauty that she gives is brittle, sensitive, she can take very subtle emotion those who hold is just right. In recreation the group can say is a platoon must go up of class, so Yan Zhi also has the person of acting to should be not forgotten by audience place, hope she can be in prospective time, bring more and outstanding work to us, it is gold always can be detected.

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