Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Hall of crane of company the first month and Zhang Helun differ De Yun 3 years old to resemble is two generation person, consider the value of Yanzhi and figure ” forest became old ” this comedic teleplay does not know everybody has looked, those who had looked is very good, do not have those who had looked to fill, nowadays its continuation ” skill became great ” also came out, had sowed 12 collect now, the comic dialogue actor that this teleplay is You Deyun company completely gives the large and comedic Gao Yan that act to be worth teleplay, former actor continued to still join a few actress inside, broadcasted existing ten collect had seen many role.

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Hall of crane of Zhang Helun of our familiar comic dialogue actor, the first month, Zhang Yunlei, Luan Yunping, Yang Jiulang, height is etc on this teleplay appeared, the character of personate is having everybody oneself disposition, zhang Helun is a boss that wine of be addicted to is like a life; Hall of crane of the first month is a sweet candy completely; Zhang Yunlei is an upstart; Luan Yunping is a clerk; Yang Jiulang is the man of a beautiful heart; The height is the uncle of an irrelevant; For this teleplay Yang Jiulang gives his screen first kiss displayed go out, this but the You acid of heart cloud girl.

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Because ” skill became great ” those who update is newest one collect also gives look, do not feel satisfy a craving, looked for the titbits that they film then, plait the elder brother is in newest center in mandarin, English, French the setting of switch of freedom of 3 kinds of languages, look at prompt board to speak out actually, no wonder at that time of the eye narrow one’s eyes of 2 father so small; Knowing a more open-eyed later is Zhang Helun compare Meng He only actually hall is old 3 years old, but two people are looked like,be poor like a position in the family hierarchy, of a greasily resemble uncle, resemble little elder brother lovelily.

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Actually this also is concerned with two oneself conditions of the individual, zhang Helun goes soon is that figure, a word is fat, two words are fat, that pregnant that can see him inside TV is the flesh completely, because be worn inside the program,the likelihood also is is business suit, still hairstyle also appears his age is a bit old, have again even if Yan Zhi is not too tall, do not cross these to was given to obscure by the small humour that he acts like a spoiled child then; See hall of crane of the first month again, this Yan Zhi resembled past is little fresh pork, what face of a piece of baby laughs cheap cheap is lovely, and his common dress is very green dress, still love to sing love song, the guitar of can small young conference, disposition is lovely also, look at so small.

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Although two individual age difference are not big, colour cost gap a little big, stature gap cannot say, but but the building site of that comic dialogue is done not have say, watch their special performance, which program is very good-looking, it is heart cloud company is preeminent ” crane word division ” pillar, appear this in teleplay to let us see their figure besides comic dialogue, hall of crane of company the first month and Zhang Helun differ De Yun 3 years old to resemble is two generation person, consider the value of Yanzhi and figure.

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