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Original title: Xiao Zhan was taking new theatrical work to come, carry program male a partner two old friend, low-key already play staff showing a body Be like announce of official of battle new theatrical work, connections but not small, li Qin of partner old friend, emersion destiny rise and fall and grow

20220208061544 62020a90b57cc

Tiger year advent, business condition of Xiao Zhan is very concentrated, attend large grand ceremony and bring wonderful arena besides, arrive first do business of 7 continuously first already very surprizing. Be like battle to be being held in the arms especially ” persimmon ” appear, already many people guess a favour to will come. Just as one would expect, after two days are being lain between when, xiao Zhan was taking new theatrical work to come.

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To a lot of audiences, instantly still may be enmeshed in Gu Yiye in this part, really true and on-the-spot feeling gets this fresh the character’s aftereffect has how old. Gu Yiye is the person that makes an audience impressive, because be like the Gao Guang of battle oneself,not be, however he performs this role lived, taking any performance trace, each place camera lens feels proper, in the heart that walked into an audience with the rapiddest rate. Although drama market reserve strength is greater, also have the new work that many people been expectinging to resemble battle, new role.

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Before New Year, the message about Xiao Zhanxin drama has been give an extravagantly colourful description, a melon catchs a melon, did not protect from beginning to end ripe. Among them, years theatrical work ” that sea in the dream ” be heated up to discuss by broad netizen all the time, caused because of this even more or less controversy. Also be new beginning a new year, xiao Zhan has entered business state, new theatrical work is formal Guan Xuan, carrying program male while more with partner of two old friend, still have the well-known actress Li Qin that cooperates several times among them. It is reported, xiao Zhan is already low-key play staff showing a body, “Shut close ” mode will open.

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Years theatrical work ” that sea in the dream ” in earlier before the net that has many blotting out the sky and cover up the earth sends a message, especially cast, go out besides Xiao Zhan act male one outside, goodwife is chosen is the topic that heat discusses all the time. And now, the message that those nets send becomes blur particularly, be without true but character. In light of the content according to Guan Xuan, xiao Zhan will be in ” that sea in the dream ” in personate Xiaochun lays one part, carry program male, xiao Mei of Tong of Li Qin personate, more brilliant of Liu Ruilin, Cao, Zhao Xin, Cui Hang waits for many well-known actresses to join in, only battle array respect is already enough and luxurious.

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According to drama square commentate in light of the content that go out, ” that sea in the dream ” the courtyard past that those who tell about is scallion years, the warm blood of pure time is green, reductive 70 time rise and fall of a flock of Beijing youth destiny and the story that grow. Xiao Zhan and Li Qin partner make clap of many vermicelli made from bean starch better, two people are in furtive in it is very good friend, there is collaboration for many times more in screen, had reached very good tacit understanding to spend. Be in this ” that sea in the dream ” hand in hand, it is bright look combination likewise. Besides, the total producer of this drama is Mr. Yang Xia, namely ” Chen Qing makes ” the production of this drama and playwrite.

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Mention Mr. Yang Xia, a lot of people had been familiar with quite. Earlier when the message before is passed so that fly upwards, ” that sea in the dream ” had appeared in search of relevant vocabulary entry the name of Mr. Yang Xia, this direct Guan Xuan, also be 2 degrees of collaboration with Xiao Zhan. Nowadays, xiao Zhan and two friends once more hand in hand, be sure to bring better work. Look only from subject matter, ” that sea in the dream ” the sees that time struggling course that has made many youths agog, and the battle array of this drama also caused not small heat to discuss after Guan Xuanzhi. Xiao Zhan wants with a 70 time, the Xiao Chunsheng that has atmosphere feeling more relates a paragraph of struggling past event, different perspective, different role is challenged, move back and forth the accord with that of amid is the age not only closes, should come out idiosyncratic body of the character now more.

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Actually, in Guan Xuan’s placard, the temperament of the hot-blooded young person that Xiao Zhan represents had been without reservation to show come out, be already special await this part? In light of the information that discloses according to media, ” that sea in the dream ” after announce of battle array official, xiao Zhan is already low-key play staff showing a body, preparation leaves formally pat. The netizen expresses, cloth with soft nap takes a Si Dengyu that is like battle to wear Dai Yan show a body piece, wearing guaze mask to cover very much tight. These a few days also work open condition, try pat setting, enter subsequently film formally. Last year, xiao Zhan completes ancient costume theatrical work ” jade bone Yao ” film the job, brought on the arena of the modern drama again vivid ” 5 patients ” , through the precipitation of the ablution of years, acting, the connotation that Xiaochun gives birth to this part to be able to have heavy full figure and idiosyncratic, had been to book explode paragraph.

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Additional, new theatrical work of Xiao Zhan is formal after Guanxuan, answer relevantly aid music also whip and spur come, two paragraphs of among them words also write so that have artistic concept quite: Of your tramp over hill and dale go, already was the dust of a suit, carrying your tenderness again however, exchange my winter await.

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Expect Xiao Zhan, we that sea sees.

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