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Original title: Halcyon 46 years old of partners are young 15 years old of little fresh pork, blood of dog of gut of modelling thunder person, be spat madly by the netizen groove!

20220208061613 62020aad563da

Halcyon girl of 46 years old of personate, the partner is young little fresh pork of 15 years old! Recently, halcyon new theatrical work ” hero definitely ” go up line, and had replaced 20 a few part so far, regrettablly heat is insufficient, grading did not come out even fabaceous valve, nevertheless this the biggest chamfer is nodded or ” 46 years old halcyon perform a girl ” , of the partner still is smaller than her little fresh pork of 15 years old, gut ah also be it is a long story!

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Modelling thunder person, gut dog blood, let a person cannot bear orthoptic! Halcyon personate Xu is clever in drama the cloud, she is to should marry the father of Zhu Yun originally, dan Gang lifts the man that cover a head cruel kill die, zhu Yun is right however ” aunt mother ” fall in love at first sight, but the elder sister’s husband that the true love in Xu Miaoyun heart is him, the uncle Zhu Di of Zhu Yun , trigonometry loves dog blood let a person cannot bear orthoptic.

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Additionally this drama also is hot eye on dress prop, the degree of saturation of picture color should have much more by force simply strong, the character’s dress is very gorgeous match colors, this kind of match colors fails to let not only halcyon look at more girl, how to look however instead how at odds, be spat by many netizens groove.

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Although this drama leaves since sowing, halcyon by many netizen Diss, nevertheless more netizens still feel indissoluble, this year already 46 years old halcyon what encircle development in recreation is very pretty good, go also not be girl course, she depends on one’s early years ” the day with bright sunshine ” wait for classic work to become famous, in last few years ” big the Qin Dynasty is Caesarean ” in it is mature to also can see halcyon temperament is charm.

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With respect to Lian Zaigang finished ” bright lanthanum is passed ” in, halcyon also be to depend on not the acting Hold of common lives full-court, although act, is not a honest person, but still encircled many pink, not little audience expresses, like to see the look that queen becomes angry particularly, halcyon and peculiar organ adds temperament, simply perfect.

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This new theatrical work to halcyon public praise, absolutely fraud does not have benefit, nevertheless subsequently again the netizen points out this drama to was patted 2015 actually, lay between 4 years of ability to be taken, just can appear so so outdated, after all this kind ” A Bao is lubricious ” filter lens, connect at Mom need not. The viewing rate of this drama is additionally low fan, besides care of itself quality can, still having a main reason is all main actors are in on this drama when the line, chose silent, did not do any conduct propaganda, the likelihood is halcyon the portion that also knows this drama comes out to have the chamfer that be spat only, also did not publicize!

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Do not cross vermicelli made from bean starch people express, halcyon did not join a few this years again almost perform new work, 2018 is more make newly do not have, it is thus clear that she still has her idea to the play, this new theatrical work should be accident only, nevertheless also one part vermicelli made from bean starch guesses, halcyon likelihood is to plan to put focus it is on program of put together art.

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After all in last few years halcyon attended not little true person show, the disposition that depends on oneself honest and frank also obtained many frontal topics to spend, attending especially ” flower with the teenager ” when, after the program ends, still cannot help spitting groove, everyday ten kilometers, be no good tiredly, everybody travels to still be installed together have collective consciousness very much, began even oneself to install finally.

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Halcyon 46 years old perform a girl, the partner is young 15 years old of little fresh pork, gut of modelling thunder person destroys 3 concept, be spat madly by the netizen groove!

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