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Original title: Poor of his family circumstances, nurse by senior a general term for young women grown, 8 brother elder sister studies for him, the family is helped after becoming famous As recently ” the Three Kingdoms ” conflagration, liu Bei’s personate person in the eye shot that Yu Hewei also appears in everybody, everybody has to the Liu of his personate also is to having very deep impression, but who can think of even if a such acting sends old show character, once relying on an elder sister of 24 years old to be nursed for its however, the 8 brothers elder sister in the home also makes money to go to school for him in succession. We poke dense fog today, will search a different Yu Hewei. Advanced age is produced child, senior a general term for young women is in like the mother on May 4, 1971, year young Yu Hewei is born in Liaoning to visit n town east continent area, but at the mother is delivered of him already 45 years old of advanced age, still be in in that developing time, senile lying-in woman has been quite dangerous. However also because went up age, bring about feed at the mother without enough mother milk year young Yu Hewei, always cannot helplessly so look at child hunger to wear. By force of but this task that takes care of a little brother falls in just on elder sister body of 24 years old.

20220208061619 62020ab355491

Also because Yu Hewei is the least little brother in the home, the family is so favorite all the more to its. But although such wanting that feed a 11 buccal people, yu Hewei’s father also can be to do one’s best only. But final also because of heavy work, die unfortunately, ability is 3 the Yu Hewei in those days years old, be in a budding phase, of father die, apparently to this this not bounteous family, as good as then one disaster after another. Go down for the life, near of the maternal work from dawn to night of fifty years old go selling yam to come allowance family expenses. And the mother is not in the home this paragraph of time, take care of everybody’s life by senior a general term for young women, so the Yu Hewei in those days even appellation senior a general term for young women is ” young mother. ” unwilling destiny, want to take advanced courses year young be brought up every day below the consideration that Yu Hewei is growing elder sister. He when junior high school was fallen in love with sing, do not have however to culture achievement so on heart, the achievement that takes an exam every time so is not very ideal.

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Two in those who take an examination of suffer a defeat, very big to its blow, but live poorly as a child fortunately, brought him indomitable courage, he does not think the so cursory destiny that decides his, then the hope can rely on him to change the current situation. Because insist to learn music theory knowledge all the time, the Yu Hewei that read a technical secondary school entered group of n modern drama smoothly. After an one’s own little world that had oneself eventually, at making greater efforts with Wei, the acting that performing modern drama him harden oneself at the same time, also him on the sly practices singing. Accidental opportunity, his friend tells him, since you sing to acting in a play,this respect is interested so, why doesn’t that go to Shanghai Thespian institute taking advanced courses? After perhaps coming out, you become big star. The friend’s inadvertently one mouth depends on however and very deep impression left in Wei heart, had then want to go up the idea that play takes advanced courses, but the tuition that faces that to hold high, and the modern drama that oneself just must come to not easily very much is round ” iron rice bowl-a secure job ” the job, yu Hewei hesitated again. Feeding favour, do not leave do not abandon after coming home to discuss with everybody, mother and numerous brother sister persuade his to be content with the current situation, not necessary risk that risk, but family the more obstruct, jump over to artistic pursuit in He Weixin intense, but face family object however have no alternative.

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Be in a dilemma in him during, it is his senior a general term for young women, this person that needs him commonly as the mother comes out to express since the station, no matter how should although lose a family fortune,also go to school for the little brother. Persuade in what grow elder sister eventually below, people also agreed the home Yu Hewei’s idea, entered at succeeding with Wei so on play. Yu Hewei of 21 years old becomes a new student that makes fun of to go up, because of the actor this one profession, eating great majority is green meal, eating difficult Yu Hewei is to know very well among them truth more, often add practice to in the still of night to just return a dormitory, calculate nevertheless gave even more than the ordinary person effort. He after graduating from the institute looks for the play staff that is less than satisfaction as before, nevertheless modern drama life of 7 years let him have solid strength, old day won’t the person that disappoint any tries hard. 1999, his ginseng performed teleplay of individual head ministry ” Cao Cao ” , thereby make one’s bow performs art circle. Was a success to enter nevertheless perform art circle, yu Hewei also is all the time not lukewarm not fire, just rely on walk-on, act perform costar to overshoot the life, whats don’t have to be able to leave work of very deep impressional to the audience.

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But at this moment, songlin performs her wife staticly art road is plain sailing however, encircle big glow colour very quickly in recreation. As a successful actor, when a variety of temptation that face recreational group, still did not abandon the man beside oneself, do not leave to him do not abandon. After becoming famous even Yu Hewei, also had said, when oneself career is in trough, his wife encourages him beside him all the time, recommend a few resource to give him, without his wife, do not have today’s Yu Hewei. Mei Kaier is spent, greet the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day to be in get over the trough of very long period of time period hind, ” the Three Kingdoms ” the spring that appears to let him greet him career eventually, the Liu of his personate in drama has, kindheartedness, heavy personal loyalty, have strategy, us the Liu Bei in memory moved big screen, also be the success because of this part, no matter be to go out,perform what role after that, what remember from beginning to end in audience heart still is Liu Bei this part, and he goes out in result of 18 the year’s harvest again perform Cao Cao, more be called to be by the netizen ” 1000 shadows emperor ” , the incisively and vividly that can perform two relative to confronting part, this also is the highest attestation to his acting.

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Regrettablly, the destiny likes the person with successful embarrass namely, when in oneself render outstanding service and be famous considers redound family, of senior a general term for young women die gave him very big blow, this woman to affecting lifetime, he from beginning to end cherish is appreciated, ever also was before alien mouth of boast go into business, oneself must repay her well later, but oneself connect her however last also have not sees. Not be senior a general term for young women only, die with respect to what connect a mother, yu Hewei also did not see last, the also allows oneself successfully time on the career becomes nervous, missed beside a lot of serious people, but no matter live to mixing Wei what kind of blow, we can see his that sunshine on big screen from beginning to end, bright smile. One should know where he should go to only, the whole world can give him concession! The life always can have harden oneself and test one time to us, as Western Paradise go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures general, do not experience that ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and ninety-one difficult, you how ability is resumptive true classics, if you are not paid hard, where is the life that how can you just get oneself want again?

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There is sheer fairness on the world, the birth of everybody is nodded different, be destined your lifetime is the metropolis ordinary go down? Resembling is Yu Hewei, photograph of his one’s previous experience to most Everyman should be very poor! Of the life difficult, did not attack him break down, just let him long to change the current situation more. Under photograph comparing should we think over well? Having advantageous living conditions, doing the business with a few green waste however, do not need too much alcohol successfully actually, should might as well when the hero become first black bear, be afraid of be afraid that what is apathetic only, still can wait to freeze without the bridge on the river, taking long night is matutinal.

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