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Original title: What is Yao Chen advanced face? Modelling of new theatrical work is delicate temperamental, a bit unlike 40 years old of aunts What is Yao Chen advanced face? Modelling of new theatrical work is delicate temperamental, a bit unlike 40 years old of aunts are the closest new theatrical work of Yao Chen ” Dou Ting is good ” sowed, before firm inchoate a few collect, echo is very pretty good still, after all the part inside has acting very much, and the knows she is one has actual strength very much actress that sees Yao morning teleplay, be in especially 10 years ago ” Guo Furong ” this one part, give everybody impression first-rate, this one is about domestic ethics drama, the young associate that suits to seek bubble theatrical work very much people watch, eat meal and parents to sit together to watch, also be very enjoyment business.

20220208061646 62020ace1b70e

Yao Chen regards the elite inside as leading role, had not left in teleplay when sowing, got pay close attention to, before paragraph time is met in conduct propaganda above, she is wearing two bodies modelling, can have seen her the modelling in drama, a suit is business suit skirt, another body is cream-colored coat, business suit modelling is more spell able, and this kind of feeling also continues in drama, tie-in wave nods a shirt inside, added girl touch.

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This cream-colored coat and she differs in the feeling in drama very few, a white dress is inside, shoes of on the foot one pair of flat bottom cusp suit her fine ankle very much, it is before in her small gain, have often gymnastical photograph, she also is to give birth to the child can as soon as possible reappear making preparation, the part that Yao Chen fits this kind of style very much is to leaving more sow do not have a few collect, get a lot of netizens are good judged.

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Just update now the 6th collect, it is gut not only absorbing, inside of actor personate intention, the modelling about her also is everybody care most, it is too good that this the garment tastes Yao Chen to want scarcely, 40 years old she what give birth to two children what is this advanced face ah, modelling of the each body in drama exceeds the United States, be delicate and temperamental grace, if what did not see satisfy a craving is in in word drama, come quickly and small make up look together.

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The frontal style that Yao Chen is inside is very changeful, can very spell able duty field woman, also can be very sexy and melting, this a suit is brown knitting garment and bedgown the collocation of skirt, this knitting cardigan compares girl wind outside, and she matched inside a long skirt that contains bud silk, very sexy collocation, she be element colour approximately controls rise pretty good also.

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Yao Chen this a suit very atmosphere, wine red coat, white shirt and leather skirt are tie-in, she is very delicate on the neck fastened towel of a small silk, elegant temperament came out at a draught, yao morning facial features is not how beautiful, mouth is more outstanding, and makeup look respect also is to slant delicate, it is spell able below most circumstance the condition of female strong person.

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She matchs in this a few bodies in drama, have however draw lessons from very well, also suit duty field very much very much at ordinary times modelling, white shirt is the collocation with trousers not just, bull-puncher long skirt also is pretty good, those who have kind of student energy of life is nifty perhaps take a dress to match with condole also very give the effect.

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Tenderness is compared on color of this a suit finally, grayish sweater is very intellectual, match inside a lacy white shirt, shallow blue coat is outside, shallow tonal look very comfortable and clean, she this just still leaves sow do not have a few collect, there still can be a surprise at the back of estimation, wear the Yao Chen that build so a bit the aunt that unlike is you 40 years old, do you feel beautiful?

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