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Original title: Because of ” return Zhugege ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, him teacher is married after conjugal love 33 years, today 58 years old of appearance as before Because of ” return Zhugege ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, him teacher is married after conjugal love 33 years, today 58 years old of appearance as before in summer vacation time of each years, always have work of a few so classical movie and TV, broadcast on the TV station all the time, and audience people also do not cold-shoulder show all the time, what look instead still is with pleasure, respecting this teleplay everybody also is exceedingly familiar, it is ” return Zhugege ” , since ministry teleplay broadcasts oneself, this is classical all the time, wide get an audience people love, a few main actors inside also prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan accordingly and red.

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Resemble acting the Su Youpeng of 5 A elder brother, act the Zhao Wei of small swallow, act the Lin Xinru of Er fine, became big Ga of hot a gleam of, the gut inside is exceedingly wonderful also, more what is more,the rather that inside the ginseng that still has character of a few old show acts, have acting and the presence of colour value, this drama thinks not fire is very difficult, still fine jade precious jade classic work of the teacher, fire is inevitable.

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And small making up those who want to say is inside the Dai Chunrong that acts empress, small make up when looking at the outset, can be the tooth itch that hates her, when she is maleficent, cannot help wanting to attack did not have her lane in teleplay, also can see from this her acting also is exceedingly masterly, let netizens enter sport very deep, although act, is villain in drama, but can invite an audience people those who remember an actor is good actor.

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Because she goes out act ” return Zhugege ” and become famous quickly, but her inchoate moment, learn Shaanxi opera, and she also showed her distinctive talent, those who sing is first-rate, and return pretty good success was scored on this group course of study, won award of highest and honorary wintersweet, also be very let others feel envy, person of the same trades are very free also nevertheless display went up oneself blessing.

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She begins to turn into circle of movie and TV slowly later, because go out,perform palace theatrical work ” Han Gongfei swallow ” and formal by everybody place is hep, later ” return Zhugege ” it is to make her fame big go up more, harvested many vermicelli made from bean starch people, also let more netizens know her, must say empress this part also is to accord with her exceedingly, resemble be in ancient costume drama ” beauty calculation ” in the Lv pheasant of personate.

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Still have in ” the wife of a prince of bend world emperor ” in of personate alone Gu mother of an emperor, the drama of movie and TV of a dark horse last year ” the strategy that delay happiness ” it is the understood her acting that makes netizens more deep more, must saying she performs empress is a special skill really, the empress of appropriate appropriate model dye-in-the-wood. And she is plain sailing on the career, love respect also harvested the life that he wants, her husband is her Shaanxi opera teacher.

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Marry now already 33 years, two people still are as always conjugal love, the smile on the face is very sweet, the Dai Chunrong nowadays although already 58 years old, but a bit looks not to come out years left a mark on her face, do not have lasting appeal one time instead, appearance is to follow more young when same, not any change, as before great beauty.

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