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Original title: Holiday warm complacently 2 deduce northeast person humour! Liu billows Chen He is done laugh, cheng Xiao’s person is set suffer reputably ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” leave formally sow, liu Tao, Chen He, poplar Ni of , Zhang Jia, Cheng Xiao presents as leading role to act the leading role, specially invite of Ni Dagong, Ni Ping, Jiang Chao goes out act. ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” it is He Sui light comedy, in this the dot leaves sow, very accord with the atmosphere that spend the New Year.

20220208061811 62020b236673d

Cheng Man is cheated to come home by the daughter spend the New Year Cheng Man of Liu Tao deductive is to live in the wind of Shanghai to cast elite, but also northeastern birth girl. Before spend the New Year evening, cheng tendril choice is replaced with going vacationing come home, preparation goes 3 inferior go vacationing, but daughter beans beans considers northeast native place, revise the journey secretly, the hope can come home with mom visit one’s family. Spring Festival long holiday is to come home to visit one’s family or go out go out to travel, this is very right person the problem of metropolis kink. Nevertheless the netizen discusses this bridge paragraph set has flaw, him discovery of the ability after boarding a plane sits wrong plane, this is unreasonable apparently.

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Do not cross this ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” whole the story of a play or opera is airline ticket daughter beans beans is bought, board the plane future tendril is sleeping all the time, the staff member began to urge ability to wake her up, board a plane fabaceous beans still calls her to sleep then. ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” fixed position is a comedy, everybody also regards this as it is good that comedy looks! What Cheng Man did not think of is be sent on the train that come home small ” uncovered sb’s past ” , be sent in road small admit, direct ” big sledge ” , tendril of Cheng of beauty of the duty field elite that did not think of to gallop Shanghai invests a circle, city, be like the monicker that this ground connection enrages unexpectedly, cheng Man comes home is flavour of one share northeast.

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” holiday warm complacently 2 ” this gut, actually very accord with spend the New Year, especially to all the year round of outer study, job ” boy far away from home ” for, the home is the warmest harbour forever. Be provided by the Kong Lingqi of old conspicuous personate some and give birth to self-invited sense of humor to be taken to firm firm held. Although Kong Lingqi and Huang Mao come from south, but they however also do in Rome as Rome does, perform ” northeast road ” big play. Kong Lingqi from a great distance comes to northeast from south, hit by accident again by accident dash against ” black car ” open the brigade of road of a paragraph of , simply absolutely.

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The sense of humor of northeast person is in ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” in reflect incisively and vividly. Of Kong Lingqi alone inference of door head filling type is too comical. The process of cerebral filling inference too figure. “The word says well, is what problem there is ” wine bubble insect ” insoluble? If cannot be being solved, a K is sung since another. ” Kong Lingqi and Huang Mao are written up and down all over full interrogation, “Who am I, I am in, what should I do. ” humorous cell of Chen He is in this ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” inside, body came out now. Chen He and Liu Tao are personate this a pair, two people are ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” inside be in charge of those who laugh doing! But of Cheng Xiao personate different.

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The Cheng Miao that Cheng Xiao acts is the northeast Hu Niu with optimistic style of one individual character. Meeting flower of beauty of Cheng vasting person slips, the ego acknowledge that the key is her is very clear still. Cheng Miao faces those who learn to grow to profession, she agrees without what truly ponders, very serious instead consideration, still spoke many gold about love sentence. “The girl can battle really young rely on a man to spend wedding day a few years, can hind? ” ” in bisexual relation, if external condition is not quits, also be being met only finally is a tragedy. Also be being met only finally is a tragedy..

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Cheng Miao did not learn to grow those who have good condition to promise him blindly to profession because of what go after his, the clear instead problem that realised meeting of two people tomorrow is faced. Cheng Miao is in love respect is the world regains consciousness really, not amative head, and have view of him importunate love. Homebred drama should regain consciousness many a little bit so independent schoolgirl image, see the program that needs love, clear also him understanding objectively, this person is set pretty good really! No matter who the other side is, have the money of how many, but the judgement that holds to oneself and choice, such person is set pretty good really!

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” holiday warm complacently 2 ” the problem that the part in drama is the existence in reflecting a lot of real lives, suit a family to often look less together, a Le Yile!

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