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Original title: Brief summary of archives of individual He Sui: The four seas is more than this killer not quite sober be more than floodgate bridge The He Sui archives this year from when reading a sheet not quite expect, doing not have a feeling is the work that must want to look, as old movie enthusiast is in dull Spring Festival holiday still spent 3 days to see 3. Now ticket of movie of Spring Festival grade is more and more expensive, but the level before the person-time that watch a movie glided 5 years, do not know the influence that is pair of economy still does not have good movie to look.

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This year the first is ” the four seas ” , still be very Han Han’s film, can discharge in 4 full-length film of Han Han probably the 2nd, ” brave the wind and waves ” pay a copy forever. Those who tell still is the story of small town youth, still be cycle racing, still should come the miscellaneous mix of a paragraph of friendship kissing affection and love. This final it is BE, with the temperament that spend the New Year too do not accord with, be to make the matter that pays a copy in archives of one numerous He Sui originally, of course because female advocate it is Liu Hao those who put ill will to brush small fraction is not little also. To me, this film still has bit of meaning to be in, because can be mixed master and public sentiment, ceaseless and brief have and losing, although not be perfect very honest however. Especially love, mix without any close movements honey-tongued, it is mutual company sits in hotel out to let a person feel to have the feeling of immerse of a kind of photograph with foam only. The person that substaintial goodness makes allowances for for the other side has been encountered quite hard in real life, see in the film with respect to cover sufficient precious, they are so puny, impress can stay to let a person set one’s mind at in smooth shadow, be being recorded be being recalled.

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Masses public praise is best this year should be ” this killer is not quite sober ” , imperceptible happy fried dough twist has become a few big motion pictures that accumulate booking office to manufacture company, as a child the theater is on big screen, meritorious service of this pair of combination cannot do not have Shenyang Teng Mali. We look at Ma Li to resemble at the outset old Jon suckles idol play male advocate same, suckled another colleague, and the special honour that herself also gained one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight box-office feminine lead, also writing brush about than Si Jiali only in the whole world abdicate is a bit more inferior. This film is compared with respect to quality common, had seen original work 2015 as ” demon unreal hour ” for the person, the story moves toward basic clarity, have a few only can to one’s heart’s content laughs. What Wei Xiang acts this is very serious, it is part and oneself probably very in all affection, performing minor role all the time, have hero of plane joint performance eventually, the deepest to his extract impression is ” the music in rain ” a paragraph that, limbs very loosen. Ma Li of elder of additionally two big screen and Huang Cailun are developed in the play finite, this also is let fried dough twist discover the way that become rich again, need not work hard make new play, the actor that likes with the audience looks for comedy of foreign country of an an unexpected winner, wrap a city of movie and TV to be able to earn a lot of casually. Believe the aesthetic exhaustion as the audience nevertheless, fried dough twist still also needs to walk out of a road.

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” long ferry lake ” the individual still likes to look quite, play allocation still considers civil play and war proper, also a few half an year returned the occasion of remain fresh in one’s memory in the past, common soldier see aspic becomes the liberation army of ice-lolly when backtrack for instance. The very pretty good important minor role that also Laolei is written so, arrived floodgate bridge turned ground of speak or write in a dull or flat way into the war piece, the platoon of each familiar part is worn team according to Ga cut back is gotten handy, and the picture of 360 degrees of be over that discharges to Wu Jingan actually can need not. ” floodgate bridge ” the die and only arise suddenly is burned dead by scamper fear that remains in impression finally, the space that gives a person is too little. Archives of other He Sui does not go theater keep sb company ~ [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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