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Original title: Work of realistic movie and TV rolls out high grade big theme to answer Wang Zhengrong years centrally

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Director tubal a tiger is made newly ” 8 hundred ” . 2019 is new China holds water 70 years, are a batch of content high grade, make excellent movie and TV greatly will roll out: in succession? Invade big and thick to bump cough  drips film of  Zuo MAX, Guan Hu hold those who guide ” 8 hundred ” time hope 4 storehouse guard battle, berlin film festival is optimal film of double award of bear of silver of actor of male and female ” the ground is long the day is long ” , offerred the way of person of the generation on instantly Chinese look upon; Teleplay respect, sun Gonglei, Qin Han, Zhou Dongyu those who present as leading role ” new world ” tell about new China to establish eve north to make the same score the inside 22 days story inside the city, also open high grade big theme the prelude of bully screen. ” 8 hundred ” ” the ground is long the day is long ” write historical Guan Hu’s director to be made newly ” 8 hundred ” issued guide a few days ago premonitory, announce to will be shown within year. Regard close junior some as film of warlike subject matter, prevue was revealed epic the simple sense like, stifling battle scene, the effect shakes. Film draw materials 1937 during Song Shanghai encounter real battle, it is warlike history go up unprecedented ” the battle that has an audience ” . To ” 8 hundred ” , director Guan Hu expresses, film has actors of a lot of big shop sign, but play staff battle array is done not have time, have designation only, “” 8 hundred ” code name be regardinged as, it should not be the story of a flock of people, it should be concerned with a nation. ” film gathered together Chinese movie is numerous and excellent actor, huang Zhizhong, Ou Hao, Wang Qianyuan, Jiang Wu, Zhang Yi, Du Chun, Li Chen, Yu Ai Lei, Hou Yong, Ruan Jingtian, Liu Xiaoqing, Yao Chen, by come on the stage the list of ordinal eduction, exceed the total of battle array of many old movie that make. ” 8 hundred ” short the prevue of 100 seconds, piece not hesitate to come with 5 seconds of length after the mice of panic looks around, depict turns over only in be being gotten into the hole. The aid arms a long distance that doing Hubei accent namely next goes to army aircraft, flurried ground casts life to the deathtrap that know perfectly well. Preparation tubal a tiger ” 8 hundred ” be as long as 10 years, the cycle that make is as long as 4 years, film is prepared in ” old artillery piece ” before. Guan Hu is a director that having intense realistic humanitarian perspective, every his film uses banner film technology and language in the attempt. ” 8 hundred ” it is film of IMAX of number of the first whole journey of Asian, say the film technology term with respect to ten words, but the clarity of whole journey high multiple, mean should dig a 200 meters long river afresh, wait for the building that compares a duplicate river two sides, not only the weight of emulation gun wants and true gun is same, the leather case of the person that connect flee from a calamity also should resemble filling in bullion delicacy is same heavy. Chinese film record is created on film festival of the 69th Berlin, behead obtains silver of actor of optimal men and women of ursine double award ” the ground is long the day is long ” , also will serve as this year the work of practical subject matter of heavyweight, will take the lead in meeting with the audience on March 22. Be by the evaluation ” the way that offerred person of the generation on instantly Chinese look upon ” ” the ground is long the day is long ” , be as long as when 3 hours. Should be asked about whether to worry about 3 hours piece long meeting is frightened when returning an audience, the core of motion picture of word of director king small Shuai Tan or favor, and these favor can pass through just about time, let present audience can have resonant thing. Does Wang Xiaoshuai still laugh say ” is the ground long is the day long ” be ” 3D film ” : ? Two  of bay quiet grey   ? is to be able to follow the part inside to breathe at the same time, experience at the same time, had gone with respect to can imperceptible ground so long, had taken these histories, it resembles surrounding you stereoly, so I say it is a 3D ” the ground is long the day is long ” . ” does film issue president of group of trade of movie of square rich accept to also express not to worry about a long: at the winter? ? of  of dark harmonious of Xie of  of Yun of favour of brandish of target ∷  used a kind to excuse however, reconcile with this world, reconcile with associate with. The film uses mood of 3 hours put in order, reach a climax finally, each audiences that let walk into a cinema can drop tear, can suffer touch. ” ” new world ” bully screen prelude passes open big play 7 a period of ten days still the Qin Han with elegant demeanour, the first screen work 2019 is new China establish tribute big play 70 years ” new world ” , sun Gonglei of partner of Chinese of this the Qin Dynasty, piece of Lu Yi, Yin, 10 thousand alizarin red, the drama that wait makes Zhou Dongyu, released recently newest and premonitory. ” new world ” those who tell about is 1949 new China establishs eve north to make the same score the changes that the city produces in 22 days, drama makes the protagonist that regards a story as uniquely the nobody, join with rich imagination and clever design the relation of depict nobody and old age. In this drama, the it may be said of partner of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty ” king blast ” battle array, sungong Lei Zai second personate ” eldest brother ” warden of division of level figure Beijing, zhang Lu one personate is confidential bureau group member, yin goes out perform a police, 10 thousand alizarin red go out act ” new world ” spokesman and bring passerby. In addition, zhou Dongyu also appears in this cast, but she gives the role that perform to still be in in keeping secret, knowing only is right gut has great the role that promote. Ever filmed theatrical work of exorbitant cent state ” gules ” Xu Bin, hold the position of this ” new world ” playwrite and director, to finish this better, the with great concentration that he experienced 3 years is created and prepare, the period setting with reductive and true do one’s best. In 6 filmed the middle of a month, entire play staff is flounder much ground more, hold to true condition to film. Among them Beijing division area of situation of place of the first jail is close 3000 square metre, special atmosphere. In detail respect also as far as possible reductive history, it is prop not just, connect the means of the character’s movement and conversation, style of the Republic of China of press close to, combination became to build up all living creatures of 100 condition ” draw of world of float of the Republic of China ” . ” new world ” open the prelude that drama of high grade 2019 big theme makes bully screen, besides ” new world ” , 2019 each defend an inspected sheet greatly in the high grade big theme with diversity of visible still form, rich content, these work have years theatrical work, be like with shop of fragrant house pickles was Beijing ooze 1947 setting, develop an old practice around affection of 3 leading role ” sesame seed alley ” , tell about old practice of industry of Chinese fine construction ” great master ” etc; Still have the real theatrical work that shows national progress through contemporary life, if develop around the city,upgrade ” sailing ” , tell about Shenzhen to develop changes ” dreamy city ” etc; More it is the revolutionary history drama that is setting with great history node, be like ” vexillary wave wave ” ” cross river battle ” ” great transition ” etc. Be compared and character, the ancient costume drama 2019, black unreal drama appears ” cool ” , have only at present ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” ” word of big Song Gong ” wait for a few work to appear in defending an inspected sheet. 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