Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Gu Ailing says Su Yi cries to lie between empty propaganda to the enemy at the front line to cheer for its like the little brother: Hope he can have slipped

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On Feburary 8, gu Ailing is in woman of ski of freestyle of Beijing Olympic Winter Games broke through her in final of big diving tower 2022, win gold. Gu Ailing is accepted after contest when interviewing, cry to Su Yi cheer. She says: “Su Yi cries is my little brother, cross him a few days to also will pound medal in this field. He is a very fine athlete, he also very the capacity that knows oneself has many strong. What he can accomplish himself is best, I feel he is met certainly very satisfactory, I am very satisfactory also, all people that love him also are met very satisfactory, hope he can have slipped. Hope he can have slipped.. 20220208064424 6202114890557Gu Ailing 20220208064425 62021149484c2Su Yi cries

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