Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Thank graceful Zhang Jie to just be denied jump the odd: that buy a house? Does  of Bao シ corrupt  show  of  of hare of ê of dumpling of  of ㄒ of Pan of は of She location feeling?

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On Feburary 8, office of Shanghai Randy’s attorney accepts what client thanks graceful, Zhang Jie to entrust, pass with respect to the net ” Xie Na, zhang Jie jumps odd, minatory intermediary affected new coronal ” one article makes a statement. Deny Xie Na Zhang Jie to just jump sheet buys a house, express ” Mr H ” already was suspected of start a rumour slandering, be patted secretly and release individual privacy to wait for behavior, the effigies right that violated client badly, privacy right and reputation counterpoise.

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