Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Huang Jiao basks in cap of baseball of Gu Ailing autograph to speak oneself are old loiter hot person

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On Feburary 8, final of big diving tower of woman of ski of freestyle of Olympic Winter Games, chinese daughter carries off Gu Ailing gold. Actor Huang Jiao basks in him head to wear Gu Ailing subsequently the photograph of autograph baseball cap: “Old loiter heats up a person, for loiter it is heat, good to be done early preparation ” , share again then slip indoors together with Gu Ailing the video of slide: “This loiter must be compared intuitionistic ” . It is reported, two people ever cooperated film ” hello schoolgirl ” , huang Jiao still is cereal of talent ski girl to love approach record to fall with camera lens 16 years old at that time about.

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