Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: 2022 the income of ticket of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, number that watch a movie double fall, can you make movie industry inflection point? A few wonderful much were released in the theater 2022, gained good reputation, but because fare rose substantially, people is watching a few Thailand, caused intense debate. According to statistic of statistical beacon major, file movie the price of a ticket is 53 yuan, the corresponding period is 48.9 yuan in average 2021 price, or 8.38 % . New Year’s Eve comes the 6th day 13:00, 6 days of movies numbers of half are a passenger 1.26 billion times, ticket income 5.6 billion yuan. Predict whole schedule, the person that the film attends the meeting 116 million passenger, ticket income does not exceed 6 billion dollar. The time slot of umbra view counted 160 million passenger 2021, ticket income 7.843 billion yuan. The person that the film attends the meeting reduced many yuan 4000, decrease be as high as 27.5 % , ticket income decreases to also exceed 20 % . So, because entrance ticket rises in price,people considers as, those who bring about the person that the film attends the meeting is many decrease. Guest brother believes the participant of Chupin plan and price cinema extraordinary, without relevant change.

20220208070111 6202153728469

During movie the price of a ticket, accord with market regulation, to the film division of fare, if you are interested, do not want to abandon please, because fare is watched. The cinema is the most important this year issuance schedule. According to statistic, the average fare 2021 40.3 yuan, it is especially during the New Year 2022, exceed 100 yuan admission fee, because a few people can be regarded as cost small one in the cinema in the mouth, but this happens in all sorts of special activities, it is understandable. The 5th day the 4th day, fare drops considerably. We look before two years of data. According to statistical beacon statistic, subordinate list is voting 2021 7.843 billion yuan, amount of history of record history amount 160 million person. Airline ticket is in the corresponding period 59.05 billion yuan, the number is 132 million person. Since 2020, have bill income hardly. Before 2021 movies ticket already regained a level, have increase considerably, movie ticket is counted and the amount of foreground increases at the same time.

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Subordinate list, movie the price of a ticket was 48.9 yuan 2021, year average price is 44.7 yuan, fare rises 9.4 % , the person that the film attends the meeting already increased 21.21 % . It expired 2020, once drifted is the enthusiasm of consumer dedicated at releasing? Look into farther advancement, till 2017 – in fact, the average price that schedule is movie ticket all the way, it is 37.8 yuan respectively, 39.7 yuan, 44.7 yuan, look into it seems that shadow and fare have nothing to do. The amount that reduced the person that the film attends the meeting 2022 why the diversity that so much individual thinks main reason is move of recreation of the person that the film attends the meeting. In the incubate in the home, did not go out, angle is Thespian, paintbrush short, play game, go shopping, park, cate product, all sorts of choices change watch. 2022 will be income of ticket of turning point file

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