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Original title: Close inspect broken 1, chen Daoming is nodded by CCTV assist, netizen: Do not carry the conscience theatrical work that gives thorn inaccessibly One say one, CCTV frequency gave firm theatrical work 2022, really good theatrical work again and again. This did not give theatrical work of a years again recently ” between the world ” , sow with respect to heat extraordinary, cause a netizen to pay close attention to. Above all, of this drama have a strong lineup, this drama directs Li Lu hold had guided ” people’s name ” , Zuo of playwrite king sea has been created ” Chinese type divorces ” , advocate the actual strength clique that starting a group is count as one of the best. Next, cast also is an acting clique of one, 4 leading role are respectively: Thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao, fine number an excellent work of their associate with, all is to rely on acting get victory, plus exceed luxurious costar battle array, this creation fact is hit on the spot firm!

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” between the world ” it is to adapt the homonymic novel from Liang Xiaosheng, origianl work ever had won award of cogongrass aegis literature, those who tell about is to go up century end Zhou Jiayi is acting seventies the person’s story, the dodder along on the path that they choose in oneself, grow all the way, fulfil oneself life mission finally severally. Among them, zhou Fu attends ” big 3 lines ” construction, make contribution for the country, its child Zhou Bingyi (Xin Baiqing personate) it is to building the glow in corps to give out heat, pay pains, and Chengdu of firstborn daughter week (Song Jia personate) it is for love, country of Yuan Fugui city, the edge does not leave company sweetheart body to be not abandoned, one Zhou Bingkun (personate of thunder favorable reply) the choice stays beside the mother, the top has Zhou Jia’s scope of operation.

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The time line of this drama has time feeling extremely at the beginning, take familiarly in camera lens change, traditional broadcast sound, the decoration that adorns before the bosom is waited a moment, the memory of older generation is killed, also be the sociology in the history. Every detail is in reductive the social scene seventies, the delegate that is this generation person with Zhou Jiaren, depict a common people between acting in those days the world group like the graph. When just beginning to see this play, I have two kinds of very contradictory feeling, that is comical it may not be a bad idea cry, open a sense that gives you especially. Wanting the certain thing that knows that time is very sensitive, but this drama dare be cut from sensitive past unluckily, use a knack then, escape is correct the controversy with the mistake, convey mainly however piece, that moment decides that to bring about the fall to pieces of each families, serve as anchorage dot with close affection, firm firm hits the heart of the audience, let a person cannot help shedding silent tears.

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And comical is, the thunder favorable reply of foolish foolish, personate ” of landlord home foolish son ” , strength is simple and honest, encounter a person to love to laugh when anything crops up, do not see a person foolish, emotional line is not little still. Before Yan Tao has not come on the stage, the Qiao Chunyan of personate of yellow small bud ever was his Cp. Differ with the strength of traditional schoolgirl, qiao Chunyan is active hold up person, for a time hold up foolish foolish foolish loses his head, make love of flavour of this paragraph of earth a bit good knock! See the netizen says, this pair resembles extremely old Jiang He (Zhang Yi is acted the role of) with Luo Yuzhu (Yan Tao is acted the role of) love reprint, also had be the same as a Thespian ending.

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Tell true, the Zhou Bingkun of personate of thunder favorable reply, be this drama do laugh take on, every time when atmosphere is a bit heavy, below one second this foolish foolish can alleviate too the atmosphere of depressed. Be just like on one second, mark of good friend besmear is strong (Shen Xiaohai personate) be treated as ” murderer ” undertake execute by shooting, he is in life last moment, look at the direction to Zhou Bingkun deeply, the be mingled with in his eyes a lot of complex moods, have do not abandon have gratified, have a smile even. Can be this kind of warmth, serve as a foil to dies of this thing cruel.

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Short in the time of a few seconds, tu Zhijiang uses the atmosphere apply colours to a drawing with masterly will solemn and respectful acting to acme, bring the audience that the portion is dark, in all affection he is silent await life end that momently. Tell true, when seeing here, the mood that who holds the post of is heavy and interrogative, why to ponder over Tu Zhijiang to die? What secret is there on his body? With Zhou Bingkun what relation be? Just when you are pondering, zhou Bingkun is done laughed, because he sees good friend execute by shooting is stimulated, the mood is unusually irratable, happen to factory director bumps on muzzle, this is then foolish foolish foolish uses a sterling northeast word passion directly abuse, the appearance that that saliva horizontal stroke flies to, have really do quite laugh.

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At present ” between the world ” replace 16 part, each collect essence of life allows to walk in me in all affection is nodded on, every joint that pick part is spent extremely tall, gut develops also fair and reasonable, laugh at dot and tear to nod Qi Fei, be worthy of is group of the strongest creation! Altogether, ” between the world ” serve as drama, make special take a heart, follow-up gut also did not molder evidence, let a person chase after drama to be chased after stop no less than coming at all! If do not give an accident, this drama becomes the king of year theatrical work this year very likely, firm firm takes heat and public praise hold! Seek theatrical work quickly! Become a shareholder not to have a deficit!

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