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Original title: Head sow 4 collect, develop hot a list of names posted up the first! Liu Tao year, took king bomb play again? Although the Spring Festival receives a holiday! But He Suixi drama piece just just go up line. Right, right, what I say is the homebred comedy that the line on ability broadcasts ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” , serve as around move spend the New Year the homebred comedy that launch, last year the first ” holiday warm complacently ” cause Guo Yibo upsurge. This year ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” , although be the line on the ability after year, but good theatrical work is not afraid of evening.

20220208070445 6202160dbf671

Go up this drama instant developed the line to heat up position of first of a list of names posted up, more absolutely is major audience sees this play brushing screen: Too comical! Too coke! For what this He Suixi drama piece, does the line go up to you still can have so high temperature after year? After seeing 4 market repeatedly, I found the reason that this teleplay can explode!

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The first: Cast is enough have sincerity! This ” holiday warm complacently ” although be a common comedy only, but in cast, on the actor’s choice, have sincerity really. Female advocate Liu Tao, the person energy of life of national daughter-in-law has many tall I did not say. The key is male advocate make a person special expect, he is Chen He.

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From ” love apartment ” the Chen He that goes, these year although be all the time on busy move put together art, should laugh at a star. But once he returns to old one’s line, once he begins to perform comedic teleplay, flavour instant of Ceng Xiaoxian with respect to above.

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Be in this especially ” holiday warm complacently ” in, playwright-director gives what Chen He arranges to do the person that laughs at a president to set, interesting really. Especially Chen He runs to northeast, “Encounter black inn ” this play, can die person laugh simply.

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It is Chen He just boasted to black car driver he has money more at the same time, much more capable. Across is black car driver Chen He the place that this strong president took signal of a mobile phone to be done not have, let what Chen He thinks he encounters disaster money by accident. And more absolutely is, chen He puts character to want a northeast before old man is drunk, oneself are good run out secretly. But actual condition is however, chen He does not have a northeast old man to be drunk not just, oneself still are drunk bend over fell, still play even had alcoholic drink mad, must become sworn brothers with old village head for brother.

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Can say to develop Chen He this paragraph of northeast ” the brigade of black inn ” strange flower experience, this ” holiday warm complacently ” do laugh at fundamental key to had come down surely. More what is more,the rather that in this drama but more than have Chen He this one comedic person. Still one compares Chen He more get the comedic person that laugh, he is Jiang Chao.

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Likelihood to this batch of audiences, understanding ginger exceeds even if pass ” Yunnan bug cereal ” , ” ghost blows the lamp ” these net drama. But did not receive in Jiang Chao ” ghost blows the lamp ” before this net drama, his true masterpiece, should be scene comedy ” the story of cooking class ” .

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So this ” holiday warm complacently ” can find Jiang Chao to return to comedy again, actually this sincerity and enough. And Jiang Chao is advanced the show share of 4 concentration, had shown his comic talent actually, with respect to he and first love connection, apply for a job to the daughter this thing, comparative do laugh. Of course this drama exceeds these laugh besides Chen He, ginger beyond the dot. The actor that still a few expect are less than is aided blast.

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Ni is for instance bright red, he is a lens not just, still be exceeded by ginger they regard as in drama Duan Zi is chatting. Still have Ni duckweed eldest sister, take what Ni Dagong treats really docile post. Still have what act chef in drama poplar , and the Zhang Jia Ni that opens civilian constellation be out of pocket. Of course most most those who make a person surprizing still is ” germinant ” medium direct seeding one elder brother, there also is main drama share in this drama unexpectedly.

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Can say light watchs a battle array, this ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” be worth to look quite!

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The 2nd: Story rhythm is enough have Chinese distinguishing feature! In the heart of a lot of people, the Chinese spends the New Year is a family of buoyant together. Actually, the Chinese spends the New Year, most family is joyless, however one ground chicken feather. And be in this ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” in it is this meaning! For instance younger brother of Cheng Jiasan sister has each trouble with respect to each. The one part of tendril of Cheng of female strong person that says Liu billows personate above all, look scene is infinite, it is parental pride it seems that. Can be she is quite actually miserable also. Sheet kisses mom, a person is taking a daughter to be hit in Shanghai go all out. The key is the daughter still does not understand her, be about to leave her easily, go back look for father to spend birthday. And she can return Harbin, also be pulled by force by the daughter. And return Harbin, confront former husband, face her to want escaping northeast, this year what pass really is not quite easy and comfortable.

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Say ginger exceeds the eldest brother of personate again, quite miserable also. The not allowing of Qian Zhen gaining a point is easy, the wife returns extremely suspicious of from morning till night the key. The key is a daughter sneaking also, learn those who learn to skate obviously well, but do not think suddenly,learned. Most absolutely is, he is good not easy look displeased goes looking for first love cummer to arrange a job to the daughter, but character 8 is returned,was not cast aside, wife and daughter together hind fizzled out his plan agitate. Finally is the old one of personate of Zhang Jia Ni, spent great strength to build a civilian constellation, but all day long is in be out of pocket, the base pay that joins staff is taken did not come out, thinking from parents there the money that cheat a dot comes out.

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The most miserable is, father does not take money, maternal anger rancors she is being gnawed old, basically everybody does not look to go up she. is so one everybody child person, so the trouble that piles each to have each, each have each pained person, want collect to be together unexpectedly of buoyant cross New Year!

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This drama is solely actually come out these contradictory matting, plus spend the New Year this col, the instant Chinese common people spend the New Year daily, the instant the Chinese spend the New Year live to reveal came out. The Chinese spends the New Year, of buoyant is on one hand, noisy cannot leave hand in, noisy one ground chicken feather also is on one hand. But the Chinese still has a distinguishing feature, no matter how be troubled by before New Year, a day of that when cross New Year total meeting solves all problems, this ability is New Year!

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The 3rd: Northeast culture blends in quite be pregnant feeling! Look ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” before 4 collect, most move I, most let me feel interesting one is nodded, that is this drama the incisively and vividly that shows the humour inside northeast culture and happy sense! Especially so a few detail, let me laugh simply mad! One is the plane below old He Gang, when preparing to make a car, a northeast driver came over to ask they want not to want a car. And when Chen He they get on a car, this northeast driver, begin Lao idle crack with teeth in mouth, want to get atmosphere.

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Want oneself to sing a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast a little while, want to put music to them a little while. Most absolutely still is, in Chen He they suspect this northeast driver is preparation when robbing. Northeast driver the say with one innocent face: “Do you come to otherwise drive? ” more interesting of course still be from the back, that is northeast driver after taking Chen He to a civilian constellation, chen He thinks they were to enter black store.

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But northeastern person eye is medium, was to encounter expensive guest however, want to be entertained well. No matter be to call them to drink, still arrange the show of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast to them, this a series of gut is comical, passed northeast person’s particular hospitable culture again. Say really, see Chen He this paragraph, I was given to be convinced by the sense of humor of northeast person!

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Of course besides Chen He this paragraph, liu Tao encounters childhood to send Xiaona on the train a paragraph, enough also and interesting! Go up in Gao Tie originally, the hair that Liu Tao encountered him is small, should send especially small evade none call a Liu Tao in one’s childhood when monicker. True having is on Liu Tao face the dot is not willing. But the movement with this northeast next little hair is enough really ” elder sister people ” .

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It is in doorway of tall iron station the daughter Liu Tao and her gives first be pulled, discover this woman subsequently the two places that do not have stay, bring back them again in oneself house. More interesting is, this northeast hair is small, say on the mouth should cook to them, turn she returned the head to make one table food to Liu Tao’s mother and daughter really, still prepared little alcoholic drink! With respect to this enthusiastic interest, with respect to this candid disposition, can be in really, look really popular of li of nice and warm.

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And this is this ministry ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” cadence, although take the story that is a world of ice and snow, but the story that those who tell is in full swing, those who tell is the story of warm popular feeling. Overtake these two top class and comedic people plus Chen He and ginger join, this ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” , become comedy of year of blast of the first king piece be too OK really! Do not know you are seeing this play, welcome everybody to leave a message to discuss with me! Civil / the recreational diary of fine fine achieves Piao article copyright formerly: The recreational diary of fine fine asks what do not have any forms to reprint without accredit

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