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Original title: New theatrical work ” heroic bid farewell ” sow, halcyon with the CP of Zhang Rui group that differs 15 years old, modelling is fetching spit groove New theatrical work ” heroic bid farewell ” sow, halcyon with the CP of Zhang Rui group that differs 15 years old, modelling is fetching spit groove

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Do not lack the person of candid strength forever in recreational group, resemble should be being collected be being liked because of oneself disposition by many person place, but some moment talk too ever also was fond of by person place directly too. And this one is encircling neuter case also is those who gave a name is candid, she is halcyon, she nowadays although already 46 years old, however as before active in performing art circle.

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Halcyon had gone out a lot of years, its acting but by everybody place approbatory, adding Yan Zhi online also. Especially of her place personate ” big jade ” , very beautiful really, and belt letting a person enters among them acting, let a lot of people express in succession ” halcyon later do not have big jade again ” . Of the closest period of time by halcyon piece act looking for queen also is gas field dye-in-the-wood, get of everybody love.

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But be halcyon, began to broadcast recently however ” heroic bid farewell ” in, because of modelling, the gut of part and dog blood caused an audience then spit groove. This drama filmed 2015, have halcyon, Zhang Rui and main actor of Lv fine Wei. Do not pass this theatrical work already is film 4 years ago, the ancient costume drama nowadays is made more and more excellent, two-phase is compared ” heroic bid farewell ” should lose a few, opposite also lost a few markets.

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Calculate nevertheless before many people are developing 3 people, still be watched so again, but be gone to by thunder of among them place of dog blood gut however. Zhang Rui gives the Xu Miaoyun of built article emperor to fall in love with his actually in drama emperor aunt mother that act (halcyon) , adding with Zhu Di (Lv Liangwei) the hostility on existence interest, 3 people began the dispute with enemy of an affection love hate and alternant right.

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Say actually sentence not Orphean is trigonometry is loved, after should seeing such brief introduction, a lot of people show dog blood, completely as different as the history. Besides, zhang Rui and halcyon differred 15 years old full between two people, should see two people stand together, in the beautiful conjugal love in drama, always give a person a kind very incongruous feeling. Do not have CP feeling completely, some has full awkwardness only.

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Besides, halcyon the modelling in drama is most let a person spit groove, the dead Bobby white that place of countrywide woman audience rejects, still have the bang with hair discrepant color, and look to be acted the role of with respect to what appear very cheap on the head article. How can let a person want to spit groove, adding pink to be dressed up tenderly with halcyon age amiable field lets a person feel very not harmonious, sharp contrast feels.

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Return somebody to express even halcyon dress up mediumly in drama show old mannish particularly, speak bluntly does not know big jade why can choose this theatrical work. Returning somebody to say this halcyon the appearance of an actor lets person sense resemble is the Wu Zetian that seeing Liu Xiaoqing. In this teleplay Liu dawn celebrates one person personate whole life of Wu Zetian, the Liu dawn at that time celebrates what also have 40 years old to still go out however when performing Wu Zetian childhood.

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Actually halcyon although already 46 years old, settle on is very young also however, but the gas field on the body is very sufficient however, this is the problem of her life experience. This experience has profit, also have disadvantage, advantage is the acting with meeting halcyon promotion, disadvantage also this minute of experience lets the gas field that there is a youth place to do not have on her body. Although modelling and gut have some of dog blood but still expect halcyon the acting that depending on oneself brings a surprise for everybody.

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