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Original title: Tower stockaded village east father’s younger brother is the part in which drama, the character of what type is he? Tower stockaded village east father’s younger brother is ” broken ice acts ” the part in teleplay. Tower stockaded village east father’s younger brother holds concurrently personally namely patriarchal the Lin Yaodong with village cadre. He is outside and amiable, suffer the better that the person respects. But he also is ice at the same time poison is patristic, not only want a large number of accumulate wealth by unfair means, even the soul each clansman firmly control.

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” broken ice acts ” drama of detect of punishment of suspense of this arrest poisonous subject matter, with the arrest poison of Li Fei father and son the action is crewel. Revealed poisonous police of two acting arrest not to have dread sacrifice to us, break through confuse heavily bureau, to sweep poisonous action dedication gives warm blood and life. This drama loosens by Huang Jingyu, Wu Gang, Wangjin, of Ren Dahua, Li Mo, piece is faced, the main actor such as Ma Yu nimble, Gong Lei, Tang Xu. reductive Guangdong was saved 2013 ” thunderbolt sweeps poison ” 12 ยท the beginning and end of 29 special operations.

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Lin Yaodong serves as the greatest villain in drama in drama, also have the contented feeling that looks at the villager to live and work in peace and contentment. This drama tries to be in of gut in inverting, let everybody experience human gray scale and complexity. The simple blame in be not groovy bright drama is black namely white, so far spread became wide the border of subject matter and type, and of this kind of border extend, it is the effective attempt of pair of rich human nature. Dong Shufei often cares about the look of other, he is managing his company position in effort all the time. He establishs beneficent fund, hand eye exceeding lofty or great. But kill a person to come none be irresolute when firmness is needed, calculate the full brother that confronts oneself also can gnash one’s teeth shoots. Namely such he fears the client is right very much however his impression, this is self-identity is sought in outward bound. In this course that gets self-identity, it is to agree with an imagination medium greatly oneself.

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Dong Shuye of tower stockaded village explains a more typical narcissism character. Because broken ability can be abandoned,narcissism character always can feel him. In his dummy world, the figure of tower stockaded village should arrive formidably omnipotent. He is the dictate of this world, this is the false self-identity after body is broken, kernel classics does not remove deliberate, very empty. In drama, if Dong Shujing of tower stockaded village often hangs on the mouth, be: “We were afraid of thoroughly ” , the faint sense that the deficient of such hearts brings, need does his utmost to conceal. So he just must get money, power ceaselessly, in order to resist original the sort of not good broken sense.

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Stockaded village of the tower in drama east father’s younger brother is acted by actor Wang Jinsong, he is born in 1967, it is person of Jiangsu province Xuzhou. By right of teleplay ” the action that break ice ” one horn obtains Lin Yaodong satisfaction of 100 strong teleplay spends China of award of the 26th Hua Ding 100 strong teleplay of China of investigation prize-giving grand ceremony are optimal male costar.

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