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Original title: Mu Chenghe uses longitude and latitude to propose, liu Qi is gloomy however your popular feeling aches, the happiness of all but is remembered Net drama ” exclusive memory ” broadcast it may be said is the heart that harvested a big little male girl, men and women advocate the Gao Tian between is interactive, do not know sweet before pouring how many screen ” lone dog people ” , let elder sister of a lot of young ladies plaint: “Youth owes my Mu Chenghe ah ” , true and unmannered undergraduate is vivid in drama also let a lot of audiences as if the look that when seeing oneself are young, dare love to dare be hated. It is reported, ” exclusive memory ” time outside trilogy has surprised in love art the line on movie channel, time outside fill the regret that staying in drama, in also will opening play 4 pairs ” CP ” final feeling is attributive fan bureau.

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Time outside the story after continueing to tell about 4 girls to graduate, be full of likewise sweetness and agonized. Mu Chenghe eventually knot of unlock childhood heart, with longitude and latitude clever Xiang Xuetong proposes, leave that minute in 1314; “CP of Chinese flowering crabapple ” the hall that enters marriage, what understood each other in balancing family and job is important; Plum senior fellow apprentice heartens, accuse white Bai Lin bravely; Song Qiqi and Xiao Zheng, Xie Fei encounters, be immersed in kink again. Although 4 pairs of CP experience a few contradiction, but fortunately bag bag turns, still discover first talented person is his exclusive memory.

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Someone says: “Liking a person do not hide, cover mouth, also can run from the eye ” , when Mu Chenghe is being encountered at the beginning of Xue Tong, she knows she is to like merely to him, love of and rather than, when getting Mu Chenghe is responded to, she hides this feeling at the heart, regard as oneself memory; In drama plum senior fellow apprentice guards Bai Lin silently 4 years, dare not profession from beginning to end however intention, tibet has his love; Zhao Xiaotang pledges forget the past, go going to no longer the coffee hall that once dated with male friend. But, which liking hide so easily, a casual eyes, an inadvertently speech, can let person heartbeat quicken, together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind.

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Small make up looking time outside hind, also be deep feeling myriad. Xue Tong, lovely and nifty, disposition has an idea independently, mu Chenghe, person handsome disposition is mature, perfect what to explain to cry ” male big 9, bestow favor on a dog ” , in the men and women advocate big below set of 9 years old, the love of two people appears sweetness gets some not quite true. Compare the love of Xue Tong and Mu Chenghe, small make up or more feel distressed Liu Qi, liuqi and Xue tung are with age person, two people are OK an amuse oneself, grow together, he did the business that a lot of your people touch for Xue Tong, although be compared with Mu Chenghe,rise, he still appears babyish, insufficient maturity takes on, but is this frame-up is resembling the appearance of major sweethearts in the university? she is accompanied to spend when Xue Tong is the flimsiest; When Xue Tong feels confused to future, encourage and supporting Xue Tong; When Xue Tong chooses Mu Chenghe finally, choose to be exited silently, disturb no longer, are such sunshine handsome who can love affectionate part? But feeling this kind of thing, do not have originally why, total meeting has trifling regret in life, impossible to the queen’s taste, such regret also evokes the green memory that had many audiences. Alleged and green drama, it is probably such, with video weave a sweet and good dream, the audience brings him this fond dream in, go to what then Duan Qingchun leaves him bridge a variety of regrets.

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” exclusive memory ” in tell about the love with hazy acerbity blueness while, also showed the growing decay of a few undergraduates, xue Tong abandons what Ling Renyan admires protecting grind quota of people, the choice struggles for the dream; Brandish of Zhao dawn Tang fastens field of past return duty; What Bai Lin overcomes a heart is self-abased, the choice faces up to his feeling. Arrive from the school society, have the blueness in the tower of ivory already acerbity be in love with, also have a youth on-the-job field makes the feel sad misery that go all out, the audience witnessed them to mature by green acerbity trend all the way, also had the reflection with green to oneself, love, more difficult job with characters in a play likewise.

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The happiness of those all but is remembered, those are not accidental encountering, the likelihood is your exclusive memory, encountering that the most special talent to know someone else is hasty cloud drift nevertheless, hope everybody can love bravely, believe to love, cherish that needs sincerely person beside, want to know, encounter true love, not be an easy thing.

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