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Original title: Yang Yang is taken 40 million prepare pat ” Xin Liangjian ” , huang Zhizhong: Dare you also turn over so classic theatrical work pat? 2011, director Yang Yang takes out 4000w, chip pat ” Xin Liangjian ” , invite Huang Zhizhong to go out perform Li Yunlong. Huang Zhizhong is informed consequence to break refuse: “You also dare turn over so classic theatrical work pat you to look for others to act, I can not want to be scolded! ” but unwilling to give up of a bit of director Yang Yang, through soft film hard bubble of a year, huang Zhizhong is decided finally definitely act. After showing, subsequently and those who come also is the quarrelling sound. Huang Zhizhong is master sportsman of a motion as a child, basketball is practiced hard when 8 years old, the height when 13 years old already 1.81, entered team of basketball of young person of group of Tianjin body industry. Regrettablly is, begin from thenceforth, his height does not grow steadily, can abandon finally only. 1991, huang Zhizhong is taken an examination of on the Thespian institute central, become an actor. Be allocated after graduation theater of Chinese children art, experienced a paragraph ” brutal youth. Experienced a paragraph ” brutal youth..

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“No matter you are in the school how outstanding, enter a society, you do an individual is can be measured afresh, establish a concept afresh. ” also be thenceforth, huang Zhizhong sees reality clear, never complain, from each small part acts case, accumulate oneself acting gradually. 2005, director Zhang Li finds Huang Zhizhong, invite him to go out act ” bright and beautiful garment is defended ” medium Wei Zhongxian. Huang Zhizhong’s acting gets an audience approbate, more the affirmation that got Zhang Li. After a year, piece Li Zhi guides ” big bright dynasty 1956 ” , force invites Huang Zhizhong to join luck performing the sea, huang Zhizhong’s career also greeted small summit summit.

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2008, huang Zhizhong gives those who perform Zhang Li to direct again ” terrestrial correct path is vicissitudes of life ” , depend on masterly acting, take award of next white yulan magnolia and flying Apsaras prize successfully optimal actor, explode thoroughly red. Bag bag turns 20 one’s remaining years, huang Zhizhong becomes famous finally overnight in 40 years old, back-to-back move greets summit summit, piece act ” sniper’s shot ” ” season word ” ” found a state is overnight ” etc, viewing rate lets industry acclaim as the peak of perfection. 2011, huang Zhizhong goes out act ” Xin Liangjian ” , public praise suspects, the career encounters slippery iron Lu. At first, huang Zhizhong is not willing to join act, after all can of figure of fictile of Li Youbin place says classical, not be to acting can enclothe him. But in the use soft tactics that directs Yang Yang hard bubble falls, huang Zhizhong or ginseng act, although film the condition liberals, but the depict to the character or duration of within an inch of, do not have Get to arrive marrow. The result can be in what the Li Yunlong of Li Youbin personate falls to deduce only, cause audience anger, bring about booking office to attack street, also become Huang Zhizhong to act art the pen of one defeat utterly of career.

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Tell the truth, resemble be being acted according to to be classical teleplay so, break up patting is one big mistake originally, not only audience not buy it, also be to have not little harm to the actor. Do you think?

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