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Original title: ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in final destiny of Guo Fu how? Sly pretty princess, also have an advantage Although Jin Yong does not have the destiny final result that explains Guo Fu clearly, be concerned about is to give an audience to guess, but from goddess trilogy, can conclude, in mound to defend crown in reliefly, she also follows her parents to fight together in Fu Yang.

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City. Above all, see the play of movie and TV of Jin Yong dance, in these 14 work, 3 song of X mating plate, it is the heart in the audience undoubtedly, it is classical weight. Of Jin Yong ” fire hero ” arrive ” divine carve hero is passed ” Guo Jing yellow Chengdu and their child has very strong printing ink, guo Jing Huangrong reachs the end of its children, and in ” the knife writes down lasting Tu Long ” detachment too report, guo Jing and yellow Chengdu and QUEO Guo are naked piece Wei Mian mounds in relief, the country of brave sacrifice. Guo is a Huang Rong to cast hill of high mountain eyebrow, create high mountain the top margin of a page. 2, what is Guo Fu’s ending?

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Guo Fu is to be in more ” divine carve hero ” . Needing when gold is close, must have poplar the clue of love mark and small Long Nv has certain effect, guo Fu is one is compared urge action greatly. 3, guo Fu, who is Jin Yong it is an extraordinary woman, a little special girl has a few her body, it is reflected in her. She socially famous wushu home, the family is in on, below, have a child’s powerful advantage with her, she had made the ego little sister of a special ego.

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The member that inchoate major trades, always do not press her opinion, the controversy that cuts off erroneously, this lets poplar lifelong deformity arm. The 4th, although Guo Fu is more aggressive, he is the filial piety heart of the outstanding brotherly sister that treats you and parents. For example, the world of little sister Guo that sees him when him by poplar assail, she regards an eldest sister as elder sister, she is very pressing, she is willing dead, I can change my little sister Guo Wei.

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Encounter risk when Huang Rong, she also can protect her mother. Although she has a low wushu, it can ” how to go her mother ” be in hazardous condition. Protecting the justice of his mother, this kind of means of Guo Fu person also is the advantage of energy. The 5th, although Jin Yong does not have Guo Fu destiny to talk finally, I believe, should mound in relief city is a battle, guo Jing Huangrong also dies in national war early or late, guo Fu wants me to won’t abandon my parents, she also follows my brother, to guard assist in relief city, let the contribution of myself, the brother with parents is fervent and easy.

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The place on put together is narrated, although Guo Fu is very optional, guo Fu is very popular, but in big mistake, before the filial piety heart of his parents, it remains a praiseworth side. Accordingly, in mound to defend crown battle in reliefly, she can seek parents probably to be contributed together

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